how to make toilet paper diapers for a baby shower | ehow - how to use kleenex wet toilet tissue-N

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how to make toilet paper diapers for a baby shower | ehow - how to use kleenex wet toilet tissue

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-02
how to make toilet paper diapers for a baby shower | ehow  -  how to use kleenex wet toilet tissue
The theme and atmosphere of the baby shower determine a boring or fun party for parents --to-
Yes and the participants.
The shower with lovely decor and activities adds anticipation for the due date and stimulates guest interaction.
Taking a shower can be an expensive adventure;
However, the owner can save money with a budget --
Friendly and versatile resources such as toilet paper to make diapers
Theme decoration and games.
Pull out two connected toilet paper squares from the rest of the roll.
Fold one square over the top of the other to create a layered square.
Seek the midpoint of the bottom of the square.
Measure the thumbnail width on both sides of the midpoint to create the groin area of the diaper.
Fold the bottom corner of the square diagonally, create a rectangle in the middle, and create two triangles on one side of the leg through.
Fix the folded side with tape or cut along the arch of the folding line.
Turn over the diaper.
Fold the top 1/2 diapers.
Nail it with a diaper pin.
Select a team member diaper.
Throughout the game, keep the toilet paper connected to the roll.
The goal of the game is to see which attendee team can use a whole roll of paper to make toilet paper diapers on team members as quickly as possible without breaking from the roll paper.
There is no right or wrong way to create diapers.
Wrap the toilet paper around the participant's hips multiple times to make sure the toilet paper is in place.
Pass toilet paper back from the front through the groin area.
Wrap your hips with toilet paper.
Alternately pass the roll through the groin area and hips until multiple layers are created and the diaper is fixed in place.
During continuous exercise, toilet paper was wrapped around the participant's lower abdomen and back.
Pull the toilet roll from the front to the rear of the right leg.
Repackage the bottom area and get the toilet paper roll on the other side of the participant's body.
Pull the roll from the front of the left leg to the rear.
Step back and look at the diapers of the participants.
Re-lay the area to improve the design of diapers or run out of toilet paper rolls.
According to the position of the roll out, the end square of the roll is inserted into the toilet paper layer around the waist, hips or legs.
When the diaper is finished and the roll is used up, raise your hand or shout "finish the diaper ".
The end of a team usually wins prizes for the shower host.
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