how to use compressed facial mask sheet 100 free natural acne tips for prevention and treatment

how to use compressed facial mask sheet 100 free natural acne tips for prevention and treatment
I have had mild to severe acne all my life.I would like to share the useful information I have found in the free natural prevention and treatment of acne.Here are 100 tips for free prevention and treatment of natural acne.All ideas are free to find items around the house.Let's start the list.Note that tips are not particularly important.1.Change a pillowcase every night.This prevents oil from accumulating on your pillowcase and face.2.) Pure aloe vera in plants can effectively remove acne at any stage.Put only a small amount in the required area.Using a knife or fork, a vibrant gel can be found inside the aloe vera plant.3.Keep hair and hair products away from your face.Another way to prevent face oil.4.) Limit the consumption of milk and dairy products because it can cause acne in some cases.People who drink a lot of milk should drink half of the normal consumption.5.) Sleeping on your back can further prevent oil on your face.Changing sheets and pillowcases is also a good choice.6.) Keep your hands away from your face and/or wash your hands frequently.7.) Wash your face and shower immediately after any exercise.Even with mild to moderate activity, you should keep cleaning yourself.8.) Women can limit the amount of makeup.Some makeup can cause acne or other facial problems.Women don't wear makeup when they sleep.Lipstick is also known to cause acne.9.) The hat can increase the chances of acne on the forehead and face.The general spread of oil through people sharing hats.10.) Smoking is related to acne and outbreaks.If cancer is not a reason to quit smoking.11.) Vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium are important nutrients to prevent and combat acne.Vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium are antioxidants.12.) Some people with acne try acupuncture to strengthen the liver and reduce inflammation.13.) Do not squeeze or stimulate pimples.Be patient because inflammation will disappear.Excessive stimulation can cause scars or more acne due to the spread of oil.14.) Wash your face between 2-3 times a day is the correct amount.15.) Replenish yourself by drinking about 8-10 glasses of water a day.The weather may be hotter.16.Foods with high carbohydrate content increase acne by half.This is not to say that carbohydrates should be completely eliminated.17.) I used to apply toothpaste on pimples.Do not use gel toothpaste.Leave the toothpaste on the pimples until you don't feel the sting anymore.Using toothpaste too often can cause irritation.In addition, the person who placed it for a long time may burn the flaw.18.Most people limit the amount of refined sugar and oily food to prevent further emergencies.Some people think that oily food and sweets do not cause acne.This assumption is wrong.19.Egyptians use wet strawberry leaves to improve their skin color.20.Eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds can provide enough nutrients, minerals and vitamins for your body to prevent/treat acne.21.) Reduce stress by avoiding a stressful environment.Some stressful situations are inevitable, in which you can use other methods to prevent acne.22.) People who drink coffee and soda should drink less caffeine to prevent or reduce blemishes.23.) High levels of hormones in red meat are associated with acne.Eating red meat in moderation does not increase the growth of acne.24.) Compressed lavender and lavender oil can be applied directly and effectively in the areas of imperfections or trouble.25.Eating lamb, turkey, oysters, sardines, crabs, shrimp, apper fish, cod, big hali fish, tuna and salmon can effectively prevent acne.All these foods contain selenium.26.) Replace all bad oils with healthy oils such as extra virgin olive oil.27.) Drinking green tea may be positive for the skin due to antioxidants.28.Understand that natural hormones cause stress.By reducing stress, anyone can reduce minor flaws or emergencies.Solve or find other ways to reduce stress.It is not acceptable to eat greasy, greasy or sweet food to make up for acne.29.) Do not pinch or scratch your skin with your nails.This can lead to minor bleeding and bruises.This can extend the length of acne.30.) Dandruff may also be related to acne.Acne can be indirectly reduced by using a special shampoo for dandruff removal.The head and shoulders are a good example.31.) People with insufficient exercise are also more likely to have acne or acne.Even 2-Walking or running 3 light to moderate workouts a week is positive for fighting acne.32.) For sensitive skin with minor imperfections, you can apply the honey mask twice a week.It feels gentle on the skin.The app doesn't feel too much about flaws or faces like the toothpaste app.33.) Chromium supplements can be called to prevent rupture and treat flaws.Chromium is a component of some weight loss supplements.34.Another positive vegetable is carrots that contain vitamin.Nutrients in carrots can prevent acne and repair current imperfections.All varieties of carrots have the effect of fighting and preventing acne.35.) There will also be more acne or acne in people with insufficient sleep.Sleep all night is a great way to prevent acne.36.) I will avoid the surgical treatment of acne for many reasons.There are two main reasons, because it is expensive and will leave permanent scars.37.) Avoid MSG at all costs if you have acne.It may make the recipe for the food taste delicious but bad for your skin.Fast food chains with high MSG content include KFC, McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Arbys.38.) Try to avoid spots with large humidity and prevent cracking.A very dry face is much faster than a wet face to produce acne.39.No towels, dry your face.Towels can deliver acne that causes grease and bacteria to the face.40.) By using the nose strip, you can improve the effect of removing blackheads.41.Tanning can make any skin greasy, thus stimulating the growth of acne.Try to avoid completely tanning.In the production of acne, sunburn is also harmful to the skin.Use proper sunscreen if absolutely necessary.42.) Pay attention to No. 41.Some sunscreen can make the skin greasy.Study your sunscreen to properly fight against the sun and keep it oil-free.43.) It takes two months for acne to heal completely.Be patient and don't incite flaws in any way.During these two months, aloe vera may accelerate to one and a half months.44.Never clean your face with alcohol wipes or wipes.This can make your skin greasy, making it easy to increase damage and blemishes.45.Tea tree oil is said to help to repair the skin is not good.This should be used as a prompt for treatment rather than prevention.46.People wearing glasses or sunglasses should be cleaned frequently to prevent the spread of oil.47.) Seeing a dermatologist regularly can also reduce your flaws.Who can prescribe better than a dermatologist?48.) In order to eliminate the bad bacteria in the body, please take probiotics and probiotics.They will help to cultivate good bacteria.Acne is made up of bad bacteria absorbed in the body.The goal of eliminating harmful bacteria.49.) A mixture of two tea bags applied with cotton balls with basil leaves has proved to be an effective natural acne therapy.This works for some people, while others don't.It is worth a try because this mixture does not irritate the skin.It's also free, natural.50.) If a person has a bad acne gene, he should admit it.If this is the case, they should take further precautions against an emergency.51.) The following fruits are effective in preventing and treating acne: apple, apricot, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, cantaloupe, fig, grape, mango, orange, peach, pineapple, pumpkin watermelon.All essential vitamins and nutrients required for healthy skin.52.) The following tips are for women.Understanding that starting and stopping birth control can change acne patterns.Knowledge is a good step to prevent acne.Some women also believe that the use of contraception can reduce or prevent further acne.53.Milk and cheese can cause acne in the back.Some people suffer more than others.You can prevent and fight it by keeping good hygiene.54.) Try the natural tomato mask for half an hour.Then wash off with cold water.A natural home acne medication.55.) You can mix honey with lemon juice on your face to kill acne that causes bacteria.56.Oatmeal masks can be used to fight and prevent acne.Cook the oatmeal first and cool it.Then, build a mask around the fault area.57.) Soak lettuce leaves in water and wash acne with water.58.) You can fight acne with equal amounts of lime juice and rose water, similar to the honey mixture.59.Cut a potato into several circles.You can then use these round potato chips to reduce acne scars.60.Lemon juice and protein are known to help with acne scars.Pineapple juice and fragments coated with acne scars also help reduce the appearance of acne scars over time.61.Most importantly, the skin needs water to help repair acne scars.If you have obvious acne scars, drink water and wash your face.62.) Do not try to pop pimples in your nose or ears.It's hard to get all the bacteria to spread in the space of the nose and ears.Spreading usually makes pimples feel worse or infected.Be patient although pimples may be itchy or slightly painful.63.) A natural supplement called Guggul is effective for patients with oily skin and acne.It is also called Commiphora Mukul.For centuries, this resin from the gurgaur tree has been used in natural therapy in India.64.) Acknowledge that there is no reliable and effective way to treat acne-based scrumpus.Good hygiene and active skin care is a good precaution.65.) Expand #8 for women.Another precaution to be taken is not to use oily cosmetics in any case or in rare cases.General cosmetics can clog pores and cause acne.In addition, try to use cosmetics with less oil.65.) In many acne medications, you will have seen that benzenol is a common ingredient.The concentration is generally 2.5,% 5% and 10%.If your skin has a higher tolerance to a lower concentration, increase to 10%.Peroxide can remove dead skin and fight acne bacteria.Check if your acne product contains this ingredient.66.) The thyroid gland is not good, excessive thyroid activity or insufficient activity will lead to increased growth of acne.Follow the proper diet and take appropriate medication for the diagnosed thyroid disease to help fight acne.67.) In a comfortable temperature environment between 60-80 is good for the skin.Overheating temperatures can cause dry or burn on the face.For skin below freezing temperature, it can also be said to be harmful.68.Some people shave carelessly.You can spread bacteria by shaving directly on acne.Some people tend to ignore this prevention tip.In addition, some men accidentally scraped off invisible acne on the neck or side of the face.Everyone should be more careful when shaving in the future.69.) Shea butter can play a powerful role in fighting and preventing acne.Its origin comes from the Karite nut tree, providing the quality of fighting acne in the form of shea butter.70.White willow bark is a good way to get rid of pores and acne.The strong anti-acne component in white willow bark is sa.71.) Sulfur is also used from 1800Block pores and fight pimples that cause bacteria.This is sometimes seen in today's acne products.72.) Try to be more active if you feel depressed.Reducing stress is beneficial for the treatment of acne.73.) A combination of honey, water and crushed aspirin can be used for acne.This solution can fight against bacteria on the surface.It can be applied to small and medium cases but is most effective for severe acne.74.) Wash the fitness equipment after you and others have finished.A large number of acne bacteria can be transferred through sweat.Also, for hygiene and courtesy, we should clean the gym equipment after use.75.Another natural therapy is a combination of water, baking soda and a little sea salt.This can be a acne remover applied directly.76.) Combine several ideas of honey, mango and lemon.A mixture that should be able to fight severe acne when applied directly.This should be washed out in cold water after a few minutes.77.) Reduce the consumption of bananas to prevent emergencies.Eat fruit recommended on the 51 th.78.) Try to replace wheat/grain pasta with potato pasta.In the process, it will be easier for the body to process potatoes and help your skin.79.) Replace blue cheese, ranch, honey mustard or Qiandao sauce with vinegar.All types of vinegar can effectively treat acne in the body.Some types of cream salad dressing may increase the intake of breakfast and calories.80.Physical stress at outdoor temperatures can sometimes lead to acne.Therefore, dress appropriately according to weather conditions.This applies more to cold days.Wet, cold, rain or snow can lead to acne in some people.Understanding the reaction of the skin is a good precaution.81.Cut off the garlic.Then rub the garlic in the trouble.Fresh garlic is known to dry different types of acne.82.Paste made from cumin seeds can effectively combat acne.The solution should be kept for only one hour.83.In addition, nee Rice leaves and water powder can effectively fight acne.84.) You can try to chop the peel into fine pieces instead of rubbing the pimples with orange peel.These fine pieces can be mixed with water and applied directly to acne.Natural remedies are beneficial, whether it is rubbing orange peel or orange solution.85.Avocado paste and water are another known natural drug against acne.86.) Bake your food in the oven instead of fried food.This is a healthier option to reduce acne.Replace butter with olive oil.87.) The combination of cold boiled oatmeal and rose water can effectively fight blackheads.88.Another natural drug is a mixture of tomato sauce and lemon juice.Wash off with cold water after 25 to 30 minutes.Each ingredient is mentioned earlier in the list.89.) Ice cubes do not prevent or treat acne.Ice cubes will only slow down the growth of imperfections.On the other hand, hot water can accelerate the growth of pimples.This is used to try to get a pimple to the head.90.) Enzymes in beets are active natural drugs to prevent and treat acne.91.Fresh mint leaves can be ground into powder and mixed with water.This solution can then be applied to the face.92.Apple cider vinegar, in particular, is a good food for acne treatment.In addition, it helps to detoxify the whole body.Try to drink this or include it in the recipe.93.It turns out that cucumber juice can reduce the size of swelling and blemishes slightly.I mixed the cut cucumber pieces with water and applied them.Wash off the solution after 15 minutes.Leave cucumber juice on your face for up to 20 minutes.94.) Coconut oil is another active natural drug in fighting and preventing acne.95.) Witch hazel with cotton balls is a natural treatment for acne.It is called skin nourishing and cleansing lotion.96.) Contrary to prevention or treatment advice, this is a general recommendation.Don't mix up the acne products you bought from the store.Mixed acne products can cause serious damage to your skin.It can cause scars in some cases.97.Some people use orange peel to rub on the skin for the benefit of acne.98.More sunlight and fresh air can stimulate the growth of vitamin D in the body.Vitamin D contributes to the health of the skin.99.) You can help fight acne by drinking a cup of wheat straw juice every day.100.You can always see a doctor if things get worse.They are trained professionals who want to help you with your problems.In any case, the best treatment for natural acne is to have the skin repaired on its own.The face can quickly repair the inside and outside with patience.Hopefully this list will help you learn something about acne prevention and treatment.
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