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how to make stiffened felt | ehow - how to use delay wet tissue

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-02
how to make stiffened felt | ehow  -  how to use delay wet tissue
The normal felt is thick and durable, but it is not hard enough to keep 3-
There is no D-shape of the item to be processed first, such as a side cap.
Handle individual felt with homemade or shop
The fabric reinforcement purchased is suitable for a wide range of items.
The reinforcement that best suits your project depends on the intended use;
Glue, for example-and-
The water reinforcement provides permanent treatment while the front
The solution for the temporary reinforcement project is very convenient.
Cover the working surface with old plastic tablecloth to prevent glue and water from spilling.
Put a plastic bathtub on the tablecloth.
Pour the same amount of water and glue into the tub and stir with a craft stick or plastic spoon until it is fully mixed.
The liquid should be deep enough to cover the felt completely.
Place a layer of felt in the liquid of the bathtub and push the material down with a craft stick to completely drown it.
The feeling after a few minutes of flipping with a finger or pliers.
Put a piece of wax paper near the bathtub.
Remove the felt from the tub and let the excess liquid drip into the tub.
Suck the excess liquid out of the felt between the tissue layers.
This prevents the felt from looking as if it had a thick layer of glue on it after drying.
Put the felt on the wax paper smooth and make sure it is completely flat as it will harden in place.
Leave the felt completely dry, which can take at least 3 hours.
Shape Your felt Project as needed. If it is a 3-
D-shape, such as a cone, uses a binder or paste pin at work to maintain the desired shape.
Place felt on wax paper outdoors or wellVentilation area.
If the shape also needs to be sprayed on the underside, place the felt on a wooden spoon or empty jar.
If it is an aerosol variety, shake the spray booster container and twist the nozzle to the spray setting if it is a spray bottle.
According to the packing instructions, spray felt using continuous, slightly overlapping strokes, which may vary from brand to brand.
Once the whole item is covered, allow it to harden for a few hours, or follow the advice on the reinforcement vessel. Spray-
On fabric reinforcement, such as starch, it is often less firm and lasting than glueand-water solution.
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