how to use a cloth facial mask Learning the best way to draw a nose

Is it difficult to draw human parts?Well, a lot of artists have such obstacles, so don't think you might be alone.One of the most challenging features of our body is the nose.Making it look realistic is one of the obstacles to drawing the nose.
However, this process gives you the opportunity to enhance your understanding of light and shadow with your smooth shadow skills.To guide you in drawing your nose, we will discuss ways to make sure the nose looks real.So why don't we start to master the best way to draw the nose.
First of all, we need to start what we need to draw our noses.So you can either use a graphite pencil or a crayon or charcoal.You also have to get tortillas or stumps.You may need a white vinyl eraser and a knead eraser.
Obtain a practical matte fixer, along with an available sketchbook or drawing.Last but not least, the dimension needs a grid ruler.The first step to complete is to draw a half.
Under it, a neck is formed with two lines.Two lines. two lines.Thirty times the width of the half-widest partThe circle you drawFind the exact middle part of the semi-finalCircle up and down with a ruler.Now, on the way to the top to draw the nose, create a line of light from the bottom.
This may become the line that falls in the middle of the eye.After sketching the nose, create another halfHowever, this point makes sure it is small compared to the last point, and then it has to point down.Draw this from the bottom of the light you draw, this should end to the tip of the nose.
The next step is to draw the nostrils.
Draw a small circle in the left area at the bottom of the nose.After that, draw a small circle on the right.At this point, we have reached the coloring step.
If you would like your painting to be softer, please use the tortillas or stumps.Highlight the nostrils shadow as smoothly as possible.Using a knead eraser, you can adjust the tone to produce light colors for those areas that should have light colors.
After working on the coloring part using a white vinyl eraser, the over-marking of the drawing can be removed.Make sure the nostrils are recognizable.Handle your shadows with the almost actual tone and form of the subject as much as possible.To be able to draw the outline of the nose, create a deeper line at the top of the first line you draw.
This is a part that will make your nose look more natural, just implement the exact form of your main nose.If you need to add any additional details to your nose, you can do so.Just remember to draw only the dimensions, shapes and details you find.
When drawing your nostrils, you just need to draw exactly what you see and don't create anything more visible unless it is actually clearly visible from your own reference point.In order to create a real nose diagram, you must know the technical essence of the best way to draw the nose.Make your nose as real as possible.Just follow the steps discussed and you can figure out how to draw your nose.
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