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Prepare to go to the NHS to choose health advice on swine flu, including the latest advice on symptoms, prevention, treatment, and causes * swine flu-The choice of the NHS opens a new window for global pop.Ready: * always carry paper towels-Capturing bacteria in your organization helps limit the spread of the virus * know your NHS number (this will be in NHS letters or prescriptions) * Keep up to date with the latest help and advice available via radio, television and the Internet-click on the link below for more advice on Directgov * confirm your "flu friends "--These are friends and neighbors who can help you if you are sick;They can take medicine or food for you so you don't have to leave the houseThis will help prevent the spread of the virus.If you and your family are sick, food and other supplies are in stock for the week * frequently asked questions about swine flu-Although masks have been issued in Mexico, there is no actual evidence that wearing them will prevent you from getting infected with the virus.
It is more effective to use paper towels when sneezing, coughing and often washing your hands
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