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how to make 2009 a six-figure income year for you ... - facial masks for glowing skin at home

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-06
how to make 2009 a six-figure income year for you ...  -  facial masks for glowing skin at home
Merry Christmas to you. . My Xmas gift. . . for you. . .
First of all, I would like to confess that I didn't have the courage to try it first before reading the ebooks of Kneb Knebaih. . .
For many reasons, you will find out when you read this article. . .
But let's start. . . You see. .
One of the biggest reasons why I can't easily migrate to other niche markets is this. . .
I lack expertise to determine the quality of the content.
So I dare not even walk out of my comfort zone with lessthan-Quality content.
Now, this is the deal I'm focusing on right now. . . 1.
Build a dedicated blog. Niche:2.
Get a lot of high quality blog content from PD (this is usually the most difficult task. . .
Find what is usually copyrighted and then rewrite it, which is usually a big pain for a $.
But if you know how to get high-quality PD content written by authors and experts, it won't. 3.
Build a series of valid backlinks from different PR4
PR9 website on the Internet. All one way. . .
In fact, I have trained three people on how to do this. . .
Everything they did for me was cheap.
They are college students (technically he is a lot older than me), but they like Monti a little more on weekends.
Setting up backlinks is definitely $2 per hour than MCD (yes in India they pay less than $2 per hour) 4.
Build a list of people by using the home page as a static squeeze page. . .
And give them beauty advice.
Tip: all auto-reply content can be found in one day. . .
Just use the PD content and load an automatic reply for one year.
Do you know what happens when people are anxiously waiting for what you provide to them?
Well, they get impatient when you haven't sent them once or twice.
Then it's time to start pre-
Post your product (redesign PD content again ). . .
Video is the best option, and having college girls talk about these methods on camera doesn't cost more than getting into a college campus.
They usually do it easily for free. .
But you can even pay them. . . Like $100/hour.
Don't worry about the money coming from your blog.
Try to find a way. :d 6.
When your blog gets PR, sell the reverse link to it.
Keep in mind that consistency is the key to posting content on a blog. . .
Focus on the long tail, low competitive KW and promote your blog through PD content on Youtube and EZA.
Setting up reverse links from high PR sites for about a month.
When the PR of your site reaches 4 or more (it's easy if you do all of this), then start selling a backlink of $100/month/location range, home $50/month/spot.
You can also sell banner ads etc.
I told you the money came out of the blog. . . 7.
Ideally, product creation should cost 10-11 hours. . .
4 girls talk on your camera for 3 hours each time. .
You actually need to spend at least twice as much time with each girl as they need to rest.
4 girls so effective * 6 hours each = 24 hours.
So at least 2-3 grand ready.
Note: I'm talking about girls because it's easy for girls to get the right message across.
In the end, you will find out what works for your segment.
Girls/boys are also interested in models. . . .
In particular, promotions and video content on the Internet. 8. This is a 10-
12 hour video product so it should be sold for at least $97$147. . . READILY. . Like hot cakes.
All the money is done through the revenue of your blog.
Then give 10-
15 minutes of video clips as pre-launch content.
People will be blown away. .
You will, too. . .
Use the money you make on the release date. 9. Salesletter?
This is not a problem :-
You're a soldier after all. . .
Look at the WSO section of WF. . .
You will find some awesome sales letter deals.
Remember, this is not the niche of instant messaging.
Its beauty niche. .
So graphics are more important than copy.
So, keep the sales letter short and sweet and load it with some awesome samples of the product. 10.
Rinse and repeat.
Now, this is an easy way to make money quickly in any niche market.
I'm not talking about a new blog/niche when I say rinse and repeat. . .
Same blog and other products.
While I'm confident this will work, I don't want to do anything.
Standard quality for my users.
But now I found the best content on the Internet. . . In the world. . .
Thanks to the PD knowledge I have now.
Let's simply calculate how much money you can make :-
For example, in three months, you post 2 articles a day (on average), which will make it 180 articles on your blog.
An average of 1 post on your blog means 1 UV/day. . .
Therefore, in more than three months, you can easily build a targeted list of 4095 users, followers and readers. . .
(NEAT) take a 50% conversion rate on your extrusion page.
I didn't even think about the traffic of articles, Squidoo footage, youtube videos, etc. you post out.
Before launch, you can easily sell 10% users for $100150. NEAT. . .
Yes, it's as easy as a stone when you know what to outsource.
This can take an average of 40 hours/month of work. . .
Even all of this can be outsourced to you.
Just don't care much about it, just do it.
Is to do according to this method, to make money. -Lakshay -
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