i tried 5 wacky diy hair treatments (including eggs on my head) in hopes of achieving blake lively's beautiful tresses - how to make your own homemade facial mask

i tried 5 wacky diy hair treatments (including eggs on my head) in hopes of achieving blake lively\'s beautiful tresses  -  how to make your own homemade facial mask
Full Disclaimer: I'm fascinated by Blake Lively.
Of course, her perfection may be annoying (
Especially when she claims she doesn't exercise every night and doesn't eat chocolate)
But it is undeniable that blonde beauty is always important in the fashion and hair stylist departments --
Kill it on every red carpet she favors.
So naturally, when Mrs. Ryan Reynolds "painted coconut oil on the tip of her hair" before washing her hair, I immediately drove to Joe's shop to buy $8 coconut oil.
49 when I started on a mission to achieve the hair of a former Gossip Girl star.
But in fact, 27-year-
The old beauty owes her sweet lock to the cheap-
Home remedy made me think: what other DIY hair tips should I incorporate into my daily beauty line, inspired by Lively's gorgeous hair, I tried five quirky ways
Family hair care.
It's good, bad and ugly (literally)
My experiment of the week
Experiment 1: Chicken hair treatment should be effective: egg yolks are rich in fat and protein, and are said to be in eggs-
Bacteria in White
Eat enzymes that are used to remove unwanted oils.
This protein can also enhance hair and help rebuild damaged hair while also adding texture and shine to your hair.
How it feels: not as bad as I thought!
Very simple preparation-
Just hit a few eggs with shampoo, conditioner-free (
I used three but it depends on the length of your hair)
Apply the mixture to your head
No further ingredients required!
The eggs felt cold, but considering that I was shaking raw eggs on my head, it didn't feel as disgusting as I thought.
Oh, needless to say, don't touch your hair when you let the mixture play its magic, be sure to wear the old T-
Because the egg yolk will drop down from your end.
I put the egg mixture for 20 minutes and rinse it with cold water (
Seriously, I'm afraid the eggs will cook if the water is hot)
Before washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner.
Result: my hair looks brighter and my body is stronger, but it feels a bit curly.
In the morning, I put some oil on both ends to tame.
Overall, I am happy with the results and this is a cheap and simple deep conditioning/intensive treatment I have tried again.
Experiment 2: beer hair treatment should be effective: because beer is fermented, there is a large amount of yeast in the hoppy drink, which is said to make the hair plump and weak.
In addition to enhancing the whole body, it is also used to help shine, even Catherine Zeta-
Jones is reported to be-
Tips for family Beauty
How it feels: much worse than I thought.
After thinking a lot about which beer I would buy, I was completely too tired to drive to the store, so I walked to CVS across the street and asked me to make a decision between PBR and Coors Light.
Of course, I decided to stay elegant with Coors, but I was completely unprepared for the unpleasant experience that was about to begin.
Although the preparation is very simple-
Simply pour the beer in the glass and let it sit down until it's flat --
The wine was still cold when I poured it on my head.
Before flushing my hair with a drink, I washed my hair with shampoo (no conditioner)
I had the beer for at least two hours. I do not—repeat: do not—
It is recommended to do this before going to bed unless you want to breathe in the smell of beer before going to bed and smell like frat house.
The smell is very strong and there are drops of water everywhere but luckily you just have to leave 3-4 minutes.
The oddest part of this treatment is that you don't have to wash your beer with shampoo, just rinse it with cold water and then use an aromatic conditioner.
Results: I didn't notice much difference the next morning, but I did sleep and the hair was partially wet (
I don't want to blow it dry with beer)
Therefore, this may have an impact on the number of bodies.
The color looks the same, I feel a little tangled-
Kind of like a bed.
I might not try again.
Unless I find myself running out of memory at frat party)
But it did add a buzz to my night.
Experiment 3: Coconut oil treatment should be effective: Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and can be used as a conditioning treatment for moisturizing hair.
By applying oil to the tip of the hair before washing (à la Ms. Lively)
, You basically add a layer of protective layer to your end, while maintaining the gloss, it will also peel off all the grease and severe environment of your roots in the shower.
How it feels: preparation is obviously very easy (
All you need is a can of coconut oil)
, But be sure to apply on the sink as it gets a bit confusing.
I applied this oil generously on my end and the whole process was very fast and simple.
Also, it looks a bit silly, but be sure not to store coconut oil in the fridge --
My roommate did this and I had to wait a day to unfreeze!
Result: I can definitely feel the "coating" of the oil on my hair and feel a little soft --
Even with only one treatment.
This is definitely what I will keep up with as I feel it will be different over time so feel free to get in touch with me on Twitter (@talk_toomey)
See how my hair feels in 30 days!
Experiment 4: seaweed hair mask should be effective: it is said that the mask can moisturize the hair and promote growth.
In addition, seaweed contains a large amount of vitamin A, B, C and E, which helps the hair to produce natural oils that are essential to a healthy scalp.
How it feels: bad!
The preparation work is the most complicated of all treatments: after soaking two tablespoons of seaweed in the water, I put an avocado, a tablespoon of yogurt, and put olive oil and seaweed into a blender, make a green mixture that looks annoying.
Since I didn't have a real blender, I used a "helicopter" that I thought could work properly, but in retrospect I thought the seaweed was not ground thin enough because the flakes were everywhere (
Seriously, it's annoying).
Also, Beyonce started performing at VMAs when I was supposed to leave treatment for 15 minutes. . .
So needless to say, my mask is a little more complete than the director's (
I can't miss Queen Bay! ).
Results: To be honest, I didn't notice any difference.
I had to wash my hair twice before I could wash all the seaweed off, and the next morning there was still green flakes falling off my scalp (gross).
In general, it is not worth seeing (or feeling)
Like a nasty green monster.
Not to mention the seaweed that still covers the walls of my shower!
Experiment 5: coconut oil and honey hair care should be effective: After endless hair washing and hair treatment, I want to finish my experiment with something super
So I think honey and coconut oil are the perfect solution.
Mask that can be applied to dry or wet hair (
Although mine is wet)
Perfect for repairing and moisturizing damaged hair
Every girl has something of color.
Processed hair can be associated.
Honey also absorbs moisture and is delicious.
It is said that it is rich in antioxidants and can promote hair growth.
How it feels: It's easy to prepare --
Heat a tablespoon of coconut oil and honey in a pan
Then from your scalp to your end, apply on your head.
Be careful because the mixture is hot, but honey will condense if you wait too long.
It is easy to apply except heat, it smells very good and sweet.
Far from beer or seaweed experiments, this treatment is quite enjoyable.
When I put the mask on my head for 30 minutes and my hair was bun, I just flipped through the magazine.
Result: I must have felt my hair softer and felt it all day long.
While expensive deep conditioning masks can produce the same result, it's a great one --And cheap. alternative!
Photo: Get the look: The overall result of Oscar hair and makeup :(
From left to right, from top to bottom)
Hair styling before treatment;
After the egg is processed, the hair is natural;
After the beer is processed, it is naturally sent;
After coconut oil treatment, the hair is natural;
Natural hair after seaweed treatment;
After the coconut and honey mask, if you don't mind, now I'm going to channel my inner Serena van der Woodson channel. XOXO!
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