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how to make waves with tissue paper | ehow - how to use kleenex wet toilet tissue

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-02
how to make waves with tissue paper | ehow  -  how to use kleenex wet toilet tissue
The marine theme has always been the choice of many artists, ranging from pre-school craft ideas to sophisticated art media, with a wide range of projects.
Tissue waves can be created to cover areas as small as sanitary tubes, or spread out as part of a wall mural.
Paper towels are cheap and simple to use, which can produce dazzling effects.
Because the materials are cheap, you can try different creative methods at very little cost.
Spread blue paper towels on a flat surface.
Include any amount of paper according to the required thickness.
Track a wavy line on the surface of the paper with a pencil, be careful not to tear the paper.
Along the wave line, cross all layers at once with scissors.
Gently brush to stick on the surface you want to place the waves.
Smooth a layer of paper towels on the glue.
Continue to add tissue layers and glue layers until the waves are as thick as you wish. Allow to dry.
Brush the top of the waves with white paint to resemble the foam.
Track the surface area of the wave you want to design with a pencil.
Cut a few-
Square inch of blue paper towel.
The quantity required will depend on the surface you want to cover.
Place the pencil eraser in the center of a square tissue.
Fold the tissue down to form the shape of the pencil.
Brush a little bit of glue at the end of the paper covering the eraser.
Press the paper towel to the surface area with a pencil.
Pull the pencil open and leave the formed tissue on paper.
Continue to Repeat this process until your surface area is covered.
Glue several objects to the surface area that will be displayed as ocean shapes.
Haibei, foam plastic cut into the shape and shape of the fish, glass stone is very easy to use.
Make sure there are a few inches around each project.
Brush the surface area including the object with a deadhesive water.
The smooth tissue strips cover the surface.
Press hard around each object and form it into shape so they stand out. Allow to dry.
Paint with crafter on the shape.
Look at marine life with Google's eyes if needed.
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