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how to rebuild collagen in skin underneath eyes - a secret ... - learn about skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-21
how to rebuild collagen in skin underneath eyes - a secret ...  -  learn about skin care products
There is no doubt that the most important area on our face is around the eyes, especially under the eyes.
When we look at someone, this is where we focus our main attention, and we tend to tell a person's age through the smoothness and youth of the field.
Anti-wrinkle eye cream is exactly what you need to take care of your eyes, whether you want to eliminate dark circles and spots under your eyes or remove edema and eye bags.
In order for this cream to work, it should address the following: how to reconstruct collagen in the skin under the eyes.
Let me explain what I mean.
As you may know, the most basic mechanism for keeping our skin young and strong is that it produces two very important proteins, collagen and elastic proteins on its own.
As the age increases, the reserve of these proteins will decrease.
We all know the result: wrinkles start to appear, our skin starts to drooping, losing moisture, etc.
The bad news is that because the skin around your eyes is thin, collagen consumes the most.
So when you choose anti-wrinkle eye cream, what you should look for is whether it contains ingredients that help the skin regenerate this lost collagen.
First of all, you should always look for scientific evidence that their effectiveness has been validated through clinical trials of human volunteers.
Second, make sure that their concentration in the cream is high enough to be very effective.
You see, since these high quality ingredients are usually quite expensive, some skin care manufacturers do not rule out high-profile ones, the choice is to add a certain amount of these ingredients to their cream, that way they can legally include them on the label, but it's not enough to be efficient. 1) Haloxyl -
According to scientific tests of human volunteers, there is no doubt that haloxl is very effective in reducing eye bags and dark circles, more than 60%.
By promoting the production of collagen and removing the accumulated hemoglobin, it helps to thicker the skin under the eyes and promote blood circulation, resulting in a lighter effect. 2) Eyeliss -
This is an impressive ingredient for another effect.
It has a dramatic effect in smoothing lines and removing eye bags and edema.
These are just two of the ten ingredients contained in the Eye Contour Gel I personally use.
They are all chosen very carefully, so their combined effect is much stronger than each of them acting alone.
To learn more about these fascinating ingredients and learn about the skincare products I personally use and recommend, visit my website.
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