how to start a profitable amazon fba business in 2018 - how do i determine the ph of skin care pr

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how to start a profitable amazon fba business in 2018 ... - how do i determine the ph of skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-12
how to start a profitable amazon fba business in 2018 ...  -  how do i determine the ph of skin care products
A few years ago, Amazon was just an online bookstore, proud of not having any inventory. Fast-
Jeff Bezos has turned it into a hit these days
With hundreds of fulfillment centers and warehouses around the world, you can buy anything you want.
Things start to get a little crazy over time.
Back in the past, you have the ability to order a book from your home online.
But now you can get whatever you want and send it to your door in a few days.
From the most expensive gadgets you can think of to toilet paper.
The shopping game has changed forever.
I think it will change and evolve until the end of time!
Let me give you an example: Amazon started a program called Prime Now a while ago.
How does it sound to get your stuff in 1-2 hours instead of a few days?
This is exactly what they are doing: reducing delivery times and providing amazing customer service.
As a seller, I sometimes regret how Amazon has broken their customers, but that's one of the reasons why people keep buying there.
In the end, customers are always right. even if they are wrong, people like to be right. Fig. 1. US E-
As a percentage of retail sales, Amazon's growth is obvious.
But according to the US Census Bureau and independent marketing agencies, they are just warming up.
According to the picture.
US e-commerce 2017
Commercial sales accounted for only 7% of retail sales, and Amazon accounted for at least 50% of them. from Amazon's actions, it leased more than 20 Boeing 767 aircraft and obtained more than 1000 Amazon brand trucks, more than 100 fulfillment centers have been established in the United States alone . . . . . . I won't be surprised (or earlier) for decades from now, they have taken over the retail industry completely.
But they need you to keep growing!
I can go ahead and come up with more numbers and numbers to show you how great Amazon is and how much money they will make in the future, but honestly, who cares?
You must want to know, "where is your money? ”… Right? Fig. 2.
Amazon Vs as a seller. Third-
Party sellers listen to this: in 2017, Amazon accounted for only 10%-20% of total sales on their platform (as shown in the figure)2).
Put this in another way, third.
Third-party sellers account for more than 80% of the total product sales.
That means Amazon needs other sellers to make money.
Amazon wants you . . . . . . No, no, no. . .
Let me say it again. Amazon needs you to grow!
They have a huge supply chain and they want you to make money out of it.
You will get this huge opportunity on the silver plate.
Amazon is putting their sales platform, their customers, their trust, their traffic, their payment processor and their distribution network in your service.
My friend, all you need to do is find an awesome product to sell and you are doing business.
Now is the time to start!
So, let me tell you how to be one of them.
A personal plan to start selling on Amazon, you have two options: a personal plan;
Or professional plan
Here's a quick comparison for each product: However, since you don't have a product to sell yet, I suggest you register a personal account now.
Just because if you're not going to sell anything for a few months, it's not worth paying their subsubscription fee, right?
Even less than 50 dollars.
What you want to do now is familiarize yourself with your seller central dashboard, browse it, and finally access some files that only apply to registered sellers.
So, just register your personal account now.
You will upgrade it when you are ordering the first shipment. Cool?
Chapter 1: lazy people earn 6 digits in Amazon last year.
Now that you know you're still on time to catch up with this wave, let me show you how to get this wave to serve you.
All you have to do is follow these 4 simple steps: find a profitable product to sell and develop a unique sales proposition (using the easy way I teach you in a second) start selling your first order on Amazon.
Once you start a steady sale, you can start the next product.
Basically all you need to do is rinse and repeat until you reach 5, 6 or 7 numbers. It’s up to you!
Keep in mind that these four steps are easyto-
Simple 100% outsourcing-
Of course, it all depends on how well you control your business. Best part?
You don't need a fortune to start because we have to take risks.
We will follow the same strategy used repeatedly by the best investors in the world to increase their wealth.
You can start the business even if you only need to come up with $500 or $1,000.
Also, when you see money flowing on your way, be prepared to "put it all in" so you can make more money faster.
In the end, the business is all about return on investment, so the more money you invest, the more you get.
Let's take a look: Assuming you invested $500 in your business, you followed the 4 easy steps I'm going to show you. OK?
OK, in addition to your initial $500 investment, you can easily earn $500 in 3-6 months
This is a return on investment of 100%!
If you reinvest your money, the same will happen.
So, after a year, your investment may double.
How cool is this?
Of course, this is just an example of writing on paper, you can write anything on paper, right?
Your results will depend on how much you deploy this policy and I will show you in this guide.
But if you boil it down to "T", I can assure you one thing: you will do a good job of going to the bank for a year or more. Cool?
Learn about best seller rankings and keyword rankings. Every best-
Selling the products you find on Amazon has an obvious pattern: the ridiculously low Best-Seller Ranking (BSR ).
The low BSR ranking means you sell a lot, but let me explain: all the products listed on the Amazon catalog have a BSR.
For example, as shown in the figure.
3, I picked a top product in the "car" category, the BSR for this product is 2, which is too low! Fig. 3.
Amazon BSR for automotive Class a products below 100 typically means selling hundreds of items a day.
But it all depends on the category;
For example, 100 BSR in health and personal care means that more than 100 BSR are sold in the car.
Looking at the BSR of the product, you will find which products are worth pursuing and which products are not worth pursuing.
Of course, just look at this simple metric and there's more to it, but for now, it will do that because I don't want it to sound like rocket science.
So what makes the product a best seller of its kind?
The simple answer is sales: the more you sell, the higher BSR your product will have, which is why "sales" is the name of the game.
However, being a best seller in a category is not what you really want (unless you can keep the best seller's ranking long enough and it can be very expensive ).
This is the time for "keyword ranking" to go mainstream.
Let me ask you one thing: what would you do if you wanted to buy a product on Amazon? Fig. 4.
Search for products on Amazon. Exactly!
You just type in anything on Amazon's search bar, just like I did in figure 1
4, then you will go through the products provided and choose one of them, right?
I have news for you: most of Amazon's customers behave exactly the same way.
Best seller rankings are not the same as keyword rankings.
I mean, they don't have a close relationship.
If you want to sell things, you need to pay more attention to keyword ranking than best rankingseller ranking.
Therefore, your product list must be displayed on the first page of the main "keyword", if not on the first page, at least on the second page.
"Keyword" refers to the natural word used in everyday language to find what you really want.
Now if you are looking for a "cheese grinder" there should be other keywords that will give you similar results like: "Parmesan cheese sharpener", "electric cheese sharpener", "rotating cheese sharpener" or better, "cheese grinded ", but the most natural or common way to call what you want (or what your customers want) is the main keywords that you definitely want to rank.
Ranking your main keywords on the first page will guarantee daily access to your list.
If you're doing the right thing on-
Page Optimization, you will get more sales later.
This is the difference between best seller ranking and keyword ranking. Got it?
Case study: Reverse
The best project
Sell the product now and let me take you through a simple case study so everything is clear. Sounds good?
"How does my product become a best seller?
"This should be a question to consider now.
It's simple, let's reverse engineer one of the best-selling items on Amazon so you can understand how it works.
You already know that the name of the game is "sales" and I want to add a little bit of patience in this regard because it won't happen overnight, even if you have thousands of dollars in marketing.
Let's take a look at the car category and go deep into the tools and devices subcategory (you can go deep into another level if you want, but for simplicity, let's stop at this level ).
Let's choose the third one without special reasons. Fig. 5.
Best sellers in the category of "Car tools and equipment.
These are the features of every best seller: this is what people want to spend their efforts --
Made us dollars.
Whatever the description says it does, it has to do.
Also, potential buyers want to know if the product is a real deal, which is why best sellers in any category usually have a more positive rating than any competitor.
Usually, it will have very good pictures and very good product descriptions.
They sold things on Amazon for months or even years.
So beat the best
Selling products of any category is not an easy task, but it can be done.
In order to decide whether we should pursue such a product, we also need to analyze some factors that we will discuss later in this guide.
Now, select any best seller in any sub-category and you will see the exact same pattern.
Now, if you find a best seller, it doesn't do some of the things I mentioned before, and it doesn't do what I'll mention later, this may mean that you have a lot of potential to be a best seller in that category.
But hey, don't worry;
Before deciding what product to sell on Amazon, we need to know something else.
This is what we will discuss in sec. Chapter 2: One-
Click on research: click on your way to millions
This is a $ product and you won't find a profitable product unless you do your research.
I know, I know, research is boring.
It's sexy to say the least, but if we want a 6-
A year's business, okay?
The good news is that there is a way to do all the heavy work with one click and I will show you how to do it.
But first of all, I will lay the foundation for the research process, so when you get your research report, you will understand exactly what is going onclick results.
Going back to the "past" spreadsheet approach, we need to do hard research, and even after spending dozens of hours doing so, if we choose the right product, we have no real clue.
So it was filmed in the dark, but it was the best thing to do.
Nevertheless, the features of profitable products have not changed since then, they are: lightweight and small consistent buyer stream, able to take 2-
3 times the price of your purchase, do not see the low level of competition. Let me explain why we are looking for these features in the product to determine if it will be profitable.
Lightweight and small: Amazon charges a few fees for you to sell on their website.
You need to pay 15-even if you don't use FBA-
If you use FBA then you will need to pay the pick and pack fee, the weight handling fee and the order fee.
Therefore, the larger the product, the greater the weight, the higher the fee you have to pay.
On the other hand, please keep in mind that you need to send your products to Amazon from the supplier's warehouse, so you will need to pay the shipping cost, depending on the shipping method you choose (air or sea shipping for international shipping) weight and size will play a huge role in transportation costs. In Fig.
5, I chose one of the best selling products in the "tools and devices" subcategory.
When I looked into it, this product was ranked third in the category and was the best seller. Fig. 6.
According to the size and weight of the product, Amazon will charge us accordingly.
According to this information, this product is considered a "large standard size" with a weight of 3 kilograms.
5 pounds, so this is the estimated cost that the product should pay to Amazon: sales fee: 15% (the price was $20 when I wrote this) = $3 order handling fee: $1 Delivery fee: $1.
06 weight handling: $2.
Total cost: $7.
So in this case, Amazon's cut is $7.
73, we need to add up the cost of our products and any other costs associated with it to know exactly what our profit margin is, but we will discuss it specifically later.
The problem is that the cost you pay to Amazon depends on these two variables: weight and size.
In this link, you can learn more about your product size and FBA fees.
* To open this link, you will need to log in to your personal sales account.
Continuous buyer stream: if something is considered a best seller, it means it has a continuous buyer stream.
But keep in mind that don't let BSR fool you alone, sometimes you need to think about more things like how "seasonal" the product is, or just a fashion, in these cases, the BSR may be exaggerated and let's make the wrong decision.
Nevertheless, BSR is a good measure of the number of buyers of the product.
But I suggest you use other tools like these sites to make sure you have the right product on your target.
They can all give you some tips on how the BSR of the product changes over time on the target.
Able to sell it for 2-2
It is 3 times the price of your purchase: it is very simple.
Basically, if you find something on Amazon for $15 and you can get it for $5 then it's a try.
But don't forget to calculate FBA fees, shipping costs, and taxes because they add up and you can easily lose money.
Can't see the "power seller": the power seller can be a well-known brand who knows what they are doing, or an expert seller like me, which also knows what exactly they are doing
To discover them, you need to pay attention to the number of comments on their list (they are usually very high compared to other products sold in the same keyword), in addition, for the pictures and copies they are using, if you find awesome pictures, even posters and good copies then it could be a No. go.
On the other hand, if you can't see the electricity seller, your chances of making money with this product have increased tenfold.
Low level of competition: In the end, it can be a pain to measure the level of competition, but to do so, a very simple way is to check the number of reviews that sell the product on the first page.
If the number of audits is less than 100, the level of competition is low;
If it is between 500 and 1,000, it is medium;
If it's over 1,000, it's high.
You want to start with products that pop up with similar products that have low reviews.
So basically we need to create a spreadsheet where we can enter all of these variables so we can make an informed decision.
This spreadsheet should be like this: Table 1.
The spreadsheet model you see on Table 1 is not a real scene for a particular product, but we can think of it as "a perfect scene" and everything inside gives us the green light.
But as you already know, life is not perfect, not to mention doing business on Amazon, so you may find yourself having different data when you build a spreadsheet.
The good news is that you will be in a better position to choose your product compared to a random selection. The One-
Click method a visionary entrepreneur, like you and I, when trying to find a product to sell, see hundreds of struggling Amazon sellers doing the same.
He understands the pain, suffering and trouble of all of our Amazon sellers and he came up withclick solution. That one-
The click-on solution is called Jungle Scout, which is basically a web app and/or Chrome extension that can do all the heavy work, and provide you with very accurate results you need to make informed decisions.
With just a click of the mouse, you can get similar or even better results instead of spending hours glued to your computer and working on that damn spreadsheet for days in a row. Fig. 7.
Jungle Scout Chrome extension.
You can see it in the picture.
7, it's just a very small icon next to your URL bar, but this bad boy can pull up all the data you need in a few seconds.
Let me tell you how it works: I used the "fire extinguisher" as the keyword and after the search results came out on Amazon I clicked on that little jungle scout icon, then I got the results you saw in the picture. 8. Fig. 8.
Jungle Scout's results for the keyword "fire extinguisher", so, let's analyze these results to see if this keyword is a good idea: lightweight and small: As you can see in the diagram.
8, there is a column called "Tier" where we can see that the product is not small, on the contrary, it is large and in some cases considered small and oversized.
Due to size, weight and price, Amazon charges fees ranging from $7 to $24.
Continuous flow of buyers: BSR or "rank" has risen from 31 to 40,000, meaning a small group of products takes home most of the sales of this keyword.
Able to sell it for 2-2
3 times the price of your purchase: we need to do some research to find out this, but the price is not all low end, so, if you can find a product that costs $7-15, you can make a lot of money here.
Can't see the "power seller": I can't see anything, but I do see a brand that dominates the market.
We may need to dig deeper to see if this product is worth pursuing.
Low level of competition: reviews are from 2 to 1,308 so the level of competition is high.
But considering that only two products from the same manufacturer have more than 300 reviews.
As you can see, this analysis is not black or white and doesn't look at all like the "perfect scene" we put forward above ".
Now, what I would do in this case is to find more products and see how they look, instead of logging off the product right away, so, compared to my other options, I will tend to products that look better.
The reason I like this product is that there are not many players here, if we add up all the sales figures there, the total sales per month is a big number, we want $350. per-month niche.
How cool is this?
Also, you have to pay a lot for the FBA fee, but the price is not very low, so if you can find a good product for $8-10, you can make some money here.
If you can occupy 10% of the market and get a net profit of 30%, you can easily deposit about $10 k a month with a product.
Depending on the level of competition, it takes quite a bit of marketing money to reach the same amount of reviews (I'll show you how to do this in the next section), but based on everything I say, it seems worth it.
Now, please, do not make this product . . . . . . I'm telling you not to do this product because it's possible that dozens or even hundreds of others reading the same page will have the same idea.
I just use this example to show you how the machinery works.
Now we are ready to show you how to generate ideas for your product. Got it?
Brainstorm for your next product.
If you start from scratch, finding a product that can be sold can be a challenge.
That's why I have some advice for you.
One of the main things you can do is start listing your daily activities: What is the first thing you do after waking up?
What happens next? And then what?
Wait until you get fired.
Once you 've listed all your activities, think about what you need to perform them.
For example, if you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is go to the gym and what items are you using there?
It's a very simple way, but it works like a gangster. Go try it. Make your list!
Another way you can choose is to start thinking about the problems you face every day and see if you can buy something that solves the problem.
Of course, the problem you are facing may not be the problem for everyone and their brothers, but it is a good way to build a list.
The third way is to list your hobbies and what they need.
Again, we need to verify these ideas, but that's what you do.
The fourth way is to go to the best seller list on Amazon, in-depth research.
The best seller link on Amazon is as follows: the last method takes a long process, but if all the other methods fail, that's your next best option.
You can see it in the picture.
9. best sellers are just one of the options you have, and you can also go through "hot new versions", "promoters and spoilers", "What most people want," and "ideas for gifts.
"I'm sure you will eventually find something using either of these methods (or all. Fig. 9.
Once you have your list, the next thing you need to do is narrow the list down to 5-
10 products you want to sell on Amazon.
Then run one-
Click on or analyze the spreadsheet to find one or two winners.
If you have more than one product idea, choose products that are less competitive and cheaper.
More about this in sec.
Before I continue to help you decide which product to start with, I would like to give you another resource.
This is about Keywords. for Amazon, keywords are very important.
The reason is: people use natural language to look for what they want, and if we want to sell something, our product should show up when they type these keywords.
So, in order to discover your keywords, I have several ways to do it: Manual: basically, you go to Amazon and start typing your main keywords in the search bar, amazon will show you some suggestions.
Something like this: Figure10.
Another best practice to search for advice on Amazon is to see what other sellers have in the product description, in this case like "aerosol", "multi-purpose", "dry chemicals", and so on.
The idea here is to find keywords related to your product, as these are the ways that potential customers will find you and we will use this information later.
Automation: There are several web apps that can help you easier than finding keywords manually: there is a free version and a paid version.
In the free version, you can do three searches a day, and in the paid version, you can do unlimited searches.
MerchantWords allegedly measures Amazon's traffic, and although I'm not sure about its accuracy, it can point you in the right direction or give you more keyword ideas.
AMZtracker: This web app works great and it gives you good keyword advice.
They also estimate the search volume based on Google search instead of Amazon search.
There are a few more, but they may not be worth the price or may be the same as the two mentioned above.
Find the product you have to sell, OK, we are here and we are about to decide which product we will sell on Amazon.
If you are just reading and not taking action, I suggest you stop here and keep up with everything we have experienced so far.
List your activities, hobbies, questions, etc. , and find 5-
10 potential products, then come here again.
Keep in mind that the reason you read this is not pure entertainment, but actually 6 digits a year.
Now, if you have been working with me while reading this guide, let's continue.
Let me bring up a few scenarios and tell you what I would do if there were any.
Here we will fill out a spreadsheet similar to the one I showed you at the beginning of this chapter.
However, we will use the main keyword (the keyword with the highest search volume) instead of the product taking data from the three first products listed on the first page and inserting it into the spreadsheet range, instead of the given value.
For the sake of simplicity, let's say that we have 3 products listed in Table 2 (keep in mind that you should have 5-10), and also consider some of the numbers I have listed, so don't build your decision on this table. Table 2.
Anyway, if your spreadsheet looks like this, your best bet should be "bungee jump line" because: it has a good monthly revenue (remember, you can add up all the estimated sales from the results page of The Jungle Scout, get this number) the product is light weight, and from all my product ideas, the number of small reviews is the lowest.
Can't see the power seller, I can sell at 3 times or more purchase price.
That's what you did.
Man, we're coming soon so stay with me until the end and I promise it's worth it.
Chapter 3: easy product development outsourcing: Dirty-Cheap But Hard-
The outsourcing staff do heavy work.
Product development can be tricky.
I mean, now you know what products to sell, but you really don't know what to sell.
One of the biggest novice mistakes
The seller offers exactly the same product as the one already sold on Amazon, what you want to call it: laziness, lack of common sense, but, if you really want to have a 6-figure-per-year business.
You have to create a product that is better or at least different from the one already offered.
Ask yourself: why are potential customers following you?
They can find exactly the same thing from another seller who successfully sold for months or even years. Get it?
So how do we develop unique or differentiated products that people want to buy? Don’t worry;
It's actually simpler than it sounds, and in this chapter I'm going to talk about this and show you the process stepsby-
Step, and provide you with the tools to completely outsource this part of the process.
What makes people shop on Amazon?
Some people say that the copy on the page;
Others say it's a photo, but you and I know it's a comment.
You can find some good product examples, the pictures are good and there is no copy at all, but the reviews sold like hot cakes are great.
Don't get me wrong, good copies and good pictures help a lot with your conversion, but what really makes people buy on Amazon is the social proof that your product is a real deal.
The good news is that reviews are useful not only for buyers to make better purchase decisions, but also for US sellers to make better product development decisions.
By reading the reviews, you can immediately find out what your prospects really want and give them the exact answer.
In the past, blue-chip companies had the highest research costs;
They use surveys, ethnic logs and other expensive methods to extract information from consumers.
But for now, all you have to do is go to Amazon and read the reviews and see!
Product development process: Complete-For-
You guide (for your outer source C ).
As I said before, product development can be tricky and time --
So is consumption.
Imagine that it takes a few hours to read 500 reviews, not to mention the time it takes to analyze and sort out your findings.
Luckily I have a really cool solution called outsourcing.
I prepared a complete one.
You can hand it over to your external source so he/she can handle the heavy work and save you a lot of time.
I shared this with my core circle of mentoring students.
Of course, for your first product, you can try the process, in fact, I suggest you do it yourself for the first time, even if you need a few hours, because you will understand the process, know what you want your outer source to do.
In short, what we're going to do here is what I call a "SIWI" analysis that represents the strengths, improvements, weaknesses, and ideas of the copy.
If it sounds like a SWOT analysis of strategic planning, it is because it is almost the same, but it has a small twist to meet our purpose.
The process is unfolding step by step. by-
But you basically just need to read the comments from the top three major competitors.
Then you copy and paste (which is very important) the phrases, lines, and even the full paragraphs of these comments.
The reason why we copy and paste reviews is simple because we want to capture the language of our customers, understand their problems and frustrations, and when we talk to them in their language, our potential customers will feel like we really understand them.
Hope it makes sense.
This is really the secret of the best copywriting in the world;
You talk to your target audience in their language.
I mean, you can throw one or two "power words" like "a big increase . . . . . . " Or "soaring your . . . . . . ", But the language you use is what customers buy.
But we will discuss this further later.
The basic idea of SIWI analysis is that you understand what your potential customers like about the products currently offered, what they hate, and how to improve them.
So with these feature lists you can talk to your supplier and ask for a quote to create your "perfect product ".
"I promise, it's OK to find an external source to do this process yourself once, and you won't die!
But it's really annoying to do it over and over again.
I can tell you from experience as I have repeated this process at least 10 times.
It's worth it, but once you know how things are going and your business is growing, you can allocate time to more profitable tasks.
So, it's always good to remember that we create a system here, which will free up our time.
This is not to say that you are going to find a job as a new general manager of the company, no, I want to tell you how to free yourself from your business as soon as possible.
The best way to do this is to use technology and hire employees. Having a 5-figure-a-
Your own business for a year is 100% possible, but 6-figure or a 7-
If you try to do it yourself, the digital business is not.
If you want to be 6-
You need someone else who works for you.
So, we're going to start hiring cheap labor to do some annoying and boring little tasks, and then you can hire more senior staff for your business when you feel the timing is right. All right?
The first question you might have about outsourcing is, "where can I find those cheap hard-
Personal work?
"The answer is that you have two options (as far as I know ). . . . . . Option 1: upwork (one thing I like about this site is that you only pay for the verified hours you work.
They have a cool software program that allows you to see the keyboard and mouse activity of your employees, as well as feedback, as well as the records and screenshots of their computers, to make them more responsible.
You don't have to pay anything, but the employee paid 10% in order to get the contract.
Option 2: Philippines online work option 2 is my favorite because it is a website that directly connects you to outside source of the Philippines where you can find an affordable price, about $2 to $5 per hour.
The only downside is that they don't have the software that your employees are responsible for, but this can be solved.
All you need to do is post a job, find some candidates, pick one and start the job.
The whole process is a little more complicated than that, but in short, that's how it works.
In the next page, I'll give you some ideas on how to get the most out of source when hiring.
Hire, control and pay for your outsourcing.
Whether you're using Upwork in the Philippines or working online, the first thing you need to do to hire out source C is to post a job that looks like this: we are looking for a virtual assistant to help us with our online research project.
The ideal candidate will be a computer expert with a keen eye for detail.
The company will rely on you to provide accurate and updated data that can be easily accessed through shared files.
Duties: convert the data on the online website to a spreadsheet or other word
There is no document supdate existing dataSort mistoakesverify data for processing the format create file. its source and post-collation data requirements: Experience is a word processing tool and Electronic Data Sheet (MS Office word, excel, etc. ) for virtual assistantExcellent knowledge.
) Good verbal and written skills in English, as well as customer service skills. Highly focused on a high school degree or equivalent, choose your favorite platform, post a job and wait for the applicant.
I recommend hiring people you think are the best, instead of continuing to recruit based on their CV, instead giving them a small task to see how they do it, and if you like their job, then hire them for a month or two.
Once they gain your trust, you can assign more responsibility and tasks.
Right between you and me, even if these prices look dirty
Cheap, they will thank you very much for hiring them.
If you pay by hour, you want to make sure that your external source is not watching YouTube videos at your paid time, right?
Upwork has been established-
In the software that helps you check
Daily activities in your outsourcer.
But if you want to work online in the Philippines, there is a very clever solution called time doctor.
It will tell you when your staff will work for you and shoot their screens.
Only $9 in the paid version.
It will also give you some very useful reports.
It also has a free version with limited functionality.
But believe me, you can't afford the outer source without this.
There is a very cool way to pay in the Philippines called "EasyPay ".
"They don't charge you or your workers anything and it will take a week for the first installation.
Just know that it only works in the US and Canada, your outer source needs to live in the Philippines.
In any other case, PayPal is the way to pay out of source.
PayPal is safe and gives you some peace of mind that you won't be cheated.
Depending on the duration of your project and contract, you can decide to pay daily or weekly.
I think every week is the best choice.
You will pay as soon as they finish the work and you will have a loyal worker waiting for his weekly salary.
Should you give your extra sourc a raise?
You can't stop this from happening, so I 'd like to give you a hint on how to handle it.
When to approve a raise and how much should be raised are challenging questions to answer.
Remember that the cost of living in the Philippines is much lower than in the United States.
To give you an idea, engineers and professors earn $300-$400 a month for 40 hours a week.
So, plan to pay them a little less than they ask for, even if it makes you feel a little mean, that's why: thirteen
In the Philippines, there is a law that requires employers to pay an additional one-month salary one year after an employee joins the organization.
You will pay to your Philippine Veterans Administration on December.
If your VA is not with you for a full year once it starts in December, you will pay it pro rata within 13 months.
So, in addition to the salary, you agree that you will need to pay this amount to your external source.
When it comes to a raise, the best practice is that you can get a raise after the "trial period", usually 30-90 days.
But hey, you don't need to give them a raise after that time; it’s up to you.
One of the best practices I promote myself is to pay based on the results.
I'm not talking about a raise.
I'm talking about performance bonuses, depending on how well they do their job.
Hopefully this will give you some ideas on what to do when your external source asks for a raise.
Let's move on to the next topic if you're ready.
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All you need to do is click here to apply and see if we fit. NEXT ⇢ ul. dashed {list-style: none; }ul.
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