how to make a whitening facial mask Different Styles of Painting

how to make a whitening facial mask Different Styles of Painting
As a diversified country, India also has various beautiful paintings.The style of Indian painting is always on top of the world.This is due to the development of geographical and regional diversity in India.Whether it's miniature models or murals, all kinds of media are being used to bring beauty to art forms.Glass, fabric, walls, sand, in fact, the human skin is the medium to show painting.
In the 18 th and 19 th centuries, the world witnessed glass painting.It basically started in China and was brought into India when the East Indian company was trading.Glass is imported from the UK and Belgium, depicting themes, stories and icons in the glass.The painting is done by drawing the details first, then filling in the special colors made of Arabic gum and water.Apply the color on the glass to the kiln.Today, all kinds of modern artists and Indians adopt this kind of painting.
Another famous painting in India is madubani.These are professional paintings by villagers living in madhubani.They used the walls three times to paint such a picture.e.At the ceremony of celebration of body ascension, at the renovation or dedication of the family shrine, at the wedding.The drawings are made by the most experienced women in the village, and the colors used to fill the drawings are made from vegetables mixed with gum or milk oil.The picture sends a message to the newly married bride and groom.It depicts all the gods and goddesses that protect them.
Warli painting is another painting style that originated in the 10th-century Maharashtra tribal region.It is made of white rice and painted with branches.Married women in the village were painted with walls of mud houses, with cow dung first and then red mud.This painting is also created today, but the technology applied is modern.It also includes the medium of cloth and paper.


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