how to make vanilla essential oil with pictures | ehow - make your own essential oils and skin car

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how to make vanilla essential oil (with pictures) | ehow - make your own essential oils and skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-14
how to make vanilla essential oil (with pictures) | ehow  -  make your own essential oils and skin care products
Essential oils have the fragrance and vitality of herbs or plants;
You can use them to make homemade soap, massage oil, body wash and aromatherapy at home.
To make vanilla essential oils at home, use organic vanilla pods and hot or cold infusion for effective oils.
Store vanilla essential oil in 4-ounce, dark-
In cool, dark places, colorful glass bottles can protect it from UV rays and your oil can last for a year.
Use vanilla essential oil as an anti-spas, antioxidant, and anti-depressive agent, or as a balm in the burner.
Add three to five sliced organic vanilla pods in 16-
Cans of Oz
Pour 16 ounces of organic coconut, red flower or poached oil into the jar.
Tighten the lid onto the jar.
Place the jar with oil and vanilla pods on the shelf in the sun.
Write the date of your combined ingredients on the lid of the jar.
Wait two months for cold infusion to work.
Pour the liquid ingredients into a bowl or pot containing a cheese cloth, dip in a little container, and securely install them on the edge with a rope or rubber band.
Squeeze the vanilla pod between two layers of cheese cloth and discard it.
Add a funnel to the small glass storage bottle and fill it with essential oil.
Tighten the lid and label the jar with ingredients and dates before storing it in a cool, dark place.
Set the double boiler on the furnace and add water in the lower half of the boiler.
Heat until the water is boiling.
After boiling, turn the heat down and add a second pan to the boiling water.
Cut the vanilla pod into 1/4-inch to 1/2-
Inches of debris when you heat the water.
Add 16 ounces of organic oil of your choice to the top of the double furnace and sprinkle the vanilla pods in the oil.
Mix them into oil with a wooden spoon.
The hot juice gently accumulates for three hours of water.
Filter the mixture with a rubber band or rope through a cheese cloth firmly mounted on the edge of the bowl.
Once the oil passes, the ingredients cool so you can touch them, squeeze the remaining ingredients in the cheese and extract the remaining oil into the bowl.
Pour in a clean, airtight 4-
An ounce or larger brown or dark.
Color bottle with air tight lid.
Label the bottle with ingredients and dates and store it in dark, cool places such as storage rooms or cabinets for a year.
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