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How to Protect Your Family From Xenoestrogens - ecocert skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-03
How to Protect Your Family From Xenoestrogens  -  ecocert skin care products
What is estrogen?
Estrogen is a synthetic or chemical version of estrogen.
Where did I find estrogen?
Plastic, pesticide, sunscreen, food preservatives, toiletries, such as shampoo or moisturizer, make-
Oral contraceptives.
Why should we focus on estrogen?
Due to its harmful effects, several isoestrogen is banned worldwide.
These substances include: DDT, ditherin, chor thiodan, and metho.
These are pesticides.
Double phenol A is an estrogen worthy of special mention.
It is forbidden to use it in baby bottles in 2011 of Canada and the European Union because it is a recognized hormone interference.
However, it is still used in other plastics and is available in almost every can of food you buy, including organic.
I read a report on this a few years ago and wrote to several manufacturers of organic canned foods.
It's all used double phenol.
Since then, at least one large supermarket in the UK has stopped selling its own --
Put a brand pulse in the jar and pack it in a carton.
So government agencies and some manufacturers are worried.
In many countries around the world, deformed fish and alligators have been found near the outflow of sewage.
Deformation of male reproductive organs.
(A study like this was conducted by the Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.
A long time ago, many countries, including Denmark, France and the United Kingdom, reported a 1990 decline in male fertility.
Many scientists believe this may be the result of male fetal exposure to high levels of estrogen.
Similarly, several studies have concluded that early puberty in girls may be due in part to exposure to isoestrogen.
A 15-year study in Denmark found that girls now have breast development about a year earlier than at the beginning of the study.
As it is well known that obesity reduces the age of puberty, and childhood obesity is also rising, the figures cited in the study are derived after adjustment to this.
Scientists have found that the natural hormone levels of these girls have not increased significantly, which they believe suggests is caused by the environment.
A study in Mexico found that girls living near farmland with high pesticide use rates started puberty much earlier than girls in ranching areas where pesticides were not used.
After considering all the other factors, the scientists concluded that the pesticides used led to early puberty.
With regard to isoestrogen, then you will be happy to know that there are a lot of things you can do to protect your children from them.
As early as 2001, where we live, there are often hot and sunny weather, and I don't know which sunscreen is safe, so most of the time I leave my baby in there until about four months, it's safe to go out without sunscreen.
Since then I have found organic sunscreen using mineral sun
A plugging agent instead of a chemical.
At the end of this center, I will list several brands for safe use. 4-4-).
Like most of these chemicals, scientists are not exactly at the level of risk that this chemical poses, but several studies have shown that it is a hormone disruptor.
This means that, like all the isoestrogen mentioned in this article, the use of 4-
MBC puts you at greater risk of cancer.
In addition, some scientists believe this may lead to hypothyroidism.
Parab gold may be the most controversial set of chemicals in daily use.
Some scientists claim they are safe, but parabens mimic estrogen and are found in breast cancer tumors, which are known to play an important role in breast cancer.
In a study in Japan, male rats were taken with parab gold Bingate at a recommended rate
Safety restrictions in the EU and Japan (weight 10 mg per kilogram ).
After 4 weeks, it was found that sperm production in rats was significantly reduced compared to rats not given paraben.
Other studies have shown that parab gold is the most dangerous when mixed with other chemicals, and that's how we usually get them!
Parab gold was found in many cosmetics and toiletries.
Many of the differences between scientists lie in the extent to which these chemicals pose a risk to humans.
It is becoming increasingly clear that while individual chemicals may not pose significant risks, we are rarely exposed to individual chemicals.
2004 scientists began a survey in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, trying to explain the high incidence of cancer in the region, including breast, lung and prostate cancer.
They collected dust samples from 120 families.
These samples contain 66 chemicals known to destroy hormones.
There are 27 pesticides in these samples, some of which were banned 30 years ago.
Another study by WWF on members of the European Parliament found that politicians had up to 76 dangerous chemicals in their blood!
It is this chemical mixture that makes our children particularly dangerous, and while it is unlikely that we will eliminate every chemical from our environment, it makes sense to minimize exposure.
If what you have read so far seems a bit frustrating, rest assured that you can do a lot to reduce the risk of family estrogen.
First of all, since the link between pesticides and early puberty is clear, eating organic food is a wise choice.
If you live in a place where organic food is not easy to buy, or the options are limited, or the extra cost seems to be beyond your affordability, then a good idea is to choose the most important organic product.
Fortunately, the US government has provided
Organic fruits and vegetables that retain most of the pesticides, as well as fruits and vegetables with little residue and high nutritional value. Strawberries.
However, only imports from Mexico mainly occurred between January and April.
From January to April, grapes were again imported from Chile.
In Europe, the list is slightly different, as are the peaches, lettuce and pears, and cantaloupe, green beans and apricots.
Once again, no matter how traditional strawberries are planted, they are at the top of the list.
Low pesticide residues.
If the skin of a fruit or vegetable is thick, you will remove most of the pesticides by peeling them. .
These foods usually contain pesticide residues and hormones, so organic foods can be eaten if possible. Oil.
A study in Greece in 2004
2005 29 olive oil samples were tested, some of them from organic sources and others from traditional cultivation.
The 10 plants traditionally planted do not contain pesticide residues, and on average 3 pesticide residues are found in other plants.
The residue of extra virgin olive oil is the highest.
One of the most common pesticides is sulfur Dandan, three of the ten organic oils tested are lower.
However, the use of sulfur Dandan is no longer registered in olive cultivation.
According to the new International magazine, 75% of the pesticides used on American crops are sprayed on soybeans or corn, so you can't get organic oil using olive oil, which seems to be a good choice. Chocolate.
Some chocolate contains a small amount of pesticide Lindane, which has a variety of toxic effects.
This does not necessarily exist in all
Organic chocolate is the most commonly used pesticide in cocoa cultivation in West Africa. Wheat.
It was found that there were more pesticide residues in whole wheat flour than white, because wheat embryos contained pesticides.
However, white flour is usually bleached with chemicals to make it white, so be sure to buy unbleached flour or bread.
In addition, many health experts warn against eating simple carbohydrates such as white bread due to increased risk of diabetes and obesity.
If you can't easily buy whole wheat bread locally, the other option is-
Line up and make your own bread with a toaster.
You can protect your family. Shop local.
Many farmers do not spray pesticides, but do not pay insurance premiums for organic certified land.
Your supermarket chain cannot tell you this information, but your local store is OK and the farmers themselves are OK.
So buy from local shops or farmers' markets.
For example, when you can't go to the nearest supermarket, you may find organic bread at the farmer's market.
Buying local milk is usually cheaper than going to the supermarket. Our local store is the cheapest place for us to buy organic milk.
Stroll around and make the most of local produce and produce further away: buy as much fresh food as possible locally and-
If not, line up.
A supermarket we go to occasionally, there are very few organic fruits and vegetables, but there are a lot of packaged organic products such as rice cakes, bread sticks, yogurt, and even some cheese sticks, it can be placed in the lunch box of the children.
So flexibility is worth it.
If you want to make a change but feel overwhelmed, take your time.
I have made suggestions on the best option to buy organic food.
With toiletries, when I make a change, my principle is that the more time a product spends on my child's skin, the more likely it will be absorbed.
So I never wiped a drop of chemical sunscreen on their arms, but it took me longer to switch to organic shampoo.
Buy organic toothpaste
Children often swallow some toothpaste when brushing their teeth, so be sure that what is put in your mouth is safe.
Use safe cleaning products at home.
This does not mean expensive products.
Vinegar, for example, is very useful for cleaning windows and being used as a fabric conditioner.
(No, it doesn't make the clothes taste.
) Baking soda can remove stains from cups and remove the smell from shoes or sweaty clothes.
Buy a water filter
The best filters work through reverse osmosis, but even cheaper carbon filters remove most pesticides and heavy metals from your water, making it safer to drink.
(If you are using a kettle filter, make sure it is made of plastic that does not contain double phenol.
Barrier contraception is used.
This is another topic that has not reached a consensus on its impact, but the residues of contraceptives and antibiotics have been found in drinking water.
A study in Ireland concluded that this is not a major problem in the country at present, as most of the sewage is discharged into the ocean, not in the river.
It sounds so inspiring to me that I will continue to use my water filter!
Which sunscreen and other skin care products are safe?
First of all, bad news.
I hope it's as simple as telling you to buy organic skin care products, but if the manufacturer uses the definition applied in chemistry, organic cosmetics will have a different meaning for cosmetics.
My dictionary defines this: carbon compounds, related to or belonging to the category of carbon compounds.
Even cosmetic products that claim organic certification are always 100% trustworthy.
Take a closer look and you will often find that the products actually displayed on the package are: certified organic ingredients.
This does not mean that the whole product is organic.
If there is an eco-label for toiletries that says "natural and organic" then at least 95% of the plants --
The raw materials must be organic.
This is 50% for their "natural" label.
Since water is a common ingredient in toiletries and cannot be certified organically, the weight of these numbers is much lower.
If a product contains a long list of chemicals
It sounds like I will use it very carefully.
Anything that contains neighboring benzene Ester should be avoided, but it is not usually included in the list of ingredients by the manufacturer.
2. Two-0-0.
Now, most large manufacturers have removed these from their toiletries.
The EU's laws on toiletries are much stricter than those in the United States. The good news.
However, the website ewg.
There you can enter the sunscreen of your choice to see if it is safe to use.
It also lists the best and worst sunscreen in many categories, including children's sunscreen.
Ratings are based on scientific research and take into account the effectiveness and safety.
Please note that just picking a company and buying their products does not guarantee the safety of your child.
Aveeno listed one baby sunscreen in the hall of shame, and the other one is baby sunscreen.
Since there are very few UK companies listed on this website, my favorite company is not among them.
Over the years, we have purchased sun protection products from Green People, whose products are both safe and fair.
Studies of isoestrogen found.
I have cited as much research as possible from government agencies or other reputable sources.
Since I couldn't find the original report on Cape Cod research, I attached a link to an article in the British newspaper The Guardian.
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