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how to plant a germinated seed root down | ehow - wet paper towels tissues

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-01
how to plant a germinated seed root down | ehow  -  wet paper towels tissues
Growing plants for your garden and starting your own seeds is a cheap way.
When using old seeds or seeds that you keep from your own garden plants, you may need to first sprout a few with paper towels to check if they are feasible.
You can plant these sprouted seeds in the soil, if you want, instead of throwing them away.
Seeds sprouting outside the soil are also a way to explain the germination process to children.
Help them grow the seeds that sprout so they can see them grow into plants.
Fold the paper towel in half and then in half.
Put it on a plastic board.
Sprinkle the water on the paper towel until it is even moist but not damp.
Add enough water to make it wet, but avoid using too much so that the water will gather on the plate.
Spread seeds between layers of paper towels.
Divide them about 1 inch so that the bean sprouts don't get tangled once they sprout.
Pat the top of the paper towel so that the seeds come into contact with moisture on both sides.
Slide the towel into the zipper
Top bag and seal off.
Sprout in rooms 65 to 75 floors.
Germination usually takes three to seven days depending on the type of seed.
Check the seeds for signs of germination after three days, then check every day until germination.
Start the pot with high quality soil filling seeds-
Less filling mixture. Soil-
The less mixture is well drained and sterile, helping to prevent diseases of seedlings.
Water the soil until it is completely moist.
Water until it has just started dripping from the bottom drain hole to make sure there is moisture at the bottom of the pan where the roots spread. Poke a ½-
There is an inch deep hole in the soil in the center of the pot.
Check whether the soil inside the hole is moist or not.
If it is wet, let the excess water dry overnight.
If the sprouted seed has fallen off, grab it by the attached split seed coating or leaves.
Put it in the dirt and put the root in the hole.
The root is a long bud that grows from the seed first.
Fill the holes around the roots loosely.
Slightly stronger, but avoid wrapping the soil tightly around the seedlings as it can damage the seedlings.
Put the flowerpot in the sunny window.
Keep the soil moist, but do not soak it all the time until it is ready to transplant the seedlings outdoors or permanent pots.
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