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how to make underarm shields | - how to sell skin care products to clients

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-19
how to make underarm shields |  -  how to sell skin care products to clients
Underarm shields protecting clothing from sweat stains were sold at each corner money store and department store before the age of 19, when antisweat became necessary --haves.
Shields can still be purchased, but you may have to look for them.
If antisweat does not work for you, a disposable pad is easy to make by changing other products.
The clothing shield under the arm must absorb water, stick to the clothes, and be comfortable with the skin.
Women products meet these requirements.
The underpants padding can be used as is or trimmed at the end to fit.
The sticky tape is stuck under the underarm of the clothes.
The padding is small in size and easy to carry and can be replaced throughout the day.
For a large amount of sweating, use a sanitary pad with the greatest absorption capacity.
The length of the pads is different, so choose a shorter version or trim the edges.
Position the mat when you are wearing a top or shirt to ensure a comfortable fit and make sure the mat does not break through the garment.
Attach tape to the shirt;
The soft side will stick on your skin.
For customization, buy cheap baby or adult diapers at a dollar store and cut out a shape.
The first experiment was conducted with several paper shapes and sizes.
Make a circle with a bowl or draw an ellipse.
When you find the most suitable, make a template with cardboard.
Cut the shape from the absorbing part of the diaper. Use double-
Stick the mat to the clothes with tape.
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