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How to Sell Mary Kay Cosmetics - mary kay vs avon skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-29
How to Sell Mary Kay Cosmetics  -  mary kay vs avon skin care products
Want to sell Mary Kay cosmetics?
"Mary Kay's way" can be a successful business model for people who want to be their own boss.
This is a relatively low risk proposal for starting a business.
With only a small amount of investment, you can start selling quality products that are trustworthy and make money through commission.
Cosmetics and skin care, then put yourself in the minority.
Mary Kay Cosmetics Co. , Ltd.
Mary Kay Ash was founded in 1963 after writing a book to inspire female entrepreneurs.
The company, which has invested only $5,000, has grown to $2 billion.
There's more than one today.
7 million Mary Kay consultants worldwide.
I admit that while I am not a consultant to Mary Kay, I have been thinking about whether this is a good business opportunity for me. My mother-in-
The law has been selling Mary Kay for years, even though she doesn't wear make-up.
Several of my friends have also invested in the business.
Of course, along the way, whether by buying a product, recommending a friend or having a Mary Kay party at my house, I support all of this.
When the economic situation is low, you can still expect women to continue to invest a little for themselves and make them feel healthier and more beautiful.
Sales of skincare products have increased by at least 9% in recent months.
Higher than a piece of chocolate (at least research done at my house proves this!
When you are engaged in direct sales in companies like Mary Kay, you can set your own goals, including working hours, estimated sales and income, and even win some great awards.
Every sale of Mary Kay products.
So, let's take a look back at what's involved in becoming a consultant to Mary Kay.
In this way, we can decide whether to take risks or not.
What do you need to be a Mary Kay consultant?
Unlike many entrepreneurs who want to start a business, becoming a Mary Kay consultant does not need to prepare a business plan.
You don't need a college degree either.
You do not have to sign a franchise agreement.
All you need to do is sign a simple independent beauty consultant agreement that sets out your status as an independent contractor.
It would be helpful to have a friend or trusted person who is already selling Mary Kay products.
But even this is not necessary.
If you go to Mary Kay
Com, as long as you want, you will find all the resources you need to start working as an independent beauty consultant.
The only investment you need to make is to buy the "starter kit" for about $100 ".
If you have plans to work hard and quickly build a customer base, you may want to purchase additional inventory so you can prepare the product for your customers (otherwise, they have to wait for the shipment ).
Again, the risk is relatively small if you buy too much inventory or change the idea of selling Mary Kay.
The company will buy you back at 90% of the original price.
In terms of time investment, this is entirely up to you!
Depending on your financial goals, you can work hard or work as little as possible.
Although Mary Kay Ash is known for the motto "God first, family second, career third", she also gets up at 5: 00 a day. m.
Start her business before meeting her personal life needs.
\ "Set your goals and stick to them until they become reality.
You must believe it before you see it.
No matter what the mind can perceive and believe, you can achieve it!
Mary Kay online and your independent beauty consultant can provide you with a lot of necessary support.
Useful tips and scripts from free business cards to sales to customers who want to see you succeed!
Keep in mind that Mary Kay's products are not available in any store or even on the company's website.
You must find an independent beauty consultant to buy Mary Kay's products.
Recruit more beauty consultants from Mary Kay.
When you do this, you get a certain percentage of purchases from the consultants they recruit.
As every new recruit grows, you will continue to make money on the Commissar --
However, this is not the case with MLM! Spread the word!
-Let more people be excited about Mary Kay's products, and the company itself will be more successful.
What products can be sold through Mary Kay?
If you sell Mary Kay's products on board, you sell them to men and women.
Of course, these products sell more in the women market, but you can find a full range of skin care and hair care products suitable for men and women.
In addition, there are perfumes, Cologne and body wash specially prepared for men and women.
Women in particular can find a variety of cosmetics.
Do you like to be full?
Cover with foundation and powder or just look for some eye makeup options, Mary Kay can match your skin and hair color with the best options to help you look the best.
If you're thinking of selling Mary Kay, the best marketing perspective might be based on their skincare line.
There are many ways to help you look young, from eye cream to moisturizer.
And (I'm not a consultant either), I love all of them!
By the age of 40, I 've been using Mary Kay eye cream for at least 6 months, which helps reduce the fine lines around my peeps.
Other women may find comfort in treating their lips as well as the famous satin gloves.
Whether you're looking for a little charm or just some extraordinary skin care, Mary Kay has insurance for you.
This is especially important if you want to sell these products because not every woman is looking for beauty options.
Regardless of your overall goal, Mary Kay is a safe investment for those who want to start a business without risk and potential returns.
If you are a consultant or you have recently worked with a consultant, I would be happy to hear from you in the comments below.
--xa0Are you thinking about doing business yourself?
I would like to know if MK sounds good (or bad.
The more comments it has, the more it will help everyone involved in the business!
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