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ICTV Brands: Substantial Success On The Horizon - jidue therapeutic facial massage mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-19
ICTV Brands: Substantial Success On The Horizon  -  jidue therapeutic facial massage mask
Opening: international commercial TV (OTCQB: ICTL), which will be known as the ICTV brand from August 20, has reached a substantial overall milestone.
All the initiatives of the company are-
The competition and main goals have been achieved.
ICTV's 2Q earnings call brought many growth factors to the company and products, providing investors with a strong reason to invest.
Following our original paper on ICTV, we will delve into the company's productive appeal to introduce investors to one of our belief choices.
Recent progress: ICTV has made meaningful progress in both the company's products and finance.
First of all, the company announced its name change to the ICTV brand, which will take effect on August 20, 2014.
On the financial front, the company resumed operating and net profit with a cash balance on its balance sheet increased to $1. 9M from $1.
7 M at the end of 1Q.
In addition, ICTV announced the expansion of the distribution of DermaWand to update the clinical trials and marketing of the new DermaWand model, to update the double-blind study of DermaWand, which will open up the United States, including the United States. K.
Japan and Germany have launched retail activities including Rite Aid, and are planning to launch coral activities in September, while launching DermaBrilliance, announcing social media marketing, new product endorsements and new product launches through celebrities.
Analyzing ICTV's substantive and productive teleconference provides pure validation, not only is the company a compelling growth story here, but they are offering a full-scale revenue of $100.
Finance: 2Q Overview: The success of ICTV is fully reflected in the return of the company's profitability and profitability indicators.
For the three months ended June 30, 2014, ICTL returned to profitability with operating income of $160 and adjusted EBITDA of $552.
In addition, ICTV increased the cash balance to $1. 9M from $1.
At the end of the first quarter, the cash flow from operating activities was $477.
Revenue decline is a calculation decision of management.
Earnings will rebound strongly: one issue investors may be concerned about is $7 in revenue.
Compared to $10, it was $8 m this quarter. 5 m all year-ago quarter.
Although careful observation can find that the decline in income is a wise and well-thought decision made by management, which proves the effectiveness of management.
On the phone, Richard Ransom, president of ICTV, stated the reasons for the decline in Y/Y revenue.
During the quarter, management made a calculated decision to slow down marketing due to the low response cycle for the quarter.
Management knows that during the 2Q period, the total number of TV viewers has dropped, the cost of audience acquisition has increased, and broadcasters have provided more free remaining space for larger brand advertisers to achieve the lowest ratings guarantee
Management said that this led to a reduction in the remaining advertising space, an increase in the price received by the audience, and a decrease in the return on advertising revenue.
Therefore, the management responded to the thoughtful and logical decision of advertising.
This not only illustrates the effectiveness of management, but also protects the company from throwing away advertising fees in a weak environment.
So they can simply spend marketing money in the coming quarters.
Another reason for the decline in revenue is that ICTV has attracted their Spanish-language channel ads, a key source of revenue for the company.
In addition, the company does not recognize any revenue from live TV home shopping this quarter.
Revenue Analysis: In a bad advertising environment, management has made a reasonable decision to take back marketing.
This thoughtful decision not only illustrates the effectiveness of management, but also maintains the marketing funds that the company can spend in the coming quarters.
When advertising is fully restored, revenue for the quarter will be rewarded or at its best with greater profits.
This is because if ICTV goes back to its previous marketing level, or spends more money in the next quarter, it is best that 2q's revenue has grown significantly since the company withdrew its spending in the past quarter.
Although this does not include the various other growth drivers that will be discussed later.
As the company launched ads for Spanish-language channels, revenue also fell.
This is because ICTV plans to launch a new advertisement in 2014.
Once created, ICTV can again earn more than 2 million dollars from this segment last quarter.
This will mark the return of 100% Spanish channel ads on the marketing platform.
ICTV will also be advertising a famous Mexican soap opera star.
The restart will happen this fall and will further help their distribution partner Inova in Mexico.
ICTV also did not receive any revenue from live TV home shopping this quarter.
This will also change as the company will resume live TV home shopping ads with DermaWand at its store headquarters on December.
DermaWand will launch the "most valuable product of the day" brand on the project.
Other growth drivers: ICTV's management provides compelling insights into the company's product line and the status quo of each plan in the conference call.
Management said that the company's re-surface treatment methods, including diamond and pomegranate stone, DermaBrilliance and acne line coral active substances, are undergoing clinical trials.
In addition, the long-awaited double-blind study of the Dema stick has begun in Europe.
The study is a necessary condition for unlocking the United States. K.
Japan and Germany sell the company's flagship products in these markets.
Opening up a new international market is key for ICTV, especially for their flagship products.
DermaWand has achieved great success in Mexico, selling 100 units between October 2013 and May 2013, in Canada, with revenue of $670 over the same period.
Management said DermaWand continued to be successful at home with Mexico and Canada.
The company is developing a new and more stylish version of DermaWand, in addition to opening up a new market for the product and creating a new 30 minute long ad.
Management also said that the new version of DermaWand is in the final approval phase.
The company expects to place orders for design units at 4Q and start offering new units to existing customers by the end of the year.
Management said DermaWand's highly anticipated double-blind study had received preliminary reports on 50 testers.
The report noted that DermaWand had a significant effect on fine lines and wrinkles, hydration and pore size reduction.
Management said it would help them reach the level of approval and would like final approval by the end of 2014.
If approved, this double-blind study will open DermaWand to the United StatesK.
Japan and Germany.
Management said they thought the preliminary results would be enough to make their distribution partners in Japan the one who marketed the Dema stick.
In addition, ICTV is using Japan's largest direct response distributor.
Finally, the DermaWand brand team completed the French-
Canadian commercial advertising is scheduled to air in Quebec on September.
Management said it was a profitable market and that after DermaWand's success in English-speaking Canada, they should also see success here. Elastin-
RP: Management has something exciting to say about the company's elastic protein --RP product line.
The system was launched in January 2014 to improve skin elasticity and reduce fine lines.
During the 2Q period, the company's new ads increased by 36% over the previous period.
ICTV has also revised their agreement with bioactive technology to extend the duration of the first license to December 2015.
The intention of ICTV is to re-
Start selling elastic protein
RP later in the fall and link the system to ICTV's new Jidue system.
This setting will be similar to establishing a connection between DermaWand.
In addition, the elastic protein-
RP's media campaign has taken into account all production costs for the quarter and will not affect revenue for the next quarter.
Coral active substance: Coral active substance is a new acne removal product series launched by ICTV.
The production line is ready for the release of consumers in the coming weeks.
The anti-acne component packaged by the system is twice that of the current acne brand, while having anti-acne ingredients
Inflammatory properties of coral extract from whip.
The website of this production line will be enhanced by continuous automatic shipping mode.
To promote the product line, ICTV is adding radio advertising this fall and will include celebrity endorsements.
In addition, ICTV is planning a new social media marketing program with the goal of 10-
12 large universities on the East Coast.
In these universities, students with prominent positions on campus will promote the brand and become an influential person.
Student Union has Micro
The traffic is directed to the website and must reach a certain level of participation.
Ads for coral activities after
The production stage, as well as the picture of the advertisement, has been filmed before and after.
This is a new and exciting marketing method that the company has not used before.
Dermavanta: ICTV is seeking to expand the opportunity to work with dermavanta as a supplement
For sale, DermaWand.
The goal of the system is to have consistent and recurring revenue streams.
Management said they were looking to expand dermavanta as some distributors wanted to include dermavanta in their plans.
DermaBrilliance: the DermaBrilliance Classification Committee is continuing to increase.
This patent system is-
Skin polishing system for aging and re-surface, including diamond and pomegranate fragments to re-surface the skin.
The company has already produced long-length ads with Cindy Taylor in post-production, and she has received close attention in addition to other roles.
The product is for women and men of all ages and has a continuity model.
The system is equipped with hand-held rechargeable devices optimized by all patented skin watch creams.
The company will launch together with coral active substances on September.
Exciting company growth and international expansion: ICTV also announced that they appointed Kelly Willett as sales director. Mr.
Willet has over 25 years of experience in television and film production. Mr.
Willet will ensure that all new brands are properly certified and tested for distribution worldwide.
This will make it easier for the company's new products to integrate into the market.
The the company also in June of 2014 the introduction the Doug in Crowther, he is Ecuador, Portugal and Vietnam looking for clues to introduce more of dealers.
Globally, ICTV's international sales team recently returned from the European home shopping conference of the electronic retail Association in Vienna, Austria.
The team expanded the company's relationship with store TV stations selling DermaWand in Italy, now including Hungary and Croatia.
In addition, just last week, the company signed a distribution agreement with Novella in France.
Further international exposure of product plans and growth opportunities: ICTV also expands international distribution with Inova in Mexico.
Since October 2013, Inova has achieved great success in marketing DermaWand in Mexico, with orders exceeding £ 178.
Inova is a leader in direct response marketing in Mexico and a leader in multiple response marketingorders of 10k-
20 k units have been seen in Mexico.
Management also said they wanted to promote and develop DermaWand through celebrity endorsements.
Earlier this month, they said, the company signed a celebrity endorsement deal with Aviva Drescher to market DermaWand to more than 250 of her social media fans.
This in turn will help to promote and increase sales opportunities for DermaWand.
Rite-new license agreement
Aid Deal and CVS: new skin care equipment: ICTV signed a new license agreement for two skin care devices this quarter.
These devices have polar ions, Micro
Current, electricity
Muscle stimulation, wave energy and micro-vibration massage can improve blood circulation and increase the composition of collagen and elastic protein.
There are two models, one for home use and the other for mobile use.
Both devices are set to be used with polarized ion serum, so the company can build continuity models around these devices.
ICTV has placed its first order for these devices and plans to start clinical trials later this fall. Pre-
Production of the two devices has already started and the company will be released in the second half of 2015.
Accumulated debt: at the end of the second quarter, ICTV reached an exclusive marketing agreement with Audi Global Enterprise Co. , Ltd. to exclusively authorize global sales.
Jidue is a wearable facial massage mask.
The company's management says Audi has sold the product for $100 worldwide and has returned $150 in revenue.
Management believes that they can improve Audi's performance by increasing the continuity model.
ICTV will release Jidue on September and update the website.
ICTV also wants to add one more
Sell masks and create lasting brands.
ICTV appointed Richard King as head of retail sales, and the Rite Aid Deal and CVS meetings are a huge development for March.
Since then, sir.
King has been trying to bring ICTV products to the retail market.
The management said they had approved the Rite-
In the 4Q 2014 test conducted by all 4600 stores in Rite aid, help was provided for DermaWand.
Management also said CVS invited the company to hold a meeting in September to discuss DermaWand and Coral events at the company's headquarters. Further, Mr. King and Mr.
The ransom will take part in the National Association of Drug chain companies in Boston, where ICTV will present DermaWand and coral active substances.
Many major retailers such as Walgreens, Ulta and COSCO will attend the meeting.
With $22 invested in the DermaWand market, management hopes that DermaWand will be noticed and accepted by a representative of these companies.
If ICTV can enter the retail market, it will bring huge sales opportunities for the company.
By accepting a double-blind study by DermaWand, on a global scale, driving retail is the company's second-largest potential opportunity.
Valuation and forecast: Valuation: in our original paper, we expect revenue to be $75 in 2015 and a operating profit margin of 9%.
We stick to the original paper of £ 2015 and revenue has grown by 2016 to $100.
According to the company's conference call, the company's goal is to achieve $100 in revenue.
We believe that a 9% Operating profit margin can still be achieved because the company does not have to pay the cost of operating advertising in most overseas markets.
In Mexico, for example, the company currently makes a net $10 per DermaWand sold through its distribution partners.
Therefore, for every 30,000 units sold, $0 will be required.
01 earnings per share to the company.
ICTL is a very attractive and attractive opportunity as the company's goal is to be a key driver of growth.
It should not be forgotten that over the past two years, management revenues have grown from $2 million to nearly $40 million. A re-
To make it easy to understand why we are optimistic about the company, the upper limit on the growth drivers for ICTL is as follows: forecast: $9 last quarter.
Revenue was $8 m, plus $7 for the quarter.
Total income is $8 m. 6M is achieved.
Looking ahead, it is logical to assume that some of the fundamental key factors associated with ICTV revenue are logical.
When ICTV returns to the marketing of the Spanish channel, they will re-
Earned $2 m in revenue not seen this quarter.
With new commercials and celebrity endorsements, the number should rise to at least $3 m a quarter.
In addition, with ICTV returning to an equivalent or higher level of direct marketing, in part because of the bad TV advertising environment in the past quarter, revenue for the quarter should or should be the best.
So revenue will exceed $9 in the previous quarter.
Behind the 8 M is not only a return to marketing, but also new initiatives that will affect 2015.
These include the introduction of lucrative initiatives to the retail market and the release of markets in Germany and the United States. K.
And the marketing of Japan, as well as the new version of DermaWand, as well as the new ads.
In addition, ICTV will re-turn to TV home shopping ads, which will increase revenue.
In 2015, when all of these projects come to fruition, DermaWand's initiatives will increase revenue.
If you go back to the Spanish-language channel, with new ads and celebrity endorsements, the previous income will only earn 33%, which will create $10.
Income is $8 m.
8 m current Q $3 M from Spanish advertising and TV home shopping ).
New retail or unlock Japan, USAK.
By approving this double-blind study, Germany has the potential to add a huge source of revenue to DermaWand.
If the company only achieves one of these goals, it can add just $5 m in revenue to one of the plans every quarter.
We can also increase DermaWand revenue by $2 m through the new model in 2015 and sell new ads to existing and new owners.
There is only one goal (double blind research or retail), the low end of $3 m per quarter, which will create $15. 8 m quarter ($10.
8 M plus $5 M plus $2 M for DermaWand enhancements) is equivalent to $17.
Revenue is eight million per quarter.
Add an extremely conservative additional $1 million from all other products and you will reach $18.
Revenue for each quarter of 2015 was $8 m and $75 m for the whole year.
In our valuation segment, we have $2015 for $100 and $2016 for these growth drivers.
We consider this prediction extremely conservative.
It only considers the minimum growth of DermaWand with significant growth momentum at home.
Moreover, it does not take into account any growth in Canada or Mexico, especially as the company expands in both regions.
Moreover, it does not take into account opening up the international market and driving retail through double-blind research, while both are actually possible.
Finally, our forecast accounts for only $1 m of additional revenue from other products of the company, while in fact the company has a production line
Very high-profile products are moving forward in various fields.
These products have the potential to succeed, and even if they do, they can make our predictions obsolete.
Risk: investors should be aware of the risks associated with micro-cap stocks before deciding to invest.
The main risks of ICTL include any issues or delays in its double-blind research applicable to international markets, as well as any issues or delays in the promotion of retail by companies in Rite Aid and other major companies.
We do believe that the downward trend has eased as we offer a very conservative price-earnings ratio, which usually expands with growth, and we only include the lowest income for the rest of the company's products, these products show the prospect.
If these catalysts described earlier do not function as planned, the company's revenue will be affected.
There is no reason to hesitate at the moment when looking at the company's growth opportunities, but investors should be aware that if any of the growth drivers described earlier are negatively affected, our forecasts will be affected.
Summary: ICTV brand is a company that has grown from a simple product company to a high-speed growth. Product company.
Not only is the company rolling out a new version of DermaWand, but it is also expanding into new markets through new advertising companies.
As ICTV president Richard Ransom said at the Q & A meeting after the company CC, in addition to DermaWand's success, only one or two products are needed to achieve the company's goal of $100.
In addition, the company currently has the products it needs to achieve this goal.
Looking forward to our forecast, we would be very satisfied if ICTL only returned to the planned 50%, or $2 per share, by 2015.
This will be half of our 2015 PPS forecast and still have an upside potential of over 100%.
With multiple products showing promise, ICTV is expanding the company's vision to become more and more
A product company that packs a lasting brand.
With the promotion of DermaWand Retail, a double-blind study on opening the market potential in the United StatesK.
In September, coral active substances and skin care will be launched in Germany and Japan
Posting or pulling ads on Spanish and TV home shopping channels and other products, ICTV will generate $100 in revenue over the next few years.
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