how to make korean facial mask 12 beauty tips from korean women -

how to make korean facial mask 12 beauty tips from korean women -

Women all over the world want to look beautiful.Women in many parts of the world use nature to make their skin, body and hair healthy.They can add treatments from products that are common in their area.American women can get ideas from these exotic places about how to look and feel beautiful.Korean women, for example, share 12 beauty tips.Let's see how these tips can help you.Start young.Koreans take care of their skin from an early age.They see skin care as a necessary requirement and spend quite a bit of time taking care of it.They also follow their beauty system seriously.As girls gradually grow into women, they have developed the habit of skin care, which is manifested in their brilliance.Use good skinThe care procedure reduces the likelihood of skin rupture or problems.Clean twice.Korean women make sure their skin is clean and clean.They removed the makeup along with the dirt that fell all day on their faces.First of all, you want to remove traces of cosmetics and oil with liquid detergent.Two, use cleansing oil to remove impurities such as bacteria and sebum.Rinse the face with warm water.Third, clean the skin with a gentle foam cleaner with the help of your fingertips with circular motion.These steps remove all dirt, bacteria and impurities from the skin.Exfoliating the skin.Not clean enough.In order to remove the deep impurities, you need to exfoliate.You will remove impurities from your skin, smooth your pores and keep them smooth.The exfoliator takes away dead skin cells collected on the surface.Areas where there is a problem with exfoliating only, such as cheeks or those blackheads.Use toner.When you use toner, make sure the skin absorbs the moisturizer.They complement and nourish the skin while reducing the size of the pores.They refresh their skin and get ready for your next routine.Add essence.After cleansing, peeling and adding toner, consider the essence.Koreans prefer to use the essence without failing.An essence is the same as a nourishing liquid spray that updates the skin.Lighter than lotion.As a result of this, the appearance is more sculptural and the skin is clearer.Anpou, which contains a large amount of vitamins, is a substitute for the essence.You only need one drop of anpou to be effective.Moisturize the face.Koreans soften their skin with a light moisturizer.You want to drop a few drops on your fingertips and then move to your skin in a circle to promote blood circulation.A light moisturizer enters the skin quickly, leaving no trace or residue.Use natural products.Although you can go to the pharmacy to buy a mask full of chemicals, you should follow the advice of Koreans and use natural products.They prefer masks of natural ingredients such as fermented yeast, green tea and snail mucus.For best results, wear a mask twice a week on your head.Prevent harmful light.The sun is harmful to the skin and hair.Korean women always wear sunscreen before leaving the house.They don't skip SPF either in winter or in summer, which can also prevent wrinkles, aging and imperfections.Most dermatologists and cancer experts recommend using sunscreen throughout the year even if you are in the sun for only a few minutes.Use eye cream.You need to take care of places near your eyes.Koreans believe eye cream can keep their eyes super moist.Do this every night before going to bed to prevent dark circles, wrinkles and edema.Eat healthy food.You are what you eat.If you eat rubbish, you become rubbish.On the other hand, if you eat and drink healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, you will have beautiful skin, hair and body.You will stay healthy inside and outside your body.You want a nutritious diet with high nutritional content.Be consistent.You can't practice these skills once or twice.You must follow them religiously.You have to take good care of your skin and hair every day.Otherwise, you will not be able to keep your beauty.Korean women have the same routine.Take care of your hair.While you need regular skin care, you also need to take care of your hair.You need to moisturize your hair regularly to prevent damage and add oil to your hair.This will ensure you have shiny and luxurious hair for a long time.If you take good care of your hair, you can get a haircut or a haircut to finish your beauty.
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