how to make a homemade face mask - how to make papaya facial mask at home

how to make a homemade face mask  -  how to make papaya facial mask at home
Gabriel reminds you to think about any food allergies or sensitivities you may have before you make a shopping list.
"If you know you're allergic to a certain product, don't use it in a mask," she said . ".
"If you have lactose intolerance, avoid using yogurt and cream.
"Runciman recommends that DIYers do a quick patch test before using any new parts of the mask.
"Before starting a new system, or if you have any allergies or suspect that you may be allergic to certain fruits or oats, please seek the expertise of your health care provider," she said . ".
Now the fun part is coming: Customize a perfect cocktail of fruits, vegetables and other ingredients
Designed to solve your skin problems.
While the list of possibilities is almost endless, Miles suggests the following essential elements: other ingredients explored include yogurt, protein, clay, spirulina (a nutrient-
Abundant algae in powder form)
There are also green tea and other fruits.
"Use baby food leftovers on your face!
Gabriel suggested.
Once you 've made the recipe, it's as simple as smashing the components with a fork and mixing them in glass or ceramics ---
Not metal, not plastic. -
Bowl, Gabriel said.
She suggested adding a little corn starch or corn flour to the mixture in order to get a thicker consistency.
Don't want to be creative?
Runciman recommends making a simple strawberry mask with an ounce of strawberries, a tablespoon of local honey and a tablespoon of finely chopped oats.
Mix the ingredients into a smooth paste with a mixer or fork.
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