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how to make $1000/month with article marketing for free ... - how to use garnier facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-04
how to make $1000/month with article marketing for free ...  -  how to use garnier facial mask
. . .
Everything you need to know about article marketing.
Has anyone mentioned a thread that contains all the information you need to know about article marketing?
Well, there's something to start with here.
One of my favorite things about article marketing is that anyone can write a simple article for almost any niche and start them without spending a penny
What's more, when it comes to article marketing, you have the ability to quickly change from one niche to another, in which case you may not beat the winner right away, but money comes in on a project you start to do and you will have the potential to make money for a long time.
Most likely you have heard one of the following phrases or questions before.
"What is a good way to make money without spending money?
"Or" I can't believe I just received a commission for an article I wrote 3 months ago!
"I have heard this change many times.
Interestingly, though, when I first thought of simply writing articles to promote the product, it was not a question or an answer to the above, or, obviously, writing a few articles a day, not to mention writing a long time to make money in an hour, before giving it, I found it easy and definitely worth my time. Why?
Consider the point I mentioned above.
An article on the popular catalog can rank among the major search engines that have little work, and can earn high commissions or sales for months in a row.
Most importantly, it can be done for free.
You don't have to pay for hosting, and you don't have to pay countless fees.
Com domain name, it's really just writing the right article in the right niche area.
No matter what your skills are, just get things right and you can send your article to the top of the ranking and what you really need is "know-
How to "put an article at the top of the search engine and learn about the conversion.
This brings me back to the first point I mentioned, and many often ask, "What is the best way to make money without spending money?
\ "I'm always surprised when people reply and say \" write articles. . . for others\".
Here you may be able to make $5 or $6 soon, but are you reluctant to earn passive/recurring income from these articles?
Article marketing is probably one of the most memorable things to forget?
I started a new campaign in a new area, writing articles and submitting them in Ezine articles.
After writing 18 articles in a few days, they have made more than 90,000 views in a few months without any links and promotions.
In terms of Article Marketing, these are some of the things you want to consider: title selection is probably the most important part of your article.
Although a good optimization title will provide you with one of the biggest improvements in SEO advantagese.
Your title should include the keywords you want to rank, but it's also a huge factor when it comes to people's "hooks.
Before I started trying to do article/bum marketing, I did a bit of research on copywriting because what we really wanted to do was sell the purchase to our readers.
So I would suggest reading some of the threads in this forum copywriting section because in writing the killer title or trying to find some job or something from ted Nicholas, but there is some information on those things, so, find the work of the people you like to read, read what they think of copywriting, or go directly to the copywriting section of this forum.
One of the things you have to consider in terms of article marketing is the competitive strength/quantity you have.
The beauty of article marketing is that you will submit your article to the already high ranking catalogue, which will immediately provide some authority for your article.
I have several articles and centers that are able to get the #1 position without any backlinks;
All I did was submit it to a directory, bamm a few days later!
For a keyword with 350,000 competitive pages, I am on the first page.
This is an interesting thing.
A lot of people spend some time looking for the right keywords.
Now, this can be done, but what we are looking for is a quick commission, not a huge authoritative website we plan to build.
So that's why I don't always write articles based on keywords that look good in Google keyword tools.
Some of my articles don't search every month, but there are still around 100 target visitors a month, and there is a sale or two. Surprising?
However, if you stumble across a keyword in a keyword tool that has some monthly search and low competition, then I will prioritize this.
So for me the real article marketing is about a great title, the competition page, but the monthly search is a bonus.
In the end, I think this is more about competition than search, because for low competitive terms for low search, ranking first is better than not ranking high search volume.
If there is no good title, your article/article format is really redundant.
So, before you consider writing an article, make sure you have a good title (or correct it, but don't submit it anywhere until you have a good one ).
The format of this article really depends on you.
Formatting your article in some way, however, will allow you to write faster and produce better, higher conversion articles.
In addition to the title, I strongly recommend that you identify some formats that you can easily stick to so that you can post within 15 minutes, which may be the case, storytelling, \ "5-
10 benefits \ "or a series of questions and answers.
For those of you who would rather just "wing it" to write an article, all you have to do is go to the landing page of the product you are trying to get commission, rewrite it from scratch, or take advantage of the main benefits of product emphasis.
However, the main drawback of doing this is that you may be able to write one or two articles of this style for each product, but if that is the direction you want to go, then do it.
So, this is where you're going now;
Again, trust me, when your article is written in the correct format (with a killer title of course), the article you write in 15 minutes will be a long money maker.
With this, you really shouldn't try to write anything even if it's on a topic you haven't really heard of (not ideal, but can do it) because it is enough to see the product claim to publish or read articles on similar topics.
If you are really stuck, then try to find an article/plr article about the same topic, open it in word, and then between the two paragraphs, start writing the first paragraph in your own words, and then start there and refer to this article only if you are in trouble.
From my personal experience, unique content will always win.
I once wrote an article for a small crowd, about 500 words or so, which is absolutely unique.
I received some good traffic and commissions just as soon as I submitted this article, and a month later I thought I should try to add more to this segment, but I really don't know if I can do the same, I have limited knowledge of niche with niche), so I searched the Internet for content and plr articles and came up with something very standard, in the end a bad article may have just passed the website guide.
The performance of this article has been bad since then, and when I look back at it now, the time I spend looking for small content that can fit well together may be the same as the time I am now spending on writing unique articles that actually perform (but these can be based on PLR content/ just don't always copy and paste ).
It's really simple when it comes to writing an article.
Now one of the things you have to keep in mind is that there is a good resource box where you can build yourself as an authority on the subject and reiterate your call to action.
Using the resource box, you need to check the terms of use for each site to find out what is included in the resource box.
The main thing you'll usually come across is that if you're allowed to have affiliate links in your article, you can't in most cases.
That's why I usually buy.
A $2 or 2 info domain name and block my affiliate link.
So, hopefully you 've learned how to format your articles in order to pull them out in about 15 minutes (they also only need about 400 words ).
Obviously, the next step is to submit your article.
To be honest, I really don't need to take your hand through this because I don't think it's hard.
Find a top-level directory in the articles and resource boxes with some decent terms about outbound links.
These page ranking article directories are websites like EzineArticles (my favorite), GoArticles, ArticleBase, etc. Now you can take two routes.
Now that I 've used both, to be honest, it doesn't matter to me which Directory you want to submit.
The reason is that the level of competition should be low enough that you can easily rank for keywords no matter which Directory you want to publish on.
However, if you choose to spread articles on different networks (they are on the same market segment), then, if you happen to miss the ranking of the top few keywords, then some simple links between articles may be enough to boost your ranking.
Another benefit of spreading your article is that there is a good chance that you will cover your tracks, for some reason, if the site TOS changes or drops, then you will not lose everything.
However, I tend to look at this with less popular directories compared to larger ones.
One thing to keep in mind is that if you think you get to the top of the first page every time, then it doesn't matter when a link needs to be established between articles.
There is one more thing to consider, such as income sharing.
If you lack the ability to pre-sell or direct traffic when you start, then you may want to consider posting an article on a website like hub pages, in order to try to make money through AdSense (note that they usually limit the number of links that can be placed in articles ).
However, this is definitely something to consider.
If you want to go further, consider the category of the article you will post.
Here you would like to see how many articles you will compete for in this category.
For example, there will be more articles in the home directory than in the subdirectory.
Therefore, you will be able to become a more competitive author and see more articles in smaller sub-categories, thus gaining more exposure in the niche of your choice.
So while the actual article should be the focus of your attention, considering taking a niche in a subclass of the catalog should also benefit your activity.
Keep in mind that almost anyone can make money through article marketing, and as I explained, article marketing boils down to a few things, which usually determines the future success of the article, the most important factor may be the title and time to write an article.
I won't lie that every article I write is a winner.
But what I'm going to say is "at least I spent about 15 minutes on it ".
For those articles that don't perform, go to another niche/product or style because the real article marketing is a digital game.
The more actions and writing you take, the more you learn (from performers and non-performers)
Performers) what is needed to make money in article marketing.
However, once you find your winning formula, you can really start trying to replicate the process and make some money in the coming months or even years.
While I have outlined my main indicators of making money by writing articles/article marketing, I really can't stress enough about the benefits of being able to write quickly.
When you write an article, you really try to draw attention to your resource box.
There, the more articles you circulate, the more exposure you can receive from these boxes and even your catalog archives, where you can bring more traffic to your products
Write faster and maybe shorter articles will give you the benefit of getting the job done.
Lengthy posts on the article directory tend to end up being more beneficial to the owner of the directory than you do, as they stay on the site for longer periods of time.
Good luck and I hope you can get some success from the knowledge you just got.
The only thing stopping you right now is you!
It's not money. it's free.
There is no way/knowledge, it is here.
All you have to do is write two articles a day (it's just 30 minutes for you), you may see 3, and the result of article marketing is 4 or even 5 numbers.
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