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how to make paper mache fish | ehow - wet strength tissue paper coloured

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-01
how to make paper mache fish | ehow  -  wet strength tissue paper coloured
From grade-
Homemade Halloween mask for school volcano, paper mask is a versatile craft material that allows you to create any 3-
D shape you can imagine.
A simple project can be done by any beginner.
Once the paper paste is dry, you can decorate the fish on colored paper towels or flash with paint or markers or glue.
Pass through the top of several paper mache fish with needles and lines to create a hanging fish mobile for any child's room.
Boil the moon water.
In a bowl, mix 1/2 cups of flour with 2 cups of cold water.
Add in boiling water and boil again.
Remove the flour and water mixture from the heat and stir 3 tablespoons. of sugar.
Cool in the bowl.
Here is your paste mixture.
Tear the newspaper or any newspaper you like into 1-to 2-inch-wide strips.
You can make stripes of any length, but shorter ones are easier to use.
Blow the balloon to the size of the fish you want and tie the tie.
Immerse the note in the paste mixture until it is saturated.
Apply two to three layers of wet paper to the balloon until it is completely covered, except for the balloon tie.
Let dry for six to eight hours (the more dry and warm the place you are in, the faster it will be ).
Pop up and remove the balloon when it is dry.
Cut two large circles from the building paper.
You can paint them or trace them in a circular shape, such as the end of a glass jar, or the end of a wine glass.
Cut each circle in half.
Stick a lap and a half on each side of the fish to produce a lateral fin.
Overlap the remaining two rounded halves slightly and stick to the back of the fish to form a dorsal fin.
Stick two Google eyes to the front of the fish and finish the decoration as needed.
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