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The picture View is an image of an object, and whenever you look at it with your eyes, it looks as accurate as it is.Painting perspective painting is definitely an art, the approximate visual representation of the image is located on a plane like paper.Parallel and angular perspectives are the most common perspectives we all know.
A graphic picture of the landscape that creates the perfect masterpiece with trees, clouds, birds and humans is an illustration of the perspective painting.Perspective graphics are more unique than other style graphic objects.Use the base of the angle projection (30 ° x 60 ° or 45 ° x 45 °) to draw a graphical view of other angles such as the angle, while the perspective view has the principle of a little perspective, or use a dedicated point or point to generate a view.
This drawing depends on a combination of parallel and angular representation or perspective.Unless these perspective painting classes are mastered, it is impossible to draw a clear picture with the principle of drawing perspective.Parallel perspective is a perspective view where an object seems to be facing you.
Instead, an angle or tilt is a view that rotates an angle from a parallel view.Both techniques are helpful on pictures, although they look very different from each other.Skilled artists are good at giving life and color to every object they draw when a non-art-Lovers draw such a good pictureThe only difference between the two is the experience of drawing objects on a drawing perspective view.
Talent and skills will be useless unless this principle is understood and practiced, and if it is not a failure, the rendered image will always be poor.Scaling reduction in a single view perspective is a term used to describe the way objects are resized to get a good scale.This principle plays a big role in drawing models that form boxes like shapes or volumes.
On the other hand, the shortening used to draw several objects is called perspective.The term is more suitable for use in painting than for shortening.An object picture of a place must be drawn correctly.
In addition, the shrinkage should be completed relative to the size and position of another object.The size of one should be proportional to the other.It depends in particular on the position of each object located on the plane of your picture.
For example, balls that are exactly the same size but different from the audience will have different sizes on your drawing.A closer one basically looks bigger than the one farther away from the audience.The view direction picture perspective is viewed in the selected direction or from the selected point or point, because the observer real will see that this is where the vanishing line is drawn.
Of all the sketches made by any perspective view, the drawing sketch is clearer than the sketch on the front, top and side.Of all picture views, the most popular one-point view and two-point view are illustrated on the right.Another picture perspective involving vanishing points is a three-point perspective.
Four-Points and so on are also possible, but they are all hard enough that one should give it a lot of time to practice.Building detailed illustrations includes the best choice for viewing the direction or the height of the eye relative to the object.A positive projection image of the observed light parallel to the eye or the observed image is considered to be the simplest and most pleasing image compared to other drawing views.
Drawing a composition of a landscape or object on a plane requires not only good talent and skills, but also knowledge and experience.The picture perspective may be crucial for beginners and not so simple for intermediates, but I believe it is much easier when you are already an expert.So never give up.Because practice is perfect, study the principle of it.
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