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The Art of Collecting dolls is not only a popular hobby for children, but also a popular hobby for adults.Leisure lovers usually have a small set of different dolls at home, while serious collectors can display a large collection.Whether you are interested in collecting dolls as a pastime, or want to invest time and money in activities, it is wise to first understand the basics of hobbies and learn as much as possible before officially starting.
The history of dolls has existed since ancient times.As early as 2000 BC, wooden dolls were found in Egyptian tombs, and those made of ivory, wood or clay existed in the Roman Empire around 100 BC.The ancient Japanese used not only dolls as toys, but also religious ceremonies, while Africans believed that dolls were used by their gods to convey information.
There are many famous and popular dolls in history.The teddy bear is the leader in the doll industry, attracting the hearts of countless children and adults.The first hairy bear was produced in the early 20 th century, named after former US president Theodore Roosevelt, who refused to shoot a caught black bear on a hunting trip.
Barbie is an iconic fashion doll that defines young girls in their 1960 s.The Barbie doll is known for its hourglass, but the anatomical incorrect image has grown from the original blonde and brunette hair to different hair and skin tones to better represent its diverse marketThere are many kinds of dolls around the world.Before starting your collection, it's better to know the most common collection and decide which ones you want to focus on.
Wooden dolls -Wooden dolls are one of the oldest existing dolls.Parents make dolls for their children, both as toys and as items for different traditional ceremonies.An example of a popular wooden doll is the Russian matryoshka doll, a doll that becomes smaller as one doll fits in another.
Cloth dolls -The doll, like the wooden doll, was also made for the purpose of the ceremony.The earliest dolls belonged to wealthy Egyptian families, who kept well in their graves.3.Doll-Manufacturers began mass production of papier Mache dolls in their 1820 s, mainly in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.
The head of the doll is usually sold separately from the body and then glued together or sown together to complete the doll.4.China dolls -The name of the Chinese doll comes from "China" or porcelain.They are made of glazed porcelain.Germany began production in the 1830 s and they are still one of the most popular dolls of the day.
Bisque dolls -Compared to the smooth texture of Chinese dolls, bisque dolls have matte surfaces that make them more realistic and realistic.From 1840 to 1950, they get angry.6.Rag dolls -The doll is the first doll made in the United States.One of the most popular dolls in history is red Raggedy AnnHair doll created by American writer Johnny gruel.
Doll comboThe combo doll was invented in the United States and is made of different materials such as sawdust, corn starch, resin, wood flour and glue.They are considered heavier.Tariffs compared to fragile dolls produced in other countries.8.Rubber dolls -Rubber or latex dolls were known for their more authentic texture in the 1940 s.
Nowadays, many otaku buy latex dolls as part of their collection.9.Hard plastic dollHard plastic dolls are more durable than ceramic or cloth dolls.That is the main reason why they have become more prevalent since the 1940 s.
They are also more detailed in appearance and more realistic in eyes, fingers and toes.10.Vinyl dolls -Vinyl is the most commonly used material at dolls.These dolls are unbreakable, but flexible, more realistic in their image.
People who like to collect dolls for different reasons.Here are just some of them: 1.Artistic value-Some collectors buy dolls according to their designs.They are attracted by the doll's features, clothing and even the doll's facial expressions.
The finer the craft, the more attractive it will be for some collectors.2.Memories of ChildhoodOthers collect dolls because doing so reminds them of their childhood.Collectors can complete a set of Transformer robots as it is one of his favorite childhood TV shows.
Doll lovers can also collect Barbie as it is the first gift she received when she was a child.3.Historical value-History also plays an important role in the selection of some collectors.The more background stories the doll has, the more interesting it will be.
A plain-If a person who looks like a doll used to be a celebrity, it could be valuable to a collector.4.Investment-some collectors will also buy dolls and sell them in a profitable way.Serious collectors will buy a valuable piece for at least $20,000, and amateurs can turn their passion into serious business.
Now that you know more about dolls, it's time to start your collection.Remember these tips to make your hobbies more enjoyable: 1.Start small -Don't panic, try to catch every doll you see.
Choose a small set of dolls as your original work and gradually build your collection from there.2.Focus only on one or twoUnless you are planning to collect all the dolls you see at random, it is better to choose one or two themes to start your collection.Do you want to focus on papier Mache dolls?Or are you more inclined to collect Chinese dolls?This helps you to concentrate, save time and money, and collect items that you are really interested in.
Create inventory-The best way to track your collection is to list all your items.Write down the name of the doll, where it is when you buy it, and any important details --History, PhysicsThis can help you identify it.4.Know your dollDon't just put your dolls in a glass box and forget about them.
Take the time to get to know them.
Check their faces, feel the texture of their skin and clothes, and learn about the history behind them.5.Monitor with careFind a cool and dry place to show your doll.Some dolls can't be exposed to high heat or direct sunlight, so it's better to have a cool room or glass cabinet where you can put them in.
Have fun -Dolls are fun collector's items, so don't forget to have fun when collecting dolls.With all the information provided, you will have more opportunities to enjoy your doll collection.Submitted by Tony's bookShop on Tony's website.
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