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How to Select an All Natural Baby Lotion - aqua mineral skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-08
How to Select an All Natural Baby Lotion  -  aqua mineral skin care products
Please read this before choosing any baby skincare products!
At the time of writing, Kate and William had just given birth to their new children.
The little boy who will become king one day.
But for all new moms and dads, their children are as precious as any little prince or princess, and it is a top priority to do their best to take care of them.
When it comes to their delicate skin, you may want to know how to choose an all-natural baby lotion or any natural skin care product for your baby.
If so, please read on.
In this article, we explain what to look for, what ingredients to avoid, why "nature" does not always mean "safety" and why it is so important that you give something to your baby's skin.
When choosing baby lotion for your newborn skin, you will be more careful than when choosing skincare products for yourself.
After all, the baby's skin is more delicate and sensitive, and choosing organic and natural skin care products such as lotion, creams and wipes is a great way to ensure that any allergic reaction or skin sensitivity is minimized.
What should you look for in natural baby care products?
Many skin care products contain synthetic ingredients, and even products designed for babies may contain chemicals, these chemicals are related to minor problems such as skin irritation and eyes, as well as more serious medical problems such as hormone imbalance, and even the development of certain cancers.
The first thing to be aware of is to put products such as baby lotion on your child's skin, things you put on the surface of your skin will not stay there, it is absorbed into the leather, access to blood and other tissues.
Think about the medical methods applied to the skin, such as hormone replacement therapy, to provide hormone replacement therapy after the skin
Menopause women and nicotine patches are designed to provide nicotine to smokers who are trying to quit smoking.
These two examples clearly show that products applied to the surface of the skin are absorbed by the body of an adult, so, more importantly, make sure that what you give to the baby's skin is safe and natural.
One of the main ingredients of baby lotion should be water.
The purpose of using lotion is to clean and moisturize baby's delicate skin, so water should be at the top of the list of ingredients, although you may find it called "water ".
It is a chemical used as a preservative.
While preservatives in any product that prevent the occurrence of bacteria and fungal mold can be considered a good thing, Parabens, is particularly unpopular in children's and infant products, because it is well known, they mimic estrogen, which is naturally produced.
This has the potential to disrupt the balance of hormones and may affect the development of reproductive organs in male and female infants.
It should be avoided that, in fact, it is better to look for a product that specifically states on the label that it does not contain O-benzene ester as they can be listed as perfumes or perfumes to hide (see synthetic spices below ).
These components are related to the development of the animal reproductive system, and therefore, it is definitely best to avoid them.
It can cause skin irritation, so it is best to avoid these irritation in products designed for babies.
While Vaseline and mineral oil are often used as skin lubricants, it does not appear to me that they do not have a location in the natural baby lotion.
This may be related to the development of skin problems such as allergies and dermatitis.
They can also cause breathing problems, even long term
Both boys and girls will suffer long-term damage to the reproductive system of babies.
This is a natural ingredient that many mothers would consider to be the right ingredient for any baby lotion. **.
Their use may lead to allergies, which is also a cause of concern.
** For the safety of lavender, please see the following quote on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website
Read the full message here :-http://www. nlm. nih.
Gov/medline plus/druginfo/natural/838.
\ "Applying products containing lavender oil to the skin may not be safe for young boys who have not yet entered puberty.
Lavender oil seems to have a hormonal effect and may destroy normal hormones in boys.
In some cases, this leads to abnormal breast development in boys, known as abnormal breast development.
The safety of these products when used by young girls is not clear. A-
Z, where you can look up the ingredients by name
This is a bookmarked website that I often mention.
Even all natural baby products should be used with caution!
Even with the use of natural ingredients on your baby's skin, it is very important to use any new product on a small piece of skin for the first time.
If you apply your baby to the whole body with a new product, he has an allergic reaction, his whole body will be affected and he will be in pain.
If you try a small amount of new products at the back of his knee or elbow for the first time and observe any signs of irritation over the age of 20
Within 4 hours, only a small percentage of the skin will be affected if there is any adverse reaction, thus minimizing any damage or pain.
This video with the doctor
Cara Natterson says mothers need to look for baby skin care products that are not only natural but safe.
When you think of a gift for a newborn baby, natural baby products will really bring you care and moms will be happy to receive them.
The picture (right) is a gift set for the cute Earth Mother Angel Baby "little things for the baby.
This is also a great gift of baptism.
An article I wrote that offers thoughtful but cheap gift ideas for a special little treasure!
I hope this article will help you understand the ingredients that need to be avoided in baby skin care products and understand that because the ingredients are "natural ", this does not mean that it is safe or desirable to use it on the baby's skin.
Strike a balance between safety and nature
The video above Cara Natterson is a way to choose an all-natural baby lotion for your little angel!
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