How to Save Money and Score Big Clearance Discounts on doTERRA Essential Oils - doterra essential

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How to Save Money and Score Big Clearance Discounts on doTERRA Essential Oils - doterra essential oil skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-03
How to Save Money and Score Big Clearance Discounts on doTERRA Essential Oils  -  doterra essential oil skin care products
Why do you buy doTERRA oil?
Essential oils have become increasingly popular recently.
This is because they are a natural product and have a lot of health benefits.
Like other popular products, more and more brands appear on the market every day, and some brands are much cheaper than others.
DoTerra essential oil is one of the more expensive essential oils on the market, but there is a good reason for this.
They are 100% natural and certified pure therapeutic grade.
When you consider a product that you will use to protect the safety of your home, yourself and your children, you do not want to risk buying inferior products.
I am not a doctor and I am not working for doTerra, although I have become a "health advocate" for discounts ".
I'm just a mom who really likes these products, but I can't afford to pay the retail price.
For this reason, I have identified the way to get these products in the cheapest way possible, and I am happy to share this information with you all.
DoTerra offers several "kits" or "collections ".
Will you use all the oil in the kit?
I strongly encourage you to look into the remedies and solutions you might do with oil and then list the essential oils you need.
If it turns out you don't need several oils in the "kit" or if you need a lot of oil that isn't in the kit, then you probably won't save money by purchasing the kit or collection.
Will you use more than 5 ml of the oil?
Many basic kits include oil of 5 ml size.
When you consider that the price of 1/3 bottles is 15 ml, if you buy each oil of 15 ml size, the price of the kit (per milliliters) will be more expensive than you.
For example, the retail price of the family doctor kit is $166.
However, if you buy 5 ml of each oil separately, the price adds up to only $152. 55.
However, you can't buy 5 ml sizes per bottle, so you need to spend more money to get 15 ml bottles.
If you only think that you will use 5 ml of each size, then these kits are great because you cannot buy this size separately for most oils.
What essential oil accessories and additives can be purchased elsewhere?
While I strongly believe that the purchase of doTerra essential oils ensures the quality of your oils, you may want to purchase some accessories, carrier oils and additives elsewhere. -
The use of aromatic oil will affect the mood, clean the air, and open the airline.
DoTerra sells an Aroma Lite diffuser for $119.
93. Lotus diffuser costs $119.
93. the petal diffuser costs $62. 66.
There are a lot of premium diffusers on the market that are not the doTerra brand.
For example, there are many price difference users with the highest rating on Amazon, with prices ranging from $30 to $50. -
When using essential oils locally, it is generally recommended to use carrier oil to extend and dilute the use of essential oils.
It may also be harmful to apply essential oil directly without using carrier oil (see guidelines for use ).
For certain recipes, you can save you the most money by using the oil in your home, such as olive oil, vegetable oil, etc.
The most highly recommended carrier oil on the DoTerra website is their grade coconut oil, which retails for $16. 00 for 3. 8 ounces.
However, you can buy several great brands of graded coconut oil at a local health or natural food store.
For example, you can buy the Majestic Pure brand for $12.
99, 16 ounces.
So it's $0.
$81/oz, not $4.
The brand DoTerra is 21/ounce. -
DoTerra produces great versions of these products, but you can also look for better prices at healthy food stores and big retailers.
When you buy products like wood and glass, be sure that some oil can be eaten through plastic or interact strangely with certain materials.
What products can be replaced with doTERRA around the house?
DoTerra has a blog with a wide variety of recipes and home solutions that you can make with their oil.
If you do your research and commit to replacing certain products around the house with oil, you can save money while making your house cleaner and more natural.
Some of the items you can do include: lip balm, fabric softener, soothing ointment, foot liquid, body wash, bath bomb, general spray, bathroom cleaner, children's soap, sugar scrub shower gel, body wash, conditioner, hand sanitizer, deodorant, Cologne, nail polish, dry shampoo, cleansing wipes, bubble bath, glass cleanser and many food recipes.
Not all products produced with oil are cheaper than those bought by the store, but many products will be cheaper than those bought by the store.
If you really want to determine if you will save money, please classify the products you intend to replace with oil.
For example, I like to extend the time between shampoos with dry shampoo.
The formula includes 6 drops of roots powder and essential oil.
It will cost about $3 to price this "recipe. 00.
It's not much cheaper than containers in big box stores, however, it's cheaper than you buy from natural food stores or professional beauty shops.
Also, it can help to prove that there is extra oil around the house, which you can use in other recipes.
As mentioned earlier, it would be helpful to list all the recipes and solutions you intend to make with oil and to see exactly what you need and what the associated costs are. .
Also, follow the blog for new ideas and recipes.
Is it appropriate for you to wholesale health members?
There are many benefits to joining doTerra and participating in the health membership program.
First of all, you can get a 25% discount from the retail price.
The initial cost of a member per year is $35, so if you plan to purchase a product worth at least $140 in a year, the member will pay for it on its own.
In addition to the discount, you can get an extra 10% discount
Buy product 30% per month (month 1-
3 = 10% off, month 4-
6 = 15% discount, 7-month-
9 = 20% discount, 10-month-
12 = 25% off, 13 + = 30% off month ).
In addition, you will receive shipping charges for points that can be redeemed free of charge at future purchases.
If you order more than 125 PV per month, you will receive free products for the month.
I have a friend who is interested in buying Melissa oil.
This is the most expensive oil that retails for $153. 33.
If my friend purchased a wholesale health membership in the first month and bought oil in a month, she would spend $35 (membership) $103.
50 (the cost of Melissa X 25% off X 10% off) = $138. 50.
In addition, she will get 115 PV, so if she orders products worth 10 PV (such as lemon or lemon grass), she will also get the products for the month for free.
Sometimes these products this month are a very expensive oil, such as frankincense, worth $93.
This example may not be realistic for many people because I use the most expensive oil.
However, if you buy a set of products for $150, you can think the same way.
Wholesale health membership also allows you to set up a personal website and receive a bonus for recommending friends to use doTerra and order through your website. .
There is a special offer area on the DoTERRA website.
This section includes product promotions and other transactions.
DoTerra offers a product at a 10% discount each month.
Depending on the original cost of the product, this may be a considerable savings.
There is also an area in this section "although supply is ongoing" where you can find seasonal, limited offers and discounted items.
In addition to the monthly discount product promotion, doTERRA usually offers free products if you spend more than a certain threshold in one order.
: Get free 15 ounces of frankincense ($93 ).
: Get 10 ml rolls for free-
About Immortelle
Aging mixture ($97 ).
Promotion of doTerra in March 2016-
Get free 5 ml dark blue and dark blue friction ($81 ).
67 retail value), from March 1-20 to March 31, 200 PV orders were placed.
Also, if you are a loyalty rewards member and order a minimum of 125 PV by March 15, you will receive a free 15 ml wild orange oil.
DoTERRA will offer special promotions to registered health advocates several times a year.
If you are already planning to sign up, or you want to get friends and family involved, using these promotions can get you a bunch of free products.
If you sign up in November 2015 and purchase a value of 100 PV for the first time, and then order at least 100 PV again in December 2015, you will get an additional basic vitality supplement package that retails for $106. 00.
In addition, if you order an additional 25 PV during these months (a total of 125 PV per month), you will receive an additional product for two months.
If you sign up on October 2015 and purchase a product worth 100 PV for the first time, and then order at least 100 PV again on November 2015, you will receive a free OnGuard soft gel and
If you register and purchase an initial product worth 100 PV on May 2015, you will receive an additional 50 free product credits.
Please see the link in the section "join and save pages" to be registered above.
This is a summary of all the money-
I hope you find this article helpful in your quest for discounted doTerra oil.
Please feel free to suggest alternative ways to save and comment on how the product works for you.
I know that the product that got me involved in it was a dark blue friction. I love it!
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