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how to sell morel mushrooms | ehow - how to sell your own skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-19
how to sell morel mushrooms | ehow  -  how to sell your own skin care products
Morrell mushrooms are a very popular part of French cuisine.
They can be planted in the garden, or more often from the wild areas of woodlands in North America and Europe.
Many people look for Morchella for commercial sales.
Fresh or dry can be sold, or to vegetable markets, restaurants or individual buyers.
Here are the tips to start selling the Morchella you collect or plant. Locate buyers.
There are various sources to find buyers for your mushrooms.
Such as farmer's website.
Com posts for buyers and sellers.
If you plan to sell fresh Morchella, it may be wise to release the potential supply situation in advance;
With dry Morchella, you may have more flexibility (since the time you move your product isn't that tight) and accuracy (you'll know how many mushrooms you're going to sell ).
Some farmers' markets and grocery stores offer Buying Stops for Morchella and other mushrooms.
There may be specialized mushroom retailers in some areas who usually buy Morchella.
For guidance and more information, check out local availability.
Another option is to sell directly to restaurants, chefs or other private buyers.
To this end, search online for businesses or individuals who want to buy morels, or advertise for sale for their own supply.
Selling fresh Morchella
To ensure high quality, sell them as soon as possible after fresh Morchella is picked.
If you can't sell mushrooms the same day you pick them, refrigerate them;
Do not wash them after picking.
Don't Put mushrooms in direct sunlight, don't put them in plastic bags;
Morchella has very active enzymes that produce calories.
Instead, collect them in paper bags or cartons.
Belly bacteria collected on windy days may have sand blowing in and cannot be sold;
Pay attention to the weather on the picking day.
Selling dried lamb belly
Dry Morchella can be cooked and reorganized later, especially popular when fresh mushrooms are off season.
Morchella can be dried in a minimum set-up dehydrator.
The process of selling dried morchella and fresh mushrooms is roughly the same, but the rush to bring them to the market is greatly reduced.
Dry Morchella can be kept for a few months (if not a few years) under proper storage );
Sales are carried out through the same stores as fresh Morchella.
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