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how to make paper from cotton balls | ehow - wet paper towels vs tissues

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-01
how to make paper from cotton balls | ehow  -  wet paper towels vs tissues
You can make paper at home, teach children the ancient art of paper making, and also make crafts.
While paper kits and equipment are also available, they can be done with simple household materials and tools.
Preparation area.
Paper can be messy.
Lay the newspaper on the floor under the card table or work area and wear old clothes.
Make a paper model.
This is basically a metal window screening that extends over wooden frames (such as photo frames) and is tightly bound to the edges.
Make it as tight as possible.
You can also hold down the screen with a pushpin.
The mold should be the size and shape of the paper you want.
Prepare the paper.
Chop the cotton ball with your hand and pull it into silk.
To get the best results, use a real cotton ball instead of a synthetic cotton ball.
Add other soft white scraps such as unstained paper towels or napkins, paper towels or unprinted White computer paper.
Cut the scrap into very small pieces. Make pulp.
At about half the time, fill the blender with pieces and the rest with warm water.
Do this regularly, as you want, but at least enough to fill up a large tub.
Start the mixer at a slower speed, then gradually increase the speed until the mixture is smooth and there is no obvious piece of paper.
Run for another 30 seconds once it looks smooth.
Fill the basin or Basin in half with pulp.
The thicker your paper will be;
If you want to lose some weight, add more warm water. Add 2 tsp.
Liquid starch flows to the pulp if the paper will be used for writing.
This helps prevent the ink from spreading on paper. Use the mold.
Immerse it in the pulp mixture until it is covered and leveled.
Gently shake the mold until the pulp at the top is even, then lift the mold from the tub.
Hold the water when it is discharged from the pulp.
You may want to change the thickness at this time by adding or removing some pulp from the tub.
Put the water pressure down on the paper
Prepare the paper towel or square white fabric and put it on the paper when it is still on the mold.
Gently level the mold and towel.
Squeeze the water out of the paper with a sponge and screw it back into the bathtub.
Take off the paper.
Grab the paper towel or fabric square and gently lift the mold with a peel action.
The pulp should stick to the towel on the sheet.
If not, you may need to squeeze out more water or pull the mold a little slower.
Stack the wet paper on the biscuit paper with a towel or fabric in the middle.
Place another towel or square on top of the stack and squeeze out extra water with another cookie sheet.
Gently peel the sheets and keep them apart with a fabric square or paper towel.
Put them on a clothesline, clothes rack, newspaper or flat to dry.
They should be dry in one day and ready for use.
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