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how to remove sour smell from clothes | ehow - how to remove tissue from wet clothes

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-02
how to remove sour smell from clothes | ehow  -  how to remove tissue from wet clothes
The most direct reason that cleaning clothes can sometimes produce sour taste is the uncontrolled growth of bacteria.
Bacteria release waste that produces sour taste;
These bacteria are not the same as the bacteria that cause fox odor, but the principle is the same.
If your clothes are sour, you need to re-
Wash it clean and remove the smell.
But don't just do what you usually do ---
Make some adjustments to prevent the second round from stinking.
The hotter the water, the more smells.
The bacteria you killed
First of all, re-wash your clothes at the hottest water temperature you can endure.
Use your normal detergent this round.
Your rinse cycle temperature can be set to hot, hot or cold as you like--
The most important thing is the washing temperature.
Sometimes the problem is with your washing machine.
Mildew is a fungus that will form in the moisture left in the washing machine and will give your clothes a sour or musty taste. Front-
In particular, the loader is prone to this problem because the suds stick to the front gasket and allow mildew fungus to breed.
To remove the musty smell of the washbasin, run an empty washing machine cycle using the hottest water and some bleach.
After that, open the door and ventilate your washing machinedry.
Add a glass of white vinegar during the rinse cycle to help with laundry deodorant.
Vinegar is a versatile cleaner that can help kill bacteria on your clothes.
Alternatively, neutralize the sour flavor with a glass of baking soda and your regular detergent.
You can also add borax to your clothes to neutralize the smell;
Follow the packing instructions.
Borax is a powder-like borax that can be dissolved in water and disinfected. Prevent acid
In the future, do not let the wet clothes in the machine for more than an hour or so, because this provides the ideal environment for the smell
Causing bacteria to grow.
Do not overload or overflow the basin--
Overcrowding prevents thorough cleaning and flushing.
As an additional precaution, you may need to run the second rinse cycle.
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