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how to make and sell gold teeth | ehow - how to sell your own skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-19
how to make and sell gold teeth | ehow  -  how to sell your own skin care products
Golden Tooth (or grill) can provide you with a stylish, sparkling smile but can be customized
Jewelry made by Jewelers is usually overpriced.
However, with some effort, you can make your own golden grill for yourself and others.
Because of the luxurious nature of gold teeth, you can also make a lot of money in their sales.
With a small start
As a craftsman, you can also make a profit from the popularity of the grill.
Mix the alkali of the impression putty with the equivalent of the catalyst, knead together until it is completely mixed.
Form a log of putty and align the edges of the impression tray.
Put the impression tray in the mouth of the person you made the teeth.
Let the man bite the putty and shut his mouth for at least five minutes.
Mix dental cement with water.
Continue to mix with water until the cement reaches the pudding-
Like consistency
Place the oral impression on the alginator and fill it with cement.
Set alginator to vibrate: This will remove any bubbles from the cement.
Put the print on one side to dry.
Let them sit for at least one day.
This will ensure they are fully cured.
Remove the cement from the impression.
If you are going to make only part of the gold teeth, file the cement teeth that you do not want to cast.
Heat tin or aluminum with a torch until close to the fluid consistency.
A plaster model that covers the teeth with metal, making sure that it does not cover anything below the gum line.
Wait for the metal to harden, then repeat the process and cover the metal with gold this time.
Remove the golden teeth from the plaster.
Let your customers try it on to make sure they are comfortable.
Promote Your Business.
If you intend to make teeth for individuals in your community, please put your ad in the local newspaper or take it out --
Line advertising space on the website dedicated to members of the community.
For example, Facebook will provide advertising space for individuals in specific towns and postal codes.
Set your business in a secure location.
Be sure to lock up most of your gold items and not work in your own home.
Renting a small storefront will provide you with a location that is notable and secure.
Find an alternative to selling the product.
You can also contact customers through the Internet to mail them the impression tray and ask them to send the complete impression back to you.
Sell your gold teeth to the scrap gold suit.
You may not make a big profit on these sales, but with some surveys you can find a service that will compensate you enough for your efforts.
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