how to use a cloth facial mask Discover the Steps on The best ways to Draw the Eyes

The eyes are one of the most interesting and amazing parts of the human body.The eyes show the feeling that people are trying to hide.Most people look into someone's eyes to see if he/she is honest.
In fact, many of us see through our eyes whether a person is unhappy or completely happy.When it comes to drawing human eyes, it is crucial to capture the special feeling of your subject to make it look real.The trick is to learn the steps of how to attract your eyes, which can reveal the real feelings of your subject.
It may take a lot of stamina for you to make your painting as realistic as possible.By researching the techniques that are the best way to draw your eyes, let the emotions show through your paintings.Let's start by having all the drawing tools ready.
Put your pencil and your drawing paper/sketchbook at hand and then we can start drawing our eyes.The first step in drawing an eye is to study the subject's eyes.Look at the features, shapes of the eyes and observe the mood of the subject in order to capture it into your sketch.
Next, after getting the shape and emotion of the eye, create a facial outline of the eye in it on your sketch board.Simply outline the eyes by drawing two oval or round eyes, and according to your subject's eyes, go all the way through the upper center of the face with a space (nose) in the middle ).Just after you draw the structure of the eye, create 3 light contour circles in the shape of the eye to emphasize the eye.
Don't forget to include a small triangular tear tube on the inner edge of your eyes.Then, draw the eyebrows at the top of the contour eye shape.You can use a stroke when drawing an eyebrow until the eyebrows are thicker relative to your theme.
At this point you can start coloring the pupil, inner circle.To make it look realistic, shade it as dark as possible.After doing so, the eyelids and nearby areas will be slightly covered.
When you finish coloring important parts of your eyes, start painting eyelashes, which requires coloring.Lashes are not necessarily the same, in order to be able to come up with a really nice looking eye, please keep an eye on the subject and draw lashes based on the curve and thickness of the lashes.Considering that the eyelashes on the upper eyelid tend to be longer and thicker, although the eyelashes on the lower eyelid tend to be shorter and thinner.
Finally, make a final touch on your drawing by merging the details, which will highlight the characters related to the theme.After finishing the final touch, remove the unwanted marks and contours.The important technique to make your eyes look real is to understand the details of your subject by observing and drawing.
It's a bit challenging to draw eyes because each of us has a unique pair of eyes.Emotions can also affect your painting.That's why you have to be keen on every detail you can see in the process of drawing your eyes.Painting requires a lot of training in order to get real results.
Therefore, please bring a spare pencil and sketch book with you for more training.The method of studying how to draw an eye will help your painting training.Enjoy painting.Want to make more progress, learn how to attract attention and so on?.
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