how to use a cloth facial mask Seven Wonderful Ways to Create Textures in Your Pencil Drawings

Cheap and troublesome-The free colored pencils are unique as they provide not only the look of the painting, but also a very colorful look of the painting.By learning some basic techniques for creating textures using colored pencils, you may be able to implement the drawings you want.Try this exercise to find out your tips for using colored pencils.
You don't need a large box of pens-you can start with anything you have.Here are some techniques that will help you create different textures with colored pencils.The texture of the paper surface paper is indeed the key to your ability to create the texture in a colored pencil sketch.
The more paper you get, the rougher the top.If you have a smooth texture such as drafting a film or scraping a board, please select the hot press paper.As for the appearance of realizing grading, use cold pressed paper because its rough texture provides "hills and valleys", leaving a small flash of white space.
To build texture, Cross and Cross, Cross HatchUse incubation consisting of lines and marks.To achieve this, make a layer of hatching marks and then use cross hatching to check all of them.Hatch at right angles using coarse hatching and fine hatching.
Use similar colors and complementary colors to cover multiple layers for greater depth.The distressing thing about the surface is to adjust the surface of the paper to produce impressive lines.This technique is used to obtain small white lines such as Beard, details in flowers, and so on.
When using this technique, make sure that the instrument you are using does not have sharp points because doing so will tear the surface of the paper.Apply a light color layer and then create impressive lines on the layer you make.Layering a way to make the color layer cover each other by using small round strokes and light pressure.
Use this technique for spot layering and apply color to enhance areas that have been colored.Since you don't have to do continuous layering, you can save drawing time by using point layering.Point drawing a strategy to apply your dots thin or thick in multiple colors depending on the effect you want to achieve.
Sanding this technique simply adds and mixes at the top of the pen of another color, covering all areas of the surface.Polishing is perfect for presenting the same shiny effect as metal.First, use the first brighter color so you don't drag the darker color from the adjacent area.
After that, apply a brighter color on the darker color, repeat the process until the surface is about two-Thirty years old with paintThen, apply great pressure so you can polish or mix the color layers.Check again until the paper is completely soaked with paint.If you really want to learn and become an expert, practice various techniques for creating textures.
You will never know that you may find a branding technique for creating textures that will bring real rendering to your colored pencil drawings.To get good results, keep your pencil sharp and use high quality drawings.Also, don't forget to write down the colors for future reference, always have a good time when drawing!For more articles on seven great techniques for creating textures in pencil strokes, visit us.
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