how to make a whitening facial mask Snail Serum and Snake Venom - Why Are They in Skin Care Products

how to make a whitening facial mask Snail Serum and Snake Venom - Why Are They in Skin Care Products
Scientists have finally found two of the most powerful natural ingredients they want to create a modern, natural and safe way to protect your skin.They have been looking in the garden, they have been experimenting in the jungle, all because of the society's desire for natural selection of integrated and chemical solutions.These two natural but crazy ingredients are powerful but should be used for different cosmetic purposes.The dream of biochemist and the style of doctorJekyll and Mr.Hyde.
When you do daily expressions with your face, about 60 muscles on your face will be activated.Over time, this causes deep wrinkles on the surface of the skin.Finally, there is a way to treat wrinkles without painful injections or surgery.Venom Snake is a distant cousin of the rattlesnake, native to Malaysia.Amino acids in the venom block nerve signals and tell the muscles to contract.Scientists have created a synthetic poison called Synake.Both men and women can choose to be bitten by "wrinkles"Killer to improve their facial appearance.We have to consider the fact that snake venom is actually a poison, even if the effect turns out to be harmless, it is up to the user to decide whether or not to apply it at risk.
The powerful main ingredient in the treatment of human skin comes from secretions produced by land snails moving around the garden.The snail protects itself by producing secretions under pressure, which enables it to moisturize, repair and renew the skin.The pressure method is absolutely harmless to snails, and once collected, it is mixed with other natural ingredients.
This helps to repair what is known as aging fibroid cells (cells responsible for all the structures of the skin matrix ).Snail serum is an emulsion containing essential components of the natural immune system.Snail serum is basically committed to the regeneration, hydration and renewal of the skin's own collagen and elastic protein system.The skin structure of snails is very similar to that of humans, which is why we can successfully use snail serum in skin treatment to moisturize, protect and regenerate damaged and worn skin.

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