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How To Use Wella Color and Developer To Fix Orange Hair - how to distribute skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-01
How To Use Wella Color and Developer To Fix Orange Hair  -  how to distribute skin care products
You can get the perfect silver gray hair without extra toner.
I will show you how I can use Wella color charm color and Wella Developer to create a perfect silver gray hair in a few simple steps.
The silver and gray hair colors are also suitable for most eye colors and skin tones, unlike some golden shades that make the pale skin look more pale than usual.
Using these special Wella hair products, I have successfully made several lovely gray hair at home.
There are several reasons to have silver or gray hair that could be a lifesaver.
If any of the following hair problems sound familiar, then it would be nice to know this next time you bleach your hair.
As shown in the photo above, the two colors I use here are also great for creating amazing highlights and shimmers.
Making gray hair is necessary, but you will most likely like it once you see that your hair is in this color.
If you are on your way to blonde hair, but your natural hair color is dark brown or black, you may realize how orange your hair will become if you use a dribble powder.
When a person has orange hair, you have no choice but to wear orange clothes to go to work or school, unless you have a way to cover it without going back to the square and painting it brown.
Most people don't like to go out with bright orange hair, so Gray is a great choice.
By the way, there is also a way to get blonde hair without bleach, which I have already introduced in another article, although this method is more gentle with hair, if your hair is dark at first, the same orange result still applies.
The choice to avoid bleaching powder has become popular, and it may not be a big threat to people who have not faded their hair in the past.
As we all know, some people also have allergic reactions when using bleaching powder, so this problem of itchy scalp can be completely avoided.
Unfortunately, many DIY hair stylists mistakenly thought that a good old box dye could dye their hair gold.
This is not the case!
You cannot use a gold box dye to dye dark hair to gold, even if the front and back color panels on the side of the hair dye may indicate otherwise.
I often have people asking me why their black hair doesn't turn into gold after using the beautiful (in photos) natural gold box hair color, or at least a light brown color.
If the orange color of this box hair dye is your current color, don't panic, we can solve this problem with beautiful smoky gray.
In order for this method to play its magic right, you need to relax a little bit. And P. S.
I do like red hair very much, but it's not because of what's in the box, it's obviously artificial.
If you need to relax a little because your hair is too red, ask a friend for help and start.
If you have already started your journey from light brown or dark golden hair to gold, it is likely that your hair has become light lemon yellow.
Fixing lemon hair can also be problematic, as toner may not be effective enough to tame the yellow color so that you don't feel the traffic sign when you go to work.
It's not always the case, but if you don't have time to apply toner first, or you don't want your hair to go through an extra process, knowing that cute silver or gray hair is the perfect choice, just one more simple step.
Of course, there are some special colors that can be used to make hair in silver or gray, they look lighter and more metallic, however, doing so usually also means from pre-
Light hair of almost white or very, very pale lemon.
So, if that's not the case with your current color, we have a great transition color here and you don't want to bleach any more before your hair breaks.
To get started, see the following short video about the ratio of hair color to developer.
You may already know, but some people are confused about the ratio of 1:2, and the right mix is essential for achieving the best results and keeping the hair healthy.
As mentioned earlier, if you want to get a metallic look on the hair color, there are other colors available for both silver and gray hair.
Let's say you're here because your hair is either bright orange or yellow, then the colors won't work properly at this point.
At some point later, when your hair turns bright to white or lovely light Banana lemon colors, these should be very effective.
In the meantime, here are the colors I used during our discussion.
Volume developer is best suited for this process.
Isn't grandma your white hair?
If you are a little worried about the results of using these colors, you may prefer to use Wella liquid permanent hair color light gray brown 246/5.
If you think it's a little darker than you think, and/or Brown, don't care too much about what it was originally like.
Although it is a permanent color, it does fade after several washes, leaving the previous orange hair, a gorgeous gray medium blonde.
Not fast enough?
Unless your hair is dry and damaged due to over-processing, you can wash it several times with a good old soap.
Be sure to keep it in place after that, as it will leave more dry hair than shampoo.
I also followed up with any brand of child Hair detangler on the towel dry hair after using dish soap.
I use this lightest gray brown Wella 20 volume developer to get the perfect result.
To get the best coverage, you may want to check out the following video showing how to split your hair properly.
This will help distribute the color evenly over the hair. .
Always do a patch test before applying the hair color so you know what time is best for the results you want to achieve.
Be sure to record how long it takes to get the color you like, so when you apply the color to your hair, you can set the timer accordingly.
I found that my hair absorbed these colors very quickly, so as soon as I applied 7AA/632, I could see that my hair had reached the color I wanted in 10 minutes.
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