how to use a cloth facial mask Methods to Draw Old Cars

If you draw, you may always draw something that interests you.Many car lovers like to draw cars, and some of them take the time to know how to draw old cars.An old fashion car has become one of the most enjoyable paintings for its beauty and exaggerated shape and appearance.
While personally it looks complicated, the old car is easy to draw as long as you know the basic geometry.For the first timer, here are some basic steps on how to draw the old car.The first thing you have to do is look at every detail of a classic car, whether it's a photo, a web or a reality.
Pay attention to the main shapes and how they become a whole.After learning the important details of the classic car, now you need your drawing paper and pencil to start your actual painting.It is better to use HB pencil if you draw.
Draw a large rectangle on your paper, and on the right side of it draw another rectangle on the left side of a partial tilt.Then draw a very thin rectangle at the top of the second rectangle that recline the roof.You can create the windshield by drawing the tilted box, or by connecting the left end of the second and third rectangles to create the windshield, when you connect the left end, be sure to form the boxPut a circle at both ends of the first rectangle, and these will serve as wheels.
Then draw an incomplete circle inside the first rectangle to create additional tires.In your first step in drawing the car skeleton, it's time to add some details to it.Add a curve to the roof.Then add a circle to the two wheels and draw an incomplete circle in the spare tire.
To make a running plate and a Fender, you have to add curves to the wheels at the bottom of the car.The third step is to increase the wheel cover.Add two smaller circles to the wheels and spare tires.
To create front grille and roof support columns, use straight lines and curves.The following illustration will show the details of performing these operations.The fourth step is to add the door.To have the shape of the door, use a curve and a straight line, and then draw a small rectangle for the door handle.
To add more detail to the spare tires, you can put four short vertical lines in front.Then, place a flipped L-on the bumper-shaped form.Finally, you will use your shadow trick.At the top of the body, place tiny curves to emphasize the pattern of the upper part.
Then on the bumper, highlight and complete the bumper and trunk with straight lines and curves.To highlight the tyres, running boards, suitcases and side windows, you have to darken the shadows to these areas.Also, if you draw a straight line under the shadow area of the side window, it will emphasize.
These are the basic steps to be able to draw old cars.For the first timer, you can always use the tracking technology;In this way, you will be able to quickly understand every detail of the old car.Of course, you will not do this more than once, and in the second attempt you will do so without tracking.
Through constant practice and learning materials, old cars can be easily drawn.For more tips on drawing old cards, please visit us.Here you will also get a great ebook to learn painting.
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