how to use a cloth facial mask Learn the Basic Steps Regarding How to Draw the Mouth

The mouth is considered the most important part of the human body.This is where food digestion begins and where dialogue begins.Draw a mouth, taking into account the actual reflection of your subject, as the mouth has a direct effect on facial expressions.
When we laugh, our mouths open, and this happens when we are angry.This may therefore be a realistic challenge.We will then start again to learn the simple steps of how to draw the mouth.
It will lead you to make lifelike mouth paintings.Get your drawing tools and supplies ready and then we start to learn how to draw the mouth.Keen observation is the key to drawing the mouth.
Look at the size and pattern of your subject's mouth to get a real mouth.When you have completed a good observation of the subject's mouth, you can now start drawing the horizontal line of where the mouth should be.At this point, a line is created in the middle of the horizontal line.
Next, draw a slash on the left and right sides of the exact position where the horizontal and straight lines meet.Make sure that the angle dimensions of the inclined lines are equal on both sides to maintain the oral ratio.Draw another angle line on the vertical line, consistent with the first angle you draw on the left and right.
To connect the angle of the bottom and top, make a line of light.Next, draw another angle from the horizontal line (the size of this particular angle is determined by the size of your main mouth) towards the tip of the bottom angle (equal on the left and right sides ).At this point, draw a sloping line at the tip of the top corner on both sides, moving to the top of the previous angle without touching it.
Now this looks like the outline of the upper lip.Just after drawing the upper lip, let's start the process of drawing the lower lip, and draw another horizontal line below the center of the first horizontal line you draw.The size of this line can be consistent with the tip of the first angle of your upper lip, just a little longer.
Because the space between your first horizontal line gives it more space than the measurement of your upper lip, because in general, the lower lip is actually thicker than the upper lip (still depending on the size of your subject's lips ).After completion, create two slash lines at both ends of the second horizontal line that are almost in contact with the first horizontal line.After that, go back to the upper lip sketch and then create a slash on the left and right sides of the angle tip that completely intersect the first horizontal line.
After doing this, draw another slash at the tip of the line you just drew, similar to the capital letter "T ".All you have at this moment is the outline of your mouth.Now you can start adding shapes to it to make it look natural.
Add the required details to get results like life.Then start coloring the upper and lower lips.Use an eraser to eliminate traces that are not needed when cleaning up the drawing.
Keep in mind that almost every topic has different forms and mouth features.The secret to drawing the mouth is usually an observation of the basic details, which may help you to come up with a scale and realistic drawing.You can use it as an ongoing guide to how you reveal how to draw your mouth.
It is a great journey to always keep your painting journey.Want to have fun again and learn how to draw more mouth sand?
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