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How to Use Clay for Skincare (With Recipes) - best facial clay mask for acne

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-26
How to Use Clay for Skincare (With Recipes)  -  best facial clay mask for acne
Mineral clay is an important ingredient in skin care products.
They increase circulation and remove toxins while absorbing oil and dirt on the skin.
Clay also injects valuable minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium into the skin.
: When the mineral clay is in contact with the metal, it loses its validity, so only non-
Metal vessels used when using these clay.
Bentonite is a kind of healing clay.
It is alkaline and detox, which makes it a great ingredient for the weekly mask.
It will absorb any toxins on your skin and release beneficial minerals in the process. 2-
Mix the ingredients until you have the cream paste and apply a thin layer on your face.
Allow drying 10-
After 20 minutes, remove it with a warm wet towel.
If you like to make your own soap, bentonite clay is a useful ingredient for shaving soap because it will bring a good slide to the soap. .
French Green is a good clay for oily skin.
When used with a mask, it has an incredible ability to absorb, known for shrinking pores, but it also removes dead skin cells and toxins to make the skin feel soft and smooth.
It uses French green clay to absorb oil.
This clay is counter. .
Just mix a little of clay and water to form a paste and apply it to the flaws.
Let dry overnight (don't leave a full mask all night-
This is just for on-site treatment ).
Treatment of acne can be done every day.
: Do not use French green clay as a mask on normal to dry skin as it is very dry.
Another clay for oily skin is fuller soil, which is the favorite of acne patients.
It has similar properties to French green clay and can be used in the same way as French green clay, but Fuller's Earth also has skin
Reduce the appearance of sun damage and acne scars.
Also known as Moroccan red clay, Rhassoul is the most moisturizing of all the clay in the list and a great choice for dry skin.
Soap manufacturers prefer this clay because it gives the soap a beautiful color.
It can be used to clean and detoxify skin and hair and to balance with all types of skin and hair --
Greasy, dry, aged or dull.
See the video for instructions.
Clay is a gentle multi-functional clay with very light weight and is ideal for homemade mineral cosmetics.
One of the ingredients in the natural deodorant is kaolum;
Especially those with sensitive skin.
Baking soda is a common ingredient in homemade deodorant, but it can irritate the skin.
Try using Gaoling clay as the main moisture
The proportion of baking soda to absorb ingredients is much smaller.
This is also a great way to clean for any skin type as it can gently remove impurities without peeling off the skin.
2 t powder-like buds (lavender buds, rose petals, Golden calend flowers, Yangju, etc ).
Put the dry ingredients in a sealed plastic bag, shake well and mix.
Add essential oil and shake it again.
Stored in a cool and dry place and used within 6 months.
Tip: different flowers and herbs have different effects on the skin
Some are better for oily, dry or aging skin.
Source: Rose mountain herbs (the article has been removed from their website ).
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