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how to remove mold from wool clothing | ehow - wet strength tissue paper coloured

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-01
how to remove mold from wool clothing | ehow  -  wet strength tissue paper coloured
When it comes to molds, wool is one of the most vulnerable materials.
So even if you store the wool items in a clean tissue, you may encounter some mold problems when you remove them from the storage.
Fortunately, removing mold and mildew from wool is a fairly simple process, but you need three solid hours and a sunny day.
Dry your clothes in the air
Only cycle around 10 minutes with a dryer piece.
This can remove mildew and mildew.
Sometimes, your wool clothes may just smell moldy from other clothes that may have been formed or storage containers, so if you smell moldy but don't see any signs, then dry them in this way to remove the smell.
However, if you see mold growth on the wool, more extreme action is needed.
Brush off any loose mold growth.
Use a soft nylon brush to gently remove as much loose growth as possible.
Use the touch so you don't get stuck or rip the fabric.
Removing excess growth will make it easier to remove stains.
Put moldy things in the sun for an hour.
The light of the sun and heat will help to kill the mold and dry it, making it easier to remove it.
Soak the clothes in cold water.
Place them in cold water for about an hour, after which you can gently rub and scrub them with a few drops of mild detergent to remove any mold residue.
If the stain is completely gone then you can continue to dry.
If not, you need to take stronger measures.
Handle stubborn stains with colorsafe bleach.
Use two tablespoons of bleach for each quart of dehydration.
Soak the clothes in this solution for about 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.
At this point, all the evidence of mold should be gone. Dry your clothes
They need to dry in the sun.
When they are dry, put them in a warm and dry place.
Wool clothes must be dried or they will lose shape, so instead of hanging them, put them on a board or table to make sure they keep the structure.
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