how to wear a facial mask properly Cell phones dangerous to health?

how to wear a facial mask properly Cell phones dangerous to health?
Recently, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution asking mobile phone retailers to release information about the radiation levels emitted by mobile phone units at the point of sale.This information has been provided in the user manual provided by the manufacturer.But the law requires that information about SAR values (measurements of radiation levels on mobile phones) should be displayed more publicly before consumers buy.Clearly, the response from the mobile phone industry is to raise the constitutional nature of the resolution angrily.It remains to be seen whether the court agrees, but let's see what prompted this legislation.Let's look at a few scientific studies on this issue.
A study by the Cleveland Clinic in 2007 raised some concerns, particularly among the male population, which found that frequent use of mobile phones can lead to male infertility.People who call four or more hours a day are found to have worse sperm quality than those who don't call.The same research team recently published a study that found higher levels of free radicals and lower levels of protective antioxidants in sperm samples exposed to cell phone frequencies, compared with sperm samples not exposed to cell phone radiation.The exposed sperm samples reduced the vitality, function and overall health of the sperm.This is worrying, especially for men who plan to support their families.
The study also shows that the frequency of mobile phones can lead to the development of cataract.Israeli scientists at the Rappaport School of Medicine at Israel Institute of Technology found that,Microwave radiation exposed to the phone for a long time can cause damage to the eye lens.They also found that a part of this injury seems to accumulate over time and does not seem to heal.
Cell phone radiation is also related to eye cancer.The study, conducted by a team at the University of Essen in Germany, studied an eye cancer called grape membrane melanoma, which is formed in layers that make up the iris and substrate of the retina.They examined 118 patients with grape membrane melanoma and got the details of how often they used their phones.They compared this to the information of a group of people who did not have eye cancer.When the results were analyzed, they found that cell phone usage in cancer patients was much higher.

Everyone agrees with its impact on human health.Many experts believe this is similar to the tobacco problem or asbestos problem.Unlike tobacco, however, cell phones stay here.Technology just needs to be improved to ensure the safety of consumers.At the same time, let's use this basic device more wisely.

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