How to Make Bath Salts a Quick Recipe and Easy Gift - make your own skin care products to give as

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How to Make Bath Salts. a Quick Recipe and Easy Gift - make your own skin care products to give as gifts

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-29
How to Make Bath Salts. a Quick Recipe and Easy Gift  -  make your own skin care products to give as gifts
Bath Salt has many beneficial benefits.
Salt is soothing, relaxing and helping with muscle fatigue and pain.
A daughter, friend, or colleague will be happy to receive.
The Bath Salt starts with an alkaline base, which neutralizes the acid on the skin so that the fragrance is attached to the body.
When using certain scents to season the bath salt, you may get very different results.
For example, a bath salt that produces a relaxing effect can be obtained by using clove essence.
The fresh aromas of citrus produce an uplifting and uplifting effect.
Children like the refreshing citrus scent like pink grapefruit, while many men's perfumes include the scent of citrus, especially the scent of lime.
There are many benefits of eucalyptus.
Anti-bacterial, natural deodorant, preservative,-
As an essence, it is inflammatory and irritating.
The popularity of eucalyptus fragrance is limited.
Combine essential oils with other fragrances to take advantage of many beneficial effects. \"to wash.
Its anti-corrosion quality is worthy of attention, very soothing and relaxing.
Flea repellent and many baby products.
Lemon verbena is used in herbal tea.
It can also be found in soap and toiletries.
It has a subtle scent, but like other citrus scents, it also has a stimulating effect.
Mint is a refreshing herb.
It has many varieties.
Mint and spearmint are the most common.
Mint contains mint alcohol.
Peppermint alcohol is a preservative.
The cooling performance of peppermint alcohol in mint is a refreshing addition to bath salt.
Rose is an excellent fragrance of bath salt because it is very popular.
The scent of rose essential oil can range from spicy to sweet to exotic.
Try other flower oils in your bath salt recipe, such as Gardenia, lilac or little canglan.
Sage is a strong scent that is both uplifting and relaxing at the same time.
This scent is very well combined with citrus.
It is well known that Sage is a preservative, astring agent that has the effect of treating skin diseases.
The bean pods of orchids are a very popular fragrance.
In medieval medicine, vanilla was described as spring medicine.
The warm sense smell adds luxury to the bath salt.
Interestingly, it is also an antibacterial compound.
Ylang is spring medicine like vanilla.
Ylang Yilan is known for its anti-depression, anti-corrosion, blood pressure reduction and calming effects.
It is tempting and helps ease anxiety.
You choose to smell the oil or essence of bath salt to produce different effects, and the salt you choose to create the gift will also have different effects.
Salt is the fixer to keep the color and fragrance.
Epsom salt is weakly alkaline and soluble in water.
Epsom salt can relieve muscle pain and skin inflammation.
Sea salt is a good therapeutic ingredient.
Dead Sea salt is a more luxurious addition and may be more expensive than regular sea salt.
Finally, ordinary coarse salt can be used.
Coarse salt combines flavor and color, but does not have the same effect as epsom and sea salt.
For the pigment, it is OK to eat the pigment.
However, in order to avoid the negative effects of chemical colors and these colors, I recommend the use of organic or natural edible pigments.
These products are easily available in natural food stores and online.
Here are some suggestions for natural pigments and essential oils.
Add bath salt to the warm tub to make you feel refreshed or relaxed.
Bath salts made of eucalyptus help relieve cold symptoms, while Bath salts made of ylang can eliminate anxiety.
This is the basic recipe.
Try to create your own changes with oil and perfume.
Put two kinds of salt into a large bowl.
Mix evenly, then scoop out the 1/2 cup salt mixture and place it in a small bowl.
Add drops of essential oil and food color to the ingredients in the small bowl and mix well.
Add a little ingredients from the small bowl to the large bowl and mix.
Continue to add the big bowl from the small bowl until you are satisfied with the color and fragrance that comes out of it.
Pour the contents of the large bowl into a large glass jar.
Use jars recovered from pickles or pasta sauces that have been cleaned well so that any traces in the food do not add to your salt.
Seal the jar tightly and shake the jar vigorously once a week.
Follow the instructions in the basic recipe above.
Follow the general instructions for the basic bath salt.
When mixing all ingredients, add the glycerin to the small bowl.
Bath salt can be packed with decorative bottles.
Pour the bath salt into the bottle with a funnel, then tighten the bottle cover.
A good decorative effect is to seal the top of the bottle with sealing wax.
This is easy to do.
Melt sealed wax in double boiler.
Put the bottle upside down and dip it in about 1/2 of the melted wax from the top of the bottle.
Make sure there is enough seal.
Put the bottle up and let the extra wax drop away.
Let the wax cool and dry.
The cellophane bag is a good way to wrap salt.
These bags are available with many patterns such as flowers or bows.
Then fill the bag with rubber bands and fix it tightly.
Tie a bow on the rubber band with the ribbon of your choice.
Add a homemade gift label to the bag and voila. . . .
Another option is a paper bag for waxing.
Jelly Jar is another option.
Fill the jelly jar with your choice of bath salt.
Tighten the lid.
Cut a small square cloth, cover it with a cloth, and fix it with a bow.
You can add a label to the front of the jar.
Fill a few jars with different bath salts and put them in a nice gift.
Add a few nice towels or towels to the basket and you can send a great gift for your birthday, shower or holiday. .
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