Hydrogen Peroxide - The Miracle Acne Emergency Solution - hydrogen peroxide in skin care products

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Hydrogen Peroxide - The Miracle Acne Emergency Solution - hydrogen peroxide in skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-10
Hydrogen Peroxide - The Miracle Acne Emergency Solution  -  hydrogen peroxide in skin care products
While I prefer to address the "root cause" of acne and provide a real solution to the acne challenge, sometimes you haven't followed effective anti-acne measures yet
Your acne diet or your hormones are out of control and your skin is damaged as a result.
During that time, please think twice and pay the ransom of the King (or Queen) on expensive local treatments, which may take a few weeks to improve your skin.
To make matters worse, many of these products dry your skin, causing it to be sensitive, redness and lessthan-
Attractive divestiture
At those times, the humble hydrogen peroxide was exposed.
Hydrogen peroxide is a common OTC health product that has been used as a preservative in homes and hospitals for many years.
The 3% solution is both cheap and effective and you may already be next to the rubbing alcohol in the medicine cabinet. The good -no, great -
Components such as phenol, sa acid, sulfur and so on-worst-
Treat acne on the market.
So why does it work?
Hydrogen peroxide clears acne by killing the bacteria that cause acne on the skin and filling pores with oxygen, which helps prevent future environments where acne bacteria cannot survive by cultivating aerobic ("aerobic.
If you kill existing bacteria on your skin and prevent new bacteria from living, you will be successful in eliminating acne problems.
Hydrogen peroxide solution with 10% or more
They are corrosive and can actually burn the skin!
Hydrogen peroxide used in this way is very effective in killing the bacteria that cause inflammation, so that the body can start to heal acne on its own.
Nevertheless, it was used as an emergency measure after the breakout.
Other natural measures, including dietary adjustments, plenty of sunlight (I know-
This is the opposite of what you preach to you over the years), strengthening your immune system can not only cure existing acne, but also prevent future outbreaks.
For more information on natural effective strategies for treating acne, please see my link to my detailed article on this topic below.
Hydrogen peroxide is also a bleaching formula used by many wrong people
Serve beauticians to lighten their hair/become blonde.
Unless the user is already a real blonde, a very unusual orange shade is usually created.
The moral of this lesson is that unless you really like that your hair has orange color, don't use hydrogen peroxide on your hair and eyebrows.
It is important to use high quality hydrogen peroxide on your skin.
The hydrogen peroxide you bought at the pharmacy is of poor quality, so we don't use it on our faces.
Below is a video link to Craig broki, which will show you how to make your own hydrogen peroxide from food grade hydrogen peroxide.
It's very simple and cheap.
Remember my warning for a stronger hydrogen peroxide solution? Good. .
Bonus: you will find hydrogen peroxide for many other uses in your personal care procedures and in your home.
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