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How Your Hair and Nails Change as You Age - nail and skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-28
How Your Hair and Nails Change as You Age  -  nail and skin care products
Time is passing
There is no more obvious change than we see in aging skin.
However, aging can also affect hair and nails.
In fact, no one is immune to Gray and sparse hair.
Similarly, aging affects nails and toenails, resulting in weak and brittle nails.
You may not be able to reverse these signs of aging, but there are ways to help you keep your hair and nails as healthy and beautiful as possible.
The color of the hair is produced by pigment melanin.
Melanin is present in the follicles of the hair and decreases with age.
The decrease in melanin content will affect the color intensity.
When the follicle stops producing, it also causes the hair to gray.
In rare cases, this happens when teenagers or early 20 s.
In contrast, people in their 60 s and 70 s have very little hair.
For most of us, white hair began to appear on people in their 40 s.
So what can you do to stop or reverse the gray hair?
Absolutely nothing.
Among the practitioners of alternative medicine, there are schools of thought that you can eat certain foods and take supplements to keep white hair.
Unfortunately, there is no scientific research to support these claims.
If you're a curious type, you can do a quick web search that produces millions of drugs to prevent white hair with just a click of the mouse.
Conventional wisdom is either to live with the inevitable, or to cover up annoying white hair with permanent or semi-permanent hair
Permanent Dye, designed to reproduce the original color of the hair.
Please note that white hair is very stubborn.
Over time, they become more resistant to dyes and temporary dye products.
Just as gray hair is already enough to challenge you, you may also notice that your hair is getting thinner and more vulnerable.
In the past, a lot of news about thin hair was directed to men.
Until recently, we didn't know that we women, like male women, are suffering from pattern baldness.
This type of natural hair loss is caused by genetic, hormonal changes and normal aging.
Male Hair lines and bald tops on top of their heads usually fade.
Women tend to be thin on the top and on the top, while the front hair line remains.
Women first notice hair loss starting near the area where the hair is separated.
Although any noticeable hair loss can be an experience of mental weakness, women rarely lose all their hair.
Minoxidyl is the only drug approved by the FDA to treat female baldness.
It is a local medication that is applied directly to the scalp.
Studies have shown that 1 out of 4 to 5 women will regrow their hair and in most women this will significantly slow down or stop hair loss.
There are also regulations for men to treat male baldness.
Finasteride is an oral drug that is more effective than minoxidyl.
Finasteride interferes with specific male hormones associated with hair loss.
That's why men are only prescribed to treat male baldness.
Both Minoxidyl and finasteride need to continue to be used in order to be effective.
If these drug treatments are stopped, hair loss will return to the pre-treatment level.
Surgical and non-surgical
In the case of men and women, hair grafting can be a beneficial solution for sparse hair.
Individual hair follicles were obtained from the back hair line and transplanted to the area of hair loss through surgery.
Hair transplants are usually safe, with a success rate of more than 95%, according to Mayo Clinic data.
Please note that this procedure is very expensive and there is no insurance.
If you do not want to deal with a drug or surgery, you can consider
Hair replacement surgery.
This includes matching the real hair to the color of your hair.
A mold is made from your scalp and a custom wig is made to fit your head.
The wig is connected with a surgical grade adhesive.
You just need to have regular hair cuts and maintenance.
You can take a shower and swim in these custom wigs.
Consider your hairstyle and style as well.
The perfect hairstyle and product can give the illusion that the hair is thicker.
Do your research and find a hair stylist specializing in thin and thin hair.
Looking for someone who has been in the female bald business for many years.
Not every Barber is capable, compassionate or a little worried about the problem of female hair loss.
When you find someone who is knowledgeable and understands your situation, you will be with that person.
If your hair is too thin to style, a wig or wig offers a great choice.
Depending on your budget, you can choose from people or synthetic products.
Human hair is much more expensive, just like your own, and needs to be cleaned and shaped regularly.
Synthetic materials are much more tolerant.
You can clean them and the shape will bounce back without the styling required.
Synthetic wigs have more styles, and the length of hair fibers is much longer than that made of human hair.
Here are a few low-cost ways to treat aging hair from the inside out.
Make sure you are healthy
Have a balanced diet and exercise regularly.
Intake of appropriate nutrients helps to enhance fragile hair and improve shine.
Exercise improves blood flow, which in turn improves the health of the skin and scalp.
You can also look for hair care products that are formulated into thin hair shafts.
If your hair is damaged by over-processing, or brittle due to hormonal changes, look for deep conditioning products that can tame the fork and nourish your hair from the outside.
Just like your hair, nails are made up of collagen.
As they grow older, they are subject to changes in hormones that are prone to thinning and breakage.
Nails are usually as tough as nails.
But as you get older, the moisture and natural oils on the nail bed drop, which causes the nails to weaken, dry, and brittle.
In addition, aging can slow the growth of nails.
Once a week, moisturize and push your nails back to keep them neatly trimmed or filed.
Don't let them too long.
This just requires split and breakage.
Try to avoid nail polish if possible.
Even if you use the nail oil formula, nail polish and northing are very dry.
If you have regular manicure, tell your technician that you would rather have your nails polished like a man's manicure.
Polishing produces a gloss similar to wearing clear nail polish.
Polishing can also stimulate blood flow in the area and make your nail bed happy and healthy.
Soak your nails once a week with extra virgin olive oil or liquid vitamin E.
This home item is cheap and helps moisturize nails and nails.
Before going to bed every night, buy natural skin cream or oil and massage your nails and skin.
Wear gloves when cleaning and doing gardening chores.
Harsh Cleaners and household cleaners can cause serious damage to your nails. Eat a well-balanced diet.
Don't use your nails as a tool.
Drink plenty of water during the day.
Water will give you water. -
Including nails.
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