how to make a whitening facial mask Identify and Eradicate Giant Hogweed

how to make a whitening facial mask Identify and Eradicate Giant Hogweed
Hogweed is a large invasive plant found in Britain, Northern United States and Europe such as Germany, France and Belgium.Because of its name, its appearance is also very huge, with dark red-Purple stems and large leaves that can grow up to 5 m tall can expand by 1.5 m wide and 3 m long.It can open an umbrella flower, each flower can open 50,000 seeds.The great hog grass was introduced in the 19 th century Britain and is now widely distributed on river banks and wasteland.It is often found along trails, waterways, and railway lines that can grow on land disturbed by human beings.
Hog grass has a certain degree of invasion in nature, which will cause serious harm to local species and be harmful to human beings.Planting or planting giant hog grass is a legal offence as described in section 14 (2, A person will be sentenced to a fine of £ 5,000 or imprisonment of up to 2 years for wildlife and Country Act 1981.
Do you understand why giant hog grass is so dangerous?: Giant hog grass is a light poison plant, which means that when cutting plants or brushing their teeth on plants, it releases a chemical sap that is sensitive to sunlight exposure.If the human skin is exposed to sap and exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet rays, it can cause serious skin inflammation and blistering.At first, the color of the skin turned red and began to itch.Blisters can turn into Burns in two days and may even require hospital treatment.The scar formed by this burn can last for many years.If its sap is in contact with the eye, it can lead to blindness.This phototoxic chemical is present in leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, and stems.
Huge hog grass can cause damage to other native plants because it has large leaves and does not allow sunlight to shine on other plants, even its powerful deep roots absorb all the nutrients that cause other plants to stop growing.It is very important to identify and eradicate this invasive weed.
How to control or eradicate hog grass?: The big hog grass grows repeatedly and produces thousands of seeds.Even if a plant dies, there are still thousands of seeds waiting for their place under the soil.
There are some manual techniques for the control and handling of large hog grass, one of which is to cut them off repeatedly.This will not allow plants to produce more seeds and will gradually die.
Another way is to remove the plant from the main root, which requires very careful precautions and protective clothing.
It has been noted that the chemical composition has no effect on goats and sheep, so grazing can also be used as an alternative to control the growth of giant hog grass.
If the population of giant hog grass is very dense, the ecological consultant of invasive species expert is needed for the treatment and control of giant hog grass.The eco-consultant can use the herbicide specifically used to kill large weeds and can effectively eradicate large hog grass.
If the seed has already occurred underground, it needs to be treated repeatedly with giant hog grass to control its spread.

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