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Painting ears is one of the difficulties in painting human parts.The ears have unique styles and forms, some of which are long and some of which are small.Remember that like most body parts, it is necessary to always be passionate about details to draw realistic ears.
Most have different sizes and shapes for the ears, so pay special attention to the ears of your subjects.Mastering the basics of simple methods to draw ears gives you an advantage in this challenge.In the beginning, you may find it difficult to draw a pair of ears that can produce more realistic effects.
While with more practice and familiarity with the technique of how to draw your ears, you will soon be able to have realistic ears.Improve your skills in painting your ears with short hair models.Contrary to drawing a theme with long hair, if you start the process of painting ears with a person with short hair, the process may be wise, in which the subject's ears are much more obvious.
Although there are some artists who just cover their ears with their hair when their theme has a long hair.Draw a half firstHeart shape of the left and right part of the face.This will serve as the outer leaf of the ear.
The bottom of the ear must be consistent with the bottom of the nose, and the top of the ear is consistent with the eyebrows.The part where the ear is attached to the head must be consistent with the eye.The actual width of the ear is actually half its length.
There you can see the outline of the ear.
Now let's go to the inner edge of our ears.Draw the outline form of the outer edge of the ear and point out its different curves.You need to take into account the different sizes and shapes of the ears.
So be careful when painting your ears.
As long as you are sharp in detail, you will live like a group of ears.Continue to draw more detailed parts of the ear.Write down the different curves and lines that are happening inside the ear.
Create an outline of these details and you can notice the difference when you finally reach the coloring step.After that, you can now start using shading and highlighting.The hole in the ear acts as the channel of the eardrum, and you can shade it darker according to your own needs.
Then, don't overrender to make it look realistic.The key points to think about when drawing an ear remember to highlight and mask the necessary parts of the ear to highlight its lifelike appearance.Highlight and shadow can have a big impact on your ear drawing, so you have to work hard on the parts that should be shaded and highlighted.
Remember that ears are made up of three important parts.These are the outer leaves, inner leaves and holes that cause the eardrum.Keep this in mind and you will be guided accordingly when you make a realistic ear.
Take some time to draw your ears so you don't miss any details that will help you create a pair of ear life.Stay focused and passionate on your journey to learn how to attract your ears!Want to make more progress and learn more about painting?
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