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how to make a full time living with plr | warrior forum ... - easy skin care products to make at home

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-12
how to make a full time living with plr | warrior forum ...  -  easy skin care products to make at home
I would like to share with anyone who is trying to make money online a way that I use to convert plr into cash.
That's what I did.
I go to the store first.
What you want to do is take a plr ebook.
They have a lot to choose from.
Now, don't worry too much about niche research, someone has done it, all of which are recognized winners.
Someone takes the time to research and write content for you.
So don't get hung up.
Marketing is what sells products, not some magical niche.
Also, don't worry about saturation, the bigger the market, the better.
Everyone has enough money, and if you get into a limited, competition-based mindset, you 've lost the war. 1.
) Bought a PLR ebook so said I went to the plr store and clicked on the health section to start browsing the ebook.
For you, everything has been broken down into Liki.
You do want to do some small research to see if there are a lot of people looking for it.
So in thisI, I saw a PLR ebook about "adult dyslexia", so for the main keywords, they do a 14 k search every month, and many other keywords are similar.
But don't get hung up on this.
The PLR ebook costs $6.
What the hell are you losing? 2.
) Draw a chapter from the book (make it a good one, perhaps the best one in the book) with the focus on creating a value-based business.
So what you want to do is convert this chapter into a video.
You don't have to fantasize about it.
The power point with screen capture will be completed.
One more important thing is to read this book.
I know you may not care about dyslexia in adults, but once you read it, you will know the problem better than before. 3.
) Create a squeeze page.
You want to always build a list. Always.
Even if you only get 200
The 300 people on the list will always be yours to treat, provide value and help correctly by selling them products.
Find a problem with niche, so it's probably one of the chapters you turn into a video in the book.
So in the squeeze page you can say "fill out the form, learn to manage your symptoms and feel more confident", which is the direct section of the book.
This is the title of an actual section.
So you provide value to someone for free right away. 4. ) Find a 20-
Related plr article 30 packages.
Use some articles to create a trace and try to do 4 Less tracks in the first week of the trace.
If you want to turn them into videos and post them on the blog, make sure the videos provide good content.
Then play your plr ebook in the last part of the video.
The suggested retail price is $17, so you can easily charge them $47 if you convert them to video.
So what you can do in your follow-up is that I created a new blog post to go and have a look.
They will get some value from it and then order the product. 5.
) Start promoting your crush page.
OK, now you have 30 packs of plr articles.
The beauty of the video is that you don't have to rewrite them, or you can avoid any concerns about duplicate content.
Just make a simple power point with the screen capture software and record it.
Upload them now using traffic fountains or subway tycoons. .
Use the same tag and upload the same category as popular videos in youtube.
You can also find some keywords in the title and video description.
Be sure to add a watermark to the video from the sender to your squeeze page.
Also linked to your extrusion page in your description.
If you have 30 packs of PLR, you can easily have 30 videos.
Now you can go to the free transportation system.
Rewrite and submit the same article that turns you into a video.
This will create 30 backlinks for each of your videos.
You can use a spinner or something, but just make sure the article is good and readable.
So, let's say you turn an article into a video and submit it to you using the keyword adult dyslexia.
Go to the free transport system, rotate the same article and link it back to the video with the same keywords.
So with 30 PLR articles, you will have 30 videos, 30 reworked articles submitted to the free transportation system, and 30 backlinks for each video. 6.
) Set up blogs to use your youtube videos and rewritten articles and post them to your own managed wordpress blog.
Use all in one seo in one to optimize your blog for one of your main keywords.
Summarize the video below each video.
So when you're using a free traffic system, you can place an anchor link to your video on youtube and another anchor link back to your seo optimization blog.
Make sure to send all blog traffic back to the squeeze page.
This will get people back into your funnel for more value, and if they like the value you provide, they can convert it with your sales content/sales video.
Keep in mind that your blog is separate from your sales promotion video and must provide more value than your seo Blog.
Now you have 30 videos, 30 backlinks per video, 30 blog posts and 30 backlinks per post. 7.
) Make the article unique.
So what you want to do is make these articles unique and make it acceptable and don't kill your time with a spinner.
When submitting an article, use two anchor links in the resource box.
Let the first anchor be on the call to action sent directly to your traffic and optometrist extrusion page, and use the second anchor to be on the main keyword on your seo Blog.
This is the reverse link to your blog.
You can then use the article submitter to submit this reworked, now unique article to another 30 article sites.
30X30 = the reverse link to your seo blog has increased by 900 and the chance to get direct traffic has increased.
Using 30 videos submitted by the traffic fountain, you can get about 20 video sites, each with a free traffic system, 30 distribution versions for each article, your blog
So what you're doing is completely covering the Internet with good available content and useful content.
So when people search the article catalog for help, you show up when people search on a video sharing site.
When people are looking for blogs that you appear on, you will be anywhere they are looking.
You will be considered an authority to provide good content.
You will have a lot of visitors every day, build a list of the right size and convert them well with your content/sales videos.
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