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how to push through your comfort zone to reach your goals ... - how to put facial mask sheet

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-04
how to push through your comfort zone to reach your goals ...  -  how to put facial mask sheet
Hi, thank you for coming to see my post.
This is an article I wrote on the blog about ti has started a new blog designed for those in-line journeys.
If you have time, visit my blog and tell me if the content is something you're interested in or if the content is completely off the standard?
If so, I 'd love to know what type of article you want me to write.
So, you want to know how to stick to your goals and the way you want to live, despite discomfort, pain, inconvenience? Great!
I suggest you study the meditation in inner view.
One of the positive results of the inner view is that it will make your mind more calm and focused, and when you sit for a while and practice, you will learn to observe the feeling of the whole body, understand their nature and develop peace of mind by learning not to react to them (stable mentality under pressure ).
So while you're sitting, start noticing a little pain here or a little pain there, instead of reacting and twisting your body in search of a comfortable seating posture, you learn how to get into the pain, and observe it until it disappears.
It's a simple ground to reality, and the more practice one will learn, rather than escaping physical and psychological discomfort and the problems we tend to experience, over time, they lost their control over us.
You will find that, to a large extent, pain is only fiction in our minds.
With this knowledge gained through experience, we have learned to move forward while accepting discomfort as an aspect of life, instead of being frustrated or even giving up because of the unpleasant tasks that we have to perform when pursuing what we want.
In general, the threshold for practitioners to deal with unpleasant situations is raised, while psychological balance and resilience are developed to perform their day-to-day duties, otherwise they may be delayed due to unhappiness.
So those calls need to be made;
Or blog articles that need to be completed;
Even upload your video instead of avoiding the inconveniences of pain, just do it without internal struggle.
By learning to balance everything in the face of the inner experience, you will also be detached from everything you encounter in your external environment.
One of the purposes of inner view. . .
Vipassana has more to offer and I suggest you check their website for more information.
If you have the time and want to delve into mastering your mind, I strongly recommend that you experience their silent retreat for 10 days.
For me, this is one of the most profound experiences I have ever experienced.
However, if you do not want or cannot experience their retreat because of conflicting promises, I suggest you consider and adjust their retreat. Not in conflict with any belief that you may have and be open to all, its purest form is to sit quietly and observe your own breath, focusing on it as it passes through your nostrils.
While doing so, you should try to stay as still as possible and avoid re-adjusting your sitting position in meditation.
So make sure when you're sitting
It is best to have a leg or sit in a chair with a straight back and a chin parallel to the floor
You are in the most comfortable position.
Let thoughts come and go when they suddenly enter your consciousness, and do not participate in reasoning and analyzing them.
Simply let them come and go.
As time goes by, they will fade away, and you will catch a glimpse of pure tranquility, creating the spiritual space you can enter into your daily life, dealing with the impact of life on you.
When you start to notice how the body feels like pain, heat, cold, etc, don't let them take your attention away.
Just focus your attention on the affected area and observe it without getting stuck in your reaction pattern and "run away" from them and you will notice that they will magically disappear soon.
This will strengthen your determination to allow you to overcome obstacles and inconveniences when you are dealing with daily tasks on the road to your goals.
It used to be an annoying task for you, and when you perform it naturally, it is accepted by detachment.
The nature of the task will remain the same, but you will learn how to accept it when you do business. Try it!
It has the ability to change you forever.
Hope this will help you in your life and lifeline journey.
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