how to use a cloth facial mask How to Draw a Piece of Cloth with Folds

In clothing magazines or humble shops, you will see a lot of clothes in different styles.You must have a question about how to make these folds or the right way to draw them on the fabric.Comic artists and other artists who like to paint humans with clothes or fashion designers must have masters who draw all the folds.
To get beautiful folds on clothes, you need to master and practice.How are these folds made?These folds are the result of the stretching of the fabric.When you draw folds on clothes, consider the direction in which the fabric is stretched or pulled in.
When you know the movement of the fabric you want, everything will be in place quickly and easily.It is also important to remember the graphic shapes under the fabric.Here are some steps on how to draw folds on cloth.
There are very few basic types of folds you must first know.In fact, there are folds that flow down and are pulled down by gravity.These folds are usually hung loosely on long shirts or cloaks that you can observe.
There is folding, not only pulling, but also extending to the left.The more it is stretched, the more level it becomes.Nested several folds between each other;These folds are done in joints such as arms.
There are folds in different directions, these are complex folds.Usually use simple and common folds like large folds.How to draw big creases?The first thing you have to do is draw a line with the mountain;These mountains will soon become folds.
Then draw a line with Hills under the first one.Then, draw a straight line from the top of the mountain to the valley, and you are finished.The coverage area is then removed.Folding X and Y is also common.These folds are used on chest folds or trousers, and also for folds at the end of the trousers.
How will you draw a towel on the chair or on the curtains?The folds on these usually pull down to the right.The application of shadows and the mastery of shadows are essential for these folds.Shadows will provide more structure for the theme.
You have to color in an area or on a folding line where you can cast shadows.It can help you if you see the actual folds so you know where you can do the shadows.How would you draw folds like bows or sleeves?These folds are somewhat complex because they overlap and nest each other.
You will see the area where it is tied on the tie, and the cloth is gathered together.It takes a lot of detail to draw this.Usually, there is a shadow around the folds of the cloth.The thickness of the cloth must also be considered.
These are usually some examples of the fabric you draw with folds.It's hard to do this in the first place, but with a lot of practice you will definitely perfect these folds.In addition, it is also important to observe the actual folds so that you can learn how to manipulate them while drawing them.
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