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how to sell organic fertilizer | ehow - how to sell your own skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-19
how to sell organic fertilizer | ehow  -  how to sell your own skin care products
The benefit of organic fertilizers is to encourage plants to grow without worrying about environmental and health hazards.
Make organic fertilizer and sell it for extra money or fund your own gardening.
Whether you live in a rural, urban or suburban area, it's profitable to create and sell organic fertilizers.
You will give other gardeners access to materials that will help them grow their own food in a way that is responsible for the environment.
Choose the type of organic fertilizer you want to sell.
Make worm compost by combining kitchen garbage and other organic matter with worms in a compost pile or bin.
Or make an organic fertilizer mixture with seed powder, White Cloud Lime, bone powder and seaweed powder.
See references for more ideas.
Decide the right fertilizer package.
Potato bags are ideal for storing fertilizers and compost.
Brown paper bags can also work, and you can offer discounts to customers carrying their own containers to collect fertilizer.
Set prices below regional greenhouse prices for your products.
Chances are you don't have to charge that much because you don't have the overhead cost of maintaining the warehouse.
Post online ads on craigslist, buy classified ads in the newspaper, and post notices on the local bulletin board to advertise your product.
If you live in a safe place, put a sign at the end of the street, advertise your fertilizer and give you a phone number
Make a customer call.
Distribute business cards to customers, apply applicable discounts, and remember to tax all sales.
Ask the email address so you can advertise for future sales and let people know when fertilizer will be available for purchase next year.
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