how to make papaya enzyme facial mask how to get healthy, glowing skin naturally -

how to make papaya enzyme facial mask how to get healthy, glowing skin naturally -
Are you looking for a natural skin care product that will bring real results?Well, you need to know something before buying "hope in the Jar.During my years as an American, I ran an organic day spa at a health center and I learned about most chemicalsHigh-end skincare products failed to deliver on their promise.To make matters worse, most of them contain harmful ingredients that will not only damage your skin, but also enter your blood and endanger your overall health.Thankfully, in order to keep your skin tone healthy and fresh, you don't need a whole cabinet of expensive and potentially toxic products.Just a few simple and natural treatments-made with the ingredients you might have in your own kitchen --Will provide the same or better results as high-end skincare products in a fraction of the cost.Here's a simple guide on what men and girls need to do to keep their skin healthy, clean and fresh looking.Whether your skin is super oily or dry in the desert, one of the best ways to thoroughly clean without stripping important acidic substances is to use an oil cleaner.Oil is an excellent solvent that removes more dirt and cosmetics than most cleaners without drying or damaging the skin.Select premium organic cold oil pressing such as Nutiva coconut oil, camelina oil or jojojoba oil.Apply a pump (about half a teaspoon) of oil to your fingertips and gently massage onto the skin of your face and neck.It is safe to use this oil to remove eye makeup.Massage the oil onto the skin for about 2 minutes, then wipe it with a fully natural baby like the seventh generation, gently removing excess oil and debris.You will find that your skin feels very soft and smooth and cleaner than using a typical cleanser.Don't you believe me?Wash with your favorite cleaner and then wash the oil to see how much garbage it leaves!If your skin is oily, then cleaning with more oil can make you feel uncomfortable or even a little sick, but it's a wise practice.Using a foam cleaner to remove excessive natural skin oil can actually turn your already over-active skin glands into high motivation to give you a bad shineface.If you want to splurge on a skin care product, buy yourself a high-quality natural moisturizer.I prefer to do it myself, but there are some great organic brands on the market, like Miessence, that provide effective active ingredients without harmful chemicals.Note: it is best to use an oil based moisturizer regardless of your skin type.While water-Based on moisturizers that provide temporary hydration, they do not provide long-term protection that the oil will provide.Also, what does your own body use to moisturize your skin?Nature knows best!Use a few drops of oil-based moisturizer to nourish your skin after cleansing.Apply UV protection before you go out to the sun.The skin on the face and neck is very delicate and more prone to premature aging and sun damage.I suggest you use mineral cosmetics or natural mineralsSunscreen is available every day throughout the year.Every 28 days or so, the surface of our skin is updated.However, this process slows down as you get older, and the skin surface accumulates dead skin cells to make your skin color dry and dim.Exfoliating or removing dead skin cells can maintain your skin cell turnover rate and give you a fresh, natural glow that you can't get from any cream.There are two ways to exfoliate;Mechanical (scrubbing or physical removal of dead cells) and chemical (chemical decomposition of dead cells using enzymes or acids ).My favorite mechanical household exfoliating is a salt scrub.I like to use RealSalt from Redmond as it is the cleanest natural sea salt and fine lines are the perfect texture for exfoliating the skin.In fact, I 've put it in the kitchen to cook and it's convenient too!Do a salt scrub, clean your skin and moisten with clear water.Then, take a real salt and rub it on your skin with a circular motion, avoiding the area of the eye.Rub hard and let these dead cells fall off, but don't be so hard that you will not stimulate your skin properly.Keep rubbing until you see a slight pink flush on your skin and rinse off the salt with cold water.Note -Do not scrub with salt if you have active acne blemishes or open wounds, as scrubbing can cause irritation.The enzyme skin is my favorite chemical exfoliator.A protein enzyme like a pineapple stem (pineapple stem) and a papaya (green papaya) breaks down the protein just like the one found in the dead skin and allows them to be removed.While most people think that an enzyme is just a digestive aid, the frequent use of the enzyme skin can speed up the turnover of skin cells and encourage it to produce more collagen to make your skin color naturally fresh.Enzyme peels are also resistantIt has anti-inflammatory effect and helps to treat and prevent acne and skin blockage.To provide yourself with an enzyme skin, mix the contents of a green papaya powder (about 1 tablespoon) or a 500gdu pineapple or papaya capsule with enough cold water into a thin pasteAlternatively, you can mix the powder with yogurt or kefir for a more gentle effect.Apply the paste to the skin and gently massage with your fingertips.Moisten your fingertips as needed to keep the mixture moist.Let the treatment last 5-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cold water.When the enzyme starts to work, you may notice the sensation of tingling or itching, but if you feel obvious discomfort for some reason, simply rinse it with cold water immediately.Note-Do not use papaya enzymes or green papaya powder if you are allergic to papaya or papaya.After you clean and peel off your skin, this is the best time to detox.Environmental toxins, dirt, and excess oil are trapped in the skin and pores and it is difficult to remove them just with a cleaner.The best way to deeply clean the skin is to use a clay mask or plaster.Clay has a natural ion absorption effect, extracting impurities and excess oil from the skin, shrinking pores and increasing the circulation of the skin.The increase in circulation means that nutrients flow better to the skin, waste is discharged better, and a healthy gloss.Here's the best clay to detoxify your skin: 1.Pascalite Clay-This clay has a unique and powerful drawing effect.If you let the clay dry all the time on your skin, and as your blood circulation increases, the toxin is sucked into the clay, you will feel the pulse on your face.Because it is very strong, I recommend using Pascalite for people with oily skin or with greater skin toxicity.2.Redmond Clay -This is the best universal clay for all skin types.It is detox, healing, soothing and helps to increase circulation and deep cleansing of the skin.Redmond Clay has a smooth, silky texture and a strong drawing effect, but is more gentle than Pascalite.It can dry the skin without any discomfort and it is easy to rinse off.3.Kaolin Clay -This fine white clay is very gentle but still works for detox and conditioning the skin.It helps to increase the circulation of the skin, but does not draw too much oil and is the best clay for drying the skin.To get the best out of the clay mask, mix the tablespoon of clay you choose into equal amounts of water until smooth.Add a little more water if needed to make clay easier to apply and then cover your face and neck in a thin layer.Don't try to add other fancy ingredients to your mask: they interfere with the ion exchange of the clay and reduce the detoxification ability of the clay.Try to keep the clay moist for a period of time, such as when you take a bath, and then let it dry completely to get a strong drawing effect, or remove it when wet.Follow your clay mask with your favorite moisturizer to prevent any unnecessary drying.Following these guidelines, adhering to simple, natural skin care treatments will do wonders for your skin and bank accounts.Using what's on hand in your own kitchen, such as enzyme supplements, sea salt and coconut oil, you can look as healthy outside as inside.
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