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Cold sore may occur due to type I herpes virus.These viruses are highly contagious and will remain in the body for life once infected.The virus enters through the mouth and then attacks the nerve tissue.
From the nerve tissue, they travel through the nervous system to the central nervous system.In the center, the virus is dormant in the body, and the virus is activated in the body when favorable conditions appear.The presence of blisters can be observed by slight iterations of the lips or face, by trying to grow under the skin to push and gently push the protruding of pores.
The blisters will last about three weeks.
After this time, the blisters will enter the dormant period again.The process continues.With the help of home therapy and professional therapy, you can eliminate cold sore in many ways.However, before you get rid of it, you have to determine the blisters, and you have to determine if there is a cold sore.
Because many people confuse cold sore with sore mouth.Cold sore blisters are red, and the Pussy is a small white bacterial infection in the mouth.The next step to getting rid of the virus is to identify blisters and avoid causing the virus.
The cause of blisters rupture varies from person to person.Blisters can occur due to health problems such as stress, anxiety, salty and acidic food, pregnancy or menstruation, excessive exposure to extreme weather and cold or flue.In order to avoid the spread of blisters, you must clean the lip sore.
Clean the blisters and their surrounding areas using hot water and soapy water and a clean rag.Avoiding friction during cleaning can lead to further irritation and infection.Avoid skin infection, avoid contact with cold sore.
After cleaning the lid, cold pain with Vaseline-based cream.These nurseries help cure colds and sore by closing herpes virus.This will reduce infection and irritation.
For this, you can use a pain relief cream like new spalin.Eating a healthy diet properly can reduce any infection, and herpes infection can also be cured.To reduce infections, include notorious healthy food as much as possible.
Proper eating and exercise and adequate sleep are also necessary.Therefore, you must supplement your diet with vitamins, antioxidants, nutrition, exercise and sleep.All of these therapies will help reduce infection, but if cold sore lasts for more than two weeks in the case of some home treatments, then one must seek medical advice.
Physicists may prescribe pills to treat blisters and reduce pain and irritation.Muna wa Wanjiru has been studying and reporting cold sore for many years
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