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How to Make Your Own Natural Yogurt (Yoghurt) - how to make your own skin care products natural

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-01
How to Make Your Own Natural Yogurt (Yoghurt)  -  how to make your own skin care products natural
The no-
When I lived with my husband's family in Turkey, I learned how to make yogurt a "no fuss" way.
His mother made a large pot of natural yogurt effortlessly without any special pot, machine or equipment at all, so it was a huge sum of money --Full protection!
I like the homemade yogurt I made myself, served with crispy cereal and corn porridge at breakfast, served with curry, served with honey as a sweet sauce, or placed myself in a bowl.
This is usually a very short article because it is easy to do so I will give you a little bit of the flavor of our life in limuzan and a step --by-
Step guide to making your own yogurt. What is yogurt? subsp. subsp.
Bacteria are usually used.
The milk is thick and the taste is special.
All you need to do is look at a lot of TV commercials that promote active yogurt to be aware of health --
The properties given to live yogurt are very big business.
It is widely believed that active yogurt can prevent diarrhea and help the immune system. H.
Therefore, it can also play a role in treating diseases such as digestive ulcer and possible gastric cancer.
However, different kinds of bacteria may have different benefits for health, so there is a lot to learn about yogurt and health.
I like to think that this delicious product is good for my bones (the source of calcium) and may be good for something else too!
When I first tried making yogurt in France, I chose one
Well known brand name, it hardly works.
I attribute this to the small number of active bacteria, so if I want to improve my health, I would be very skeptical about choosing some of the most well-known brands.
Changed a harness and I bought the next live youghurt from a local dairy farm. ©Signac Durand, who performed better this time, produced a lovely, rather strong cream yogurt that tastes good and mild.
Remember, you should try several different cultures of yogurt before you find one that suits you.
Dairy products have been cultivated for at least 4,500 years as food.
L. de. lactic acid. .
Senior Pliny wrote that the barbarian tribe knew how to thicken milk into substances with pleasant acidity, and that the use of yogurt by nomadic medieval Turks was recorded in the 11 th Century Books.
The French diarrhea was cured by Suleiman, and the spectacular view of Turkey was to send him yogurt by a doctor.
Until 1900, yogurt is a staple food for the Russian Empire, the people of Asia, Eastern and Central Europe, and India.
The yogurt was produced by Isaac kalazo.
In 1919, Carasso founded a small yogurt business in Barcelona and named Danone after his son, meaning "little Daniel ".
However, the first yogurt produced in the United States was produced in Colombo, and in 1929 it was produced at the son cream company of Andover, Massachusetts. .
A farm in the past, but there is a good shop to sell local produce to the locals.
This dairy farm sells very fresh, unsterilized milk directly to the public and I bought two or three liters to make yogurt.
Make sure this milk is cooked and then simsim again to kill the bacteria in the milk so you will definitely not cultivate the wrong culture!
Boil the milk and simmer it gently for 10 minutes to kill the bacteria.
(I used about 1 in these illustrations.
5 liters of milk and half a can of 125 grams of original yogurt.
Cover the lid and let the milk stand until the blood temperature is reached.
Dip it with a clean little finger
Should be as warm and comfortable as a bath. For 1 -
I used half a pot of standard yogurt.
Stir some warm milk into the yogurt so that it is easier to spread evenly in the milk.
Then stir the yogurt with a clean spoon (you can put it in boiling water if you want ).
Quickly cover the lid of the pan to avoid the entry of bacteria in the air.
Wrap the pot warmly.
I used a clean tea towel and then two winter dresses for my son.
The aim is to keep the yogurt at this temperature for as long as possible.
Stay overnight in a warm place.
I put mine next to the central heating boiler, but it would be ideal if you had a ventilated cabinet.
Do what you can.
You should eat delicious yogurt the next morning.
There will be a little clear liquid on it and you can drain it out if you want.
Then put the whole pot into the fridge and if not for many days it will keep it in the fridge for a few days and use it as I need it.
What is easier?
Make fruit yogurt. . .
Simply add fresh fruit or sugar stewed fruit to taste.
I collected raspberries and blackcurrant and smashed them with potatoes.
I added a little honey from our family, but the sugar is fine.
I put the dessert in a glass, topped with fresh raspberry, blackcurrant and lemon balm leaves, and then sprinkled clean with white sugar.
Very beautiful.
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